It’s been how many days since the Oscars? And yet the hype hasn’t died down, especially for these jaw-dropping beauty looks on the red carpet.

Check out our personal picks for best makeup looks at the 2019 Oscars (in alphabetical order–we couldn’t choose a favorite)!

Lucy Boynton

British actress Lucy Boynton swept us away with her Grace Kelly-esque blonde waves and subtle rose eyeshadow. Definitely a contender for one of the best makeup looks of Oscars 2019. The beauty starred in Academy Award Winner for Best Picture, Bohemian Rhapsody.

Gemma Chan

When you wear a beautiful puffy pink dress, you need a look that can compete but won’t overpower. Crazy Rich Asians star Gemma Chan dons just that: a quiet chignon paired with soft pink lips and eyes. Astrid would be so proud.

Danai Gurira

Black Panther may have taken home four Oscars that night, but it was Danai Gurira who shone as brightly as the actual Academy Award. Glossy, dark rose lips and a bronze eye made the actress a sight to behold.

Laura Harrier

Another Marvel Cinematic Universe alumna, Lauria Harrier (Spider-Man: Homecoming, BlacKkKlansman) waltzed down the red carpet looking like a modern-day princess. Her Cinderella-colored gown was matched with powder blue eyes and a youthful, pink lip.

Kacey Musgraves

A tulle pink gown and jet black ponytail? Sign us right up. Kacey Musgraves perfected the look with glossy pink lips and sparkly, frosty eyes.

Octavia Spencer

Octavia Spencer looks like a vision in her dark blue gown. Soft beach waves and charcoal-colored smoky eyes complete the look, giving off classic glam vibes all through the night.

Tessa Thompson

A true fashion icon in the making, Tessa Thompson graced her first Oscars in copper metallic eyeshadow and a nude lip. The combo is a fitting companion to her black-and-gold ensemble, somehow being both understated and glam at the same time.

These ladies certainly know how to look glam for the awards show of the year. Makeup can make anyone look and feel their best–so, imagine if you never had to take them off!

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Who doesn’t know Elizabeth Taylor? The late actress is known for her legendary beauty and her portfolio of acting films. But did she rely solely on her gorgeous features to cement her status as a beauty icon?

Perhaps not. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that!)

Anyone who follows Hollywood news knows that these celebs have big beauty secrets they don’t always share.

And permanent makeup? It’s often one of those.

Did Elizabeth Taylor have tattooed-on eyebrows? And why is it even a big deal? We answer these questions and more.

Elizabeth taylor have permanent eyebrows

Elizabeth Taylor is a true lover of all things beauty

What are Elizabeth’s best-kept beauty secrets? All were revealed in a tell-all interview with her former personal assistant Tim Mendelson and her makeup artist Francesca Tolot.

One, the actress had a deep love for jewelry, often planning her whole look around whichever piece she was keen on wearing. She also enjoyed putting on her own makeup, even when it took her two hours to do so.

“Elizabeth was very tactile and sensual, like a cat in some ways. She just enjoyed the feeling,” Tim Mendelson shared.

But she wasn’t all lavish routines. In fact, the star used drug store skin care products for most of her life.

And her go-to beauty trick? Taking a bath so the steam can set her makeup. Not really as fancy as you’d expect from a Hollywood legend.

Permanent makeup for a permanent beauty icon

Neither Mendelson nor Tolot mention permanent makeup in the interview. However, it is widely believed that Elizabeth Taylor had on permanent eyebrows, eyeliner, and lipstick.

It’s unlikely that any substantial confirmation will ever surface, so we will never know for sure. In any case, Elizabeth looked beautiful from the day she graced the silver screen until her last day on Earth.

The bigger concern now is why her having permanent makeup is such a big deal.

Well, for one thing, a big name like Elizabeth Taylor can do wonders for the permanent beauty industry. It’s almost like a celebrity recommendation, in a way. So, it’s definitely a big deal for microblading artists all over the world. After all, it’s good business.

