A-beauty And G-beauty

A-beauty And G-beauty: The Future Of Skincare?

It seems most beauty trends these days are prefaced by a letter. We already have K-beauty and J-beauty, sure. However, it seems there are two new alphabet-beauty trends on the rise. We’re talking about A-beauty and G-beauty.

Both Australian beauty and German beauty appear to be responses to two things: 1) complicated K-beauty skincare routines and 2) the benefits of all-natural products.

Not that there’s anything wrong with the multi-step skincare routine. Plus, most K-beauty products actually champion natural ingredients, even ones you wouldn’t think would be in your moisturizer. (We’re talking snail slime and donkey milk.)

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Here’s why these beauty trends are s0 important

The increased interest in other beauty trends is a great opportunity to see how culture shapes our beauty routines.

For instance, South Korea is a hub for extreme beauty standards—to the point that plastic surgery is often given out as high school graduation gifts. The multi-step skincare routine reflects their dedication to looking their very best.

The rise of A-beauty, G-beauty, and hopefully other trends will also present more skincare options for women who aren’t into the trends we have today.

Not into multi-step routines? Check out A-beauty’s simplified skincare. Want organic facial wash? G-beauty is your best bet.

Soon, there will truly be something for everyone. And so, without further ado, here are the two rising beauty trends you need to watch: A-beauty and G-beauty.

All about A-beauty

The “A” refers to Australia. Down under is where we can find a less-is-more approach to skincare, with emphasis on natural ingredients.

Speaking with Elle magazine, Sydney-based brand Lano’s founder Kirsten Carriol said:

“Aussies are much more laid back with much less time invested. We prefer to be at the beach. Some may call us lazy! But we love to cut corners—and a beauty hack—and we are very no-nonsense and no bullshit, which is why a lot of our products are multi-use. It’s about less, but better. One product that does eight things—not eight products.”
Kirsten Carriol, Lano

Frank Body (Melbourne, Australia) co-founder Jess Hatzis agrees.

“This effortless-yet-effective philosophy is grounded in highlighting natural ingredients that protect, nourish, and soothe skin without complex routines, steps, and formulas,” she said.

Getting clean with G-beauty

It’s “G” for Germany in this movement towards “clean beauty.”

“Clean beauty” refers, in this context, to nontoxic, nonirritating, and noninflammatory products that use organic ingredients and emphasize transparency. German brands make a concerted effort to keep their products simple, if not minimalist.

Specifically, they use clear product packaging, and they list their ingredients clearly. They also emphasize the science that backs up their claims.

Speaking with the New York Times, Dr. Hauschka chief executive Martina Joseph said:

The country truly does support biodynamic farming and this idea of sustainability. If you look across many different categories and businesses in Germany, it’s about quality and ingredient integrity.”
Jessica Richards, Shen Beauty

The future of skincare

It’s no secret that more and more brands are becoming increasingly environment-conscious. And it’s a good thing. Natural products and organic ingredients don’t just benefit consumers; they also help save the environment!

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