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A Real Conversation About Microblading

Here’s the thing, microblading is a form of cosmetic tattoo. It’s a process of filling in eyebrows to make it thicker and look more full. But unlike normal tattoos that are permanent on the skin, the pigment that is used in the microblading process is less concentrated and only lasts a few years. A hand-held tool with needles is most commonly used by an esthetician in salons to draw individual hairs on the brow area as if they were real hairs. Simple enough? Actually yes, but this is only true if it’s done by a highly reputable institution.

But like all cosmetic procedures, microblading has risks as well. Doing your research prior to having your brows microbladed will greatly dictate how your experience will be. Finding a salon with licensed estheticians that has undergone comprehensive training and uses high quality pigment is a crucial step that will dictate how good your eyebrows will be for the next few years. It is also good noting that this procedure is semi-permanent, thus, if any mistakes has been done, it will be awfully difficult to cover up. Just think of those horror stories of allergies caused by chemical pigments, or worse, HIV infected needles. Never go to a salon with an overwhelmingly cheap service only to find yourself deep in regret in the end.

According to SPCP, the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Personals, however, the possibility of problems with microblading are rare. This occurs if and only if all the correct procedures are followed. Because of this, salons that offers high quality products and services are the only choice for having your eyebrows microbladed. But with the overwhelming and growing number of salons in the US that promises natural and fuller eyebrows, choosing the right one can be an awfully confusing task. But lucky for you, I introduce OPM Salon. Currently in the US, one of the most trustworthy and leading salons is OPM, Organic Permanent Makeup Salon with their 3D Organic Microblading being one of their most sought after procedure.

Organic Permanent Makeup Salon offers top quality premium pigments. All of their permanent makeup solutions uses all natural and organic ingredients that stays in its true original color, unlike the usual iron oxide ink used in other salons that changes color over time. OPM’s 3D Organic Microblading offers a wide variety of colors that will suit every skin tone without the worry of having it fade or change shade over time. In fact, OPM’s ink is the only US patent organic pigment in the market today.

Organic Microblading Pigments

OPM has designed the first and only magnetic PMU device that penetrates in the superficial layer of the skin causing minimal to no pain; no bleeding, bruising, or any other trauma. This same device is what is used in their microblading procedure. It’s the least invasive device in the industry, minimizing all the risk of infection like most salons do.

OPM Machine

Still need some convincing? Well OPM is also a training academy for aspiring aestheticians to master the art of permanent makeup. Their training offers a comprehensive program that lets students master the art through actual live models. With this, any client will be assured that only the best and top qualified estheticians that have mastered both the science and the art of microblading will touch your eyebrows.

So for any of you interested and in need of more information, contact us at https://opmakeup.com/contact-us