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Our services are performed by highly trained professionals who are equipped with our state of the art OPM machines and organic pigments. Learn our no-bleeding, no-bruising, 100% natural looking OPM techniques! Our team offers the best training courses, expert advise, products, trade show events, & more...

OPM is the leading solution in the permanent makeup (PMU) industry. OPM has designed the first and only magnetic PMU device that penetrates in the superficial layer of the skin, causing minimal to no pain, no trauma, no bleeding, nor bruising. This machine is the least invasive PMU device in the industry. Also, OPM is the only brand that offers natural, organic pigments. These pigments are food-dye based and will not change color with time, as regular iron oxide pigments do. Due to the fact that OPM pigments are highly concentrated, less passes are needed to apply the pigment into the skin. Thus, the procedure time is almost cut in half. Our numbing system method guarantees a minimal to no pain experience for clients. The reason why OPM is the leading brand in the industry is because they have discovered the perfect and effortless solutions to applying permanent makeup. Their machine, pigments, numbing system, and stretching technique has allowed them to advance to the next generation in the permanent makeup field.

OPM has realized that permanent makeup is a skill that requires practice. With training experience, we discovered that you cannot perfect permanent makeup artists through short term classes, however the best way to advance in PMU is through practicing. That is why OPM offers online training that allows students to work at their own level and pace to perfect their skills. Upon completion of the online training, students will be able to attend hands-on training with live models, which will increase not only their confidence in PMU, but will also allow them to excel their novelty method in permanent makeup to achieve the most natural and beautiful permanent makeup procedures. 

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