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A Star Is Born? Lady Gaga Brings Back Stick-On Eyebrows

What’s fun, fabulous, and never out of style? Easy: Lady Gaga and stick-on eyebrows.

The good news? Gaga’s new movie ‘A Star is Born’ is bringing us both.

Lady Gaga (real name: Stefani Germanotta) is the star in ‘A Star is Born’. Directed by Bradley Cooper, who co-stars alongside Gaga, the film is currently “the movie to beat” at the next Academy Awards. It’s already made $44.255 million in North America and $57 million worldwide, according to Forbes.

But that’s not what this article is about. No—this article is about Gaga’s fierce look in the scene where she sings ‘La Vie en Rose’.

Because it’s not just her show-stopping singing that caught many viewers’ attention; it’s the eyebrows, too.

What’s the shtick?

Lady Gaga has always made headlines for her outrageous fashion sense, so stick-thin arches shouldn’t be a big deal. However, in a movie where Gaga goes natural for most of the film, the stick-on eyebrows do catch our eyes.

Gaga plays Ally, a singer-songwriter/waitress reluctant to pursue a professional singing career. Opposite her is Cooper, who plays Jackson Maine, a famous artist with an alcohol problem. They fall in love and make beautiful music—among other things.

PopSugar writes that Gaga’s look in the ‘La Vie en Rose’ scene “serves as a central theme throughout the movie—perhaps a subtle, almost poetic nod to her natural beauty”. It’s definitely symbolic; there’s even a scene where Jackson peels off the stick-on eyebrows and says, “The whole point is I can see your face.”

So, yes, the eyebrows are there both to serve looks and sweet, powerful moments. As the Gaga fans (called “Little Monsters”) are fond of saying: we stan a multitalented queen.

But will stick-on eyebrows stick?

First, it was Rihanna on her Vogue cover. Now, it’s Gaga in her critically acclaimed film. Are thin, stick-on brows the next big Instagram trend?

Well, why not? Stick-on eyebrows—a.k.a. eyebrow wigs or fake eyebrows—have been around long before the brow industry boomed.

Wait, what are stick-on eyebrows?

As the name suggests, stick-on eyebrows are fake eyebrows stuck onto your brow bone using glue.

Originally made for trichotillomania, alopecia and cancer patients, the stick-on brow gained popularity as a way to get the thick, full Instagram-worthy arches popular today.

Of course, if you’re posing for an international fashion magazine or filming an Oscar-worthy film, stick-on eyebrows are very much worth the hassle.

Otherwise…well, let’s just say putting the brows on and getting them back off can be a pain.

And it’s not just the ouch factor, either.

Stick-on eyebrows don’t look natural. Of course, if you’re purposefully going for the shockingly thin Rihanna/Gaga-esque look, then that shouldn’t be a problem.

However, if you’re thinking of using stick-on eyebrows as an alternative to everyday eyebrow makeup, it’s not something we would recommend.

What we do recommend…

…is getting a more permanent solution to your everyday eyebrow situation.

Stick-on eyebrows are fun for costume parties or for trying out fun, new makeup trends. But if you want to have brows that make you look and feel like a star, then look no farther.

Organic Permanent Makeup offers organic microblading. That’s using all-organic ink pigments to recreate a natural eyebrow. That means zero side effects and 100% compatibility with all skin types. It also means saying goodbye to hundreds of hours and dollars spent on everyday eyebrow makeup.

Sounds like a deal? It sure is. Check our guide to eyebrow microblading or our feature on all the celebs who got their eyebrows microbladed.