Sadly, some people may think that permanent makeup makes Elizabeth (and any other woman) less “naturally beautiful.” They’ll think that permanent makeup is a cover-up or a mask, even.

We all know that’s not true.

In fact, makeup (permanent or otherwise) is a way to boost self-confidence and help us feel beautiful. It’s not just about looking “better.” It’s about feeling better.

And Elizabeth understood the need to feel good about herself and her work.

Elizabeth taylor have permanent eyebrows

How the star was born

Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor (b. 1932, d. 2011) rose to fame with the film National Velvet (1944). The 12-year-old actress became one of Metro-Goldwyn-Meyer’s biggest teen stars before she began taking adult roles in the 50s.

However, she considered ending her career early on. In the 50s, she wasn’t too enthusiastic about the roles she was being given.

And she had impeccable taste. Once she began taking on roles she felt good about, her career truly began to soar.

Elizabeth won the Golden Globe for Best Actress for her work in Suddenly, Last Summer (1959), while her 1960 film Butterfield 8 led to her Academy Award for Best Actress.

Her other big name films include the wildly expensive Cleopatra (1963), The Taming of the Shrew (1967), and Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? (1966). All were met with critical acclaim.

Still, the media closely followed Elizabeth’s personal life. Her eight marriages, jet-set lifestyle, and impressive collection of jewelry fascinated the public to no end.

And yet Elizabeth was more than just a media sensation. In fact, she co-founded the American Foundation for AIDS Research in 1985. And from the 90s until her demise, she spent most of her time on philanthropy.

Elizabeth Taylor won the Presidential Citizens Medal before she died in 2011.

Classic Hollywood, classic looks

Permanent makeup isn’t exactly a new trend—but it sure isn’t as mainstream or as popular as one might think. And the fact that people still think of makeup as deception doesn’t help.

But one thing we can learn from Elizabeth Taylor’s life is that we don’t have to give in to society’s expectations.

We can follow our bliss. And we should. And if your bliss is permanent makeup, then why should you let anyone stop you?

Guess who just joined the microblading train? Singer-songwriter Demi Lovato posted a photo of her microbladed brows on Instagram, making her the latest star to debut their permanent makeup. Check out Demi Lovato’s microbladed brows below.

Demi captioned the photo, which was posted January 15 from Clermont, Florida, about how she was a bridesmaid for a close friend’s wedding the day prior.

The Grammy-nominated singer went to have microblading services over the holidays. Her microblading artist, Haley Buckner-Zazueta, posted the same photo a few days later, captioned with, “Because those brows… @ddlovato #haleybucknerbrows”

Haley also posted a different photo of Demi a few days before, writing “Demi Lovato looking as beautiful as always. Brows microbladed by me. #haleybucknerbrows”

The Long Beach-based artist has over 97,000 followers on Instagram and has another huge star on her client roster: Mary J. Blige. She worked as a Hollywood makeup artist for 12 years before she made the switch to microblading.

Speaking with PopSugar, Haley described her process: “I do a microblading and shading technique with a hand tool, so that it keeps [the brows] as soft as possible.”

Demi does it all

In addition to getting spanking new brows, Demi has a lot going on, from having a Grammy-nominated song with Christina Aguilera to celebrating six months of sobriety.

The multi-awarded pop star is famous for her chart-topping hits like “This Is Me,” “Here We Go Again,” “Skyscraper,” “Give Your Heart a Break,” “Heart Attack,” “Cool for the Summer,” and “Sorry Not Sorry.”

Her acting debut was on Barney & Friends during her childhood before she eventually played Mitchie Torres opposite Joe Jonas in Camp Rock (2008) and Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam (2010).

Since then, she has released six studio albums beginning in 2008, as well as starred in the Disney Channel TV series Sonny with a Chance (2009-2011).

