The Only Brow Shape Guide You Need

Having the best eyebrow shape for your face can make you look younger, as well as change your appearance completely. It’s important to know that not all eyebrows suit all face types. So, it’s best to stay away from brow trends just because they’re popular. If you want to look your best, you need to know which eyebrow shape will suit you the best.

Unless you underwent microblading, you’ll have to sculpt, shape and maintain your eyebrows to achieve the perfect brow shape. This means tweezing, plucking and shaving. But, before you grab your grooming tools, you need to take your face shape into consideration.

Best eyebrow shape for: ROUND FACES

For round faces, it’s ideal to focus on having high and sharp eyebrow arches. This creates a vertical point which lifts your face up rather than out. When doing your brows, start at the arch, and make this point slightly darker than the rest of the brow. This emphasizes the highest point in the brow. Make your brow have an arch that’s as high as possible – without looking clownlike, of course! After shaping your brows, brush your hairs upward.


Best eyebrow shape for: LONG FACE

The best way to shape your brows if you have a long face is to make your brow appear more horizontal. So, you’ll want to avoid a sharp arch. What you’ll want to do is elongate the tail of the eyebrow. It creates a more horizontal and flat shape, which balances out your face.

Best eyebrow shape for: OVAL FACE

Aren’t you lucky? People with oval faces are very #blessed because they don’t have to worry about brow shape. They can change up their look however they please and still look amazing. Just make sure your brows are shaped naturally, and that the dimensions are proportional to your face.

Best eyebrow shape for: HEART FACE

Heart shaped faces are the trickiest, but don’t worry, there’s still a way to shape your brows in a flattering way! The best eyebrow shape for you is either straight or rounded. Keep your brow natural by avoiding heavy products like eyebrow gels and pens. Use eyebrow pencils or powders that are lighter than your natural shade. The key is to draw attention away from your eyes and forehead.

Best eyebrow shape for: SQUARE FACE

Because you have a sharp jawline, you’ll have to balance it out with a strong brow. Focus on your arch to create that perfect angle. Fill your brows in slightly bolder than usual.

Never get the wrong shape with microblading

Your brows may be on #fleek today, but tomorrow, they might not be. Doing your brow requires patience and practice, so if you want brows that are always the best eyebrow shape for you, you’re better off microblading them. Microblading artists make sure that your brows suit your face shape. With their expert advice, your brows will look perfect.

Microblading treatments make use of semi-permanent pigments to create tiny strands of hair that mimic your natural brows. Microblading creates the brow shape that’s best for you. The best part? It stays on for up to five years, so you won’t have to do your brows every single day.

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