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At OPM, Microblading Aftercare Is Our Concern

Microblading is a technique where you manually draw semi-permanent hair strokes, resulting in fuller, natural-looking eyebrows. It’s also done for eyeliners, lips and even scalps! To achieve these, one undergoes minimal incision—which will obviously need some microblading aftercare to maintain.

Following the microblading aftercare guidelines is essential to retaining the quality of your semi-permanent makeup. Not only will that ensure your makeup’s longevity, it also protects you from possible infection.

Here are the important notes to be observed:

Microblading aftercare: A quick guide

The first important thing to remember about caring for your microbladed skin is to let it breathe. As you read on, you’ll realize that your skin needs to rest and recover. No matter how painless and hassle-free the procedure was for you, your skin still underwent some stress. And what better way to de-stress than to keep it chill for a week?

The second is to contact our experts at microblading if you have any questions—by now, we’ve already proven to you that we only care about your beauty and your comfort. So, don’t hesitate to drop us a line or a message!

1) Avoid direct contact

Don’t let lotion, soap, moisturizer or any skin care product touch the microbladed area for the first seven days after the procedure. Similarly, don’t wear any makeup on or around your eyebrows.

Swimming should also be avoided—skip the beach trip for now. Your wounds are still fresh and undergoing the healing process. Direct contact to any of these could create an adverse reaction.

2) Hands off

Your fingers should not go near the area. Resist the urge to peel or scratch the skin. If neglected, your own hands could cause you scarring or fading of the pigment.

3) Refrain from excessive sweating

Avoid intense activities like a gym workout, jogging or doing sports of any kind. Skip the sauna or the hot Jacuzzi bath, as well. These activities will make you perspire, which raises a red flag in microblading aftercare.

Sweating could cause bacteria to quickly find their way to your exposed tissues, which may lead to irritation and prevent healing.

4) Minimize exposure to wind and sun

After your microblading procedure, tanning is not a good idea. Even riding in open-air vehicles like bicycles, boats, convertibles or motorcycles is not an option. Do not expose too much of yourself under the sun or to harsh weather conditions.

5) Watch your diet

Your diet may slow down the healing process of the treated area. Don’t let it!

Refrain from eating spicy foods or drinking too much alcoholic drinks, because both increase bruising and thin the blood. This means the closing of your wounds will be slower—not a good idea.

All’s well that ends well

Easy enough to remember and to follow, right? Aftercare is part of your microblading experience. And the whole point of the microblading experience is that you no longer have to worry about tedious makeup routines.

So, consider your aftercare period a time to take it easy! Give yourself time for relaxation and adjustment after the treatment, and all will turn out fine.

…just don’t forget to also get yourself ready for the better and bolder you!