Despite her busy schedule and her well-documented struggles with bipolar disorder, self-harm, addiction, and an eating disorder, Demi published a book (Staying Strong: 365 Days a Year, 2013) and released a YouTube documentary (Demi Lovato: Simply Complicated, 2017) in the early 2010s.

Demi is also a feminist and an advocate of mental health awareness and LGBTQ rights. On top of that, she has taken a vocal stance against bullying. She even called out her former network Disney Channel for airing sitcom episodes that make fun of eating disorders.

Demi is currently working on her seventh studio album, although reports say she may be back in rehab for now.

Cool for the summer (and beyond)

Demi is now in the company of other Hollywood notables who have gotten their arches microbladed. Stars like Adele, Lorde, and Mandy Moore all availed permanent makeup services to compliment their beauty routines.

Microblading is an efficient, effective, and gorgeous way of cutting down on your daily makeup routine. Whether you’re a Hollywood star or an on-the-go jetsetter doesn’t matter. Everyone benefits from microblading’s many advantages.

Microbladed brows can last up to two years with the correct aftercare and with timely touch-ups. It might seem like a hefty sum at first, but it actually cuts costs in the long run.

There’s also the (better) option of organic microblading, which uses all-natural ink pigments to fill in your brows. Organic microblading is safer, quicker to heal, and guaranteed to be compatible with all skin types. Plus, it comes in a wide array of colors to complement any skin tone.

To learn more about the microblading process, read our article What microblading is for: Permanent makeup explained

Katy Perry undergoes a dramatic transformation for her cover on Paper magazine’s spring “Transformation” issue. Her ultra-light brows are barely visible in the new feature. So now we wonder—are no-brows in this 2019?

The singer is featured in both the magazine’s front cover and cover story. Photographed by June Calypso, Katy wears a dark black updo reminiscent of her hair during her early days as a pop star. Complementing her hair are smokey copper eyeshadow and a nude pink lip.

But perhaps the biggest attention catcher on the cover are Katy’s no-brows look. Her usual light blonde brows are a pale pale orange in this cover, rendering them barely visible in the magazine’s avant garde cover.

Makeup artist Sil Bruinsma elevated Katy’s pop star look to a high fashion cover aesthetic, as evidenced by the other photos he himself posted on Instagram.

The multi-awarded popstar has always been known for her loud and quirky fashion sense. Her song California Gurls ushered in her personal style era of bright hair colors and pastry-inspired clothing.

She has since adopted a blonde pixie cut since releasing her latest album in 2017, “Witness.”

Katy Perry’s rise to pop stardom

Katy first gained popularity back in 2008 for her singles “I Kissed a Girl” and “Hot n Cold” from the album One of the Boys.

Her 2010 album Teenage Dream was a commercial success, as well as a pop masterpiece. The collection introduced hits like California Gurls, Teenage Dream, Firework, E.T., Last Friday Night, and The One that Got Away. The album is the first by a female to produce five number-one songs in the United States.

Katy’s 2013 album “Prism” peaked at the U.S. charts, her second record to do so. Singes Roar and Dark Horse broke records for their videos on Vevo.

Katy has multiple awards under her belt, including four Guinness World Records, five American Music Awards, a Brit Award, and a Juno award. She is also best-selling music artist, having sold over 100 million records globally since she first debuted.
The singer announced her engagement to Pirates of the Caribbean actor Orlando Bloom on February 15.

Are Katy Perry’s light eyebrows a new trend?

There’s no saying whether or not Katy’s no-brows look are going to be a hot, new trend. It’s certainly possible, especially if beauty bloggers and Instagram models pick it up.

More than anything, however, is that these eyebrows need to be easily replicated without the need for expensive makeup. People more easily latch onto trends if the required makeup products are commercially available.

In general, 2019 eyebrow trends will veer in natural-looking territory. In other words: the end of the Instagram eyebrow’s long reign.

