Best Microblading Artist

Best Microblading Artist: How To Find One In Your Area

The best microblading is on trend. But there were other eyebrow styles before. Thin and rounded arches are popular back in the 1920s and full and natural arches were famous in the 1940s. During the 1970s, arched and waxed brows like Donna Summer’s were considered glamorous but in the 1990s, skinny brows were in. Christina Aguilera was known for her pencil-thin arches in the 2000’s.

Best MicrobladingBest Microblading: Past Trends

Bold brows started to take center stage during 2010. It then turned into manicured yet thick arches. Many people want to get their brows microbladed today. The best microblading allows anyone to have the best eyebrows without all the hassle associated with putting on brow makeup. Looking for a permanent answer for your sparse eyebrows? Eyebrow microblading could be the most appropriate treatment for you.

What is The Best Microblading?

Microblading is a type of cosmetic tattooing and it is performed using a special blade that is comprised of tiny needles. It creates precise, tiny cuts in the skin of the eyebrows and pigments are applied to it to replicate the appearance of individual hairs. The result is a natural and gorgeous looking brows. The effects of the treatment can last up to 24 months depending on how often you get touch-ups.

Microblading ProcedureWho Can Get The Procedure?

The best microblading is best for people who have brows that are uneven, sparse, or just want a different shape. Clients with no brow hair or those who already have nice-looking brows but want a few spots filled can take undergo the procedure.

Who Can’t Get The Best Microblading Treatment?

Just like other cosmetic procedure, some people can’t go through microblading. These are clients below 18 years old, breastfeeding or pregnant women. Diabetics and individuals with glaucoma shouldn’t have eyebrow microblading. Skin problems around their brows, blood disorders such as hemophilia, epilepsy or have allergies are other signs you can’t undergo this procedure.

Does Eyebrow Microblading Hurt?

Always remember that everyone has their pain threshold. What might be painful for one may not be painful to the other. The best microblading artist applies a topical anaesthetic that will numb the eyebrow area before the treatment.

best microbladingHow To Find The Best Microblading Artist?

License and Training For Best Microblading

You need to look for licensed and trained eyebrow microblading artist. There are several organizations and academies that offer microblading training, so be sure to choose an artist who got their training in from a reputable school. He or she should have completed first aid as well as a bloodborne pathogen course as well.

Treatment Room

The treatment room must smell and look clean. The artist should disinfect the surfaces after treating every client and change gloves regularly. The salon or clinic must use blades once only and it should come in sealed and pre-sterilized packages. But, if they reuse blades, then they should first be sterilized through an autoclave between customers.

Insurance and Results

The best microblading artist will carry insurance. Aside from that, they should showcase before and after photos of patients who got their services. These should be visible on the artist’s Facebook, Instagram, or on their website.

microblading trainingAfter Care Plan After Best Microblading

Your eyebrow microblading artist will instruct you to keep your brows clean and most for three weeks after getting the procedure. Avoid applying any skincare product to the area and follow the aftercare instructions given to you by your artist and go attend your followup appointments set by your artist.

Initial Touchups

You need initial touch-ups thirty days after getting the best microblading treatment and you will require touch-ups every six months for two years. Keep in mind that these are simply guidelines. Each eyebrow microblading artist has their own aftercare plan and be sure to follow their instructions so you can make sure that your microblading treatment is a success.

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