“People aren’t into that overdone Insta-brow with the highlighter that looks fake [anymore],” Boom Boom Brow Bar’s founder Malynda “Boom Boom” Vigliotti told Byrdie.

“It takes a whole lot of makeup and maintenance,” she added. “Too involved, and it doesn’t look real.”

Instead, 2019 is the year natural brows will be all the rage.

Expect “a fluffy, less perfected brow that adds youthfulness to the face,” Milk Makeup’s studio artist Sara Wren told Byrdie. “Less time getting ready and a less forced look will reign supreme.”

Why you should try microblading

Whether you’re looking for no-brows or natural brows, you should consider getting microblading.

Microblading is a permanent makeup technique that uses thin, tiny strokes to mimic hair on sparse areas. Microbladed eyebrows last up to two years with proper maintenance and aftercare.

Organic Permanent Makeup exclusively offers organic microblading, which uses food- and mineral-based pigments, as opposed to metal-based pigments in traditional microblading.

Organic microblading therefore has the following benefits:

  • Compatibility with all skin types
  • A wide range of pigment colors to choose from
  • Faster healing time

To learn more about microblading, check out this article. For questions or concerns, drop us a line online or call us at 310-207-7797.

Valentine’s is coming up. And whether you’re gearing up for a hot date, spending time with your girl friends, or working overnight, we’re here to give you one less thing to worry about…

Yep, we’re talking about lipstick. Specifically, the ones that don’t last more than a few hours.

Ready to hear our top tips to make lipstick last longer? Read on.

Lip color can make or break a look. You could go barefaced except for lipstick, and you’d still end up looking fab. Alternatively, you could use the wrong lip color and end up looking washed out or way overdone. But lipstick has always been more than just something to make women look pretty, even though it is very, very good at it.

Why lipstick means the world to women

A poem by Megan Falley highlights the fierce history behind lip color, as well as the personal sentiment behind every tube every woman in the world has ever owned. Here’s an excerpt:

Cleopatra crushed beetles
to make red lipstick
because even in 30 BC
she knew speaking 12 languages
would be even more impressive
when the words jumped
through a ring of fire.

Circus mouth.
Ruby Woo. I smile and split
The Red Sea.

Ode to Red Lipstick, Megan Falley

Lipstick has the ability to make us feel confident, powerful, and beautiful all at the same time. But, as with most things, it has a rather dark past.

Before it became an accepted part of women’s beauty routines, lip color was a sign that a woman was rebellious. In fact, according to Claudia Mitchell and Jacqueline Reid-Walsh’s Girl Culture: An Encyclopedia, a 1937 survey showed that more than half of teenage girls surveyed in America fought with their parents over lipstick.

By the 1940s, magazines and TV advised young women that men preferred a “more natural look.” They implied that lipstick and cosmetics in general were reserved for provocative women. Lip color was also widely associated with being a prostitute.

It was in the 1950s that lipstick regained a semblance of normalization. Companies like Hazel Bishop Inc. and Max Factor explored lipstick colors other than red, allowing teen girls to wear pink, peach, and nude lipstick colors. The 1960s brought with it the popularity of white lipstick, and the 70s introduced a wider and weirder range of lip colors, like light blue and lime green.

At this point, people associated lipstick with femininity. Lipstick proved to be a commercial success. Its constant marketing and production helped society not just accept but also embrace lip color on women.

Today, thankfully, our biggest challenge with lipstick no longer concerns discrimination. And all the credits belong to the brave women before us who stood against adversity and pushed for our right to wear whatever we want to wear.

How to make lipstick last longer

Our struggles may seem small compared to those who lived and loved before us. However, that doesn’t mean we don’t get to find solutions!

In this day and age, there are two main problems women have to face concerning lip color (a) finding the right shades and (b) making them last. Here are tips on how to make your lip color survive your busy, busy day.

Tip #1: Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate

Ensure that there are no dead skin cells on your lips before applying on lipstick. Otherwise, the lip color will look patchy, rough, and uneven, especially if you’re using a matte lipstick.

Tip #2: Lather on the lip balm

Using lip balm before applying lipstick will extend the lifespan of your lip color. Lip balm smoothens the surface of your lips, acting as kind of a primer for your lip color. Plus, using lip balm hydrates and moisturizes your lips, protects it from the sun, and acts as a protective barrier between your lips and your lip color.

Tip #3: Use concealer or foundation as base

Using concealer or foundation as base allows for the lipstick’s true color to shine through. “Concealer or foundation acts as a base for lipstick to adhere to, which will help lipstick stay on longer,” MEMI cosmetics founder Millie Watson told Glamour Magazine UK. “Another added benefit of concealer is that it cancels out your lips natural hue, which can alter the appearance of a lipstick colour.”

Tip #4: Line your lips

Lip liner is ideal for when you’re wearing a bold lip color. It acts as a fence, keeping in color and preventing it from bleeding to the areas around the lips. You can not only line your lips but fill them in, too. As lip liner is drier than lipstick, it’ll have an easier time of staying on your lips.

Tip #5: Blot and set

After your first layer of lipstick, let the color set and then blot your lips with tissue paper. You can then apply your second layer of lipstick after. Blotting helps eliminate any oil that could act as a barrier.

Once your second layer of lipstick has dried, set your lipstick with powder. Milie explained, “Take a brush with translucent setting powder and dab it directly over the lip area. This process ensures all the excess lipstick is blotted away and the staying power will be much greater due to the setting abilities of translucent powder. Adding translucent powder is also a great trick for making lipsticks matte.”

The true secret to long-lasting lipstick

Of course, even if you use all our handy hacks and put on your longest-lasting lipstick, at the end of the day, your lipstick is going to fade. If you’re looking for lip color that stays on forever, consider getting permanent make-up.

When we say “permanent makeup,” what the beauty industry actually means is semi-permanent makeup, done using a traditional tattooing technique called “microblading.” Semi-permanent makeup needs to be touched-up every year, but other than that, your lip color will remain fresh-looking all throughout.

Organic Permanent Makeup is the first to offer organic microblading in the United States. Instead of using traditional, metal-based ink pigments, we use plant- and mineral-based pigments that ensure:

  • 100% compatibility with all skin types
  • Faster healing time compared to traditional microblading
  • A wide range of colors to choose from, perfect for all skin colors

You also don’t have to limit yourself to lip color. Lip microblading can give you fuller-looking lips without any artificial injections.
Here’s how it looks on a client:

make lipstick last longer

Check out our offer on lip microblading here. For more information about microblading, read our article here.

What makes for a good Batman aside from dead parents, a crime-infested city, and a trusted sidekick? Why, eyebrows, of course.

Well, at least, that’s what the people of the internet think.

The interwebs is abuzz with suggestions for the next Bruce Wayne. Ben Affleck, current Dark Knight title holder, has pretty much confirmed he won’t be starring in the next Batman film.

And so, what grand theory has the internet come up with this time?

That Batman should have—you guessed it—good eyebrows.

Bat brows are a make-it-or-break-it

Author G. Willow Wilson proposed on Twitter that Batman should have “profound eyebrow game” to be successful. It’s hard to argue.

“All successful Batmen have had profound eyebrow game,” she wrote. “The unsuccessful ones? Mediocre eyebrows.”

Of course, all scientific research requires hard evidence. Wilson was happy to oblige the almost three thousand people who liked her tweet.

Michael Keaton and Christian Bale get the seal of approval. Affleck, on the other hand, isn’t off the hook.

“Ben Affleck? Now I love Ben Affleck, don’t get me wrong. But the man’s eyebrows are practically an afterthought,” Wilson wrote.

When asked about Adam West, Willow replied with what she claims to be insider knowledge.

“I happen to know that they gave him bigger eyebrows with makeup. I have even heard there was mascara involved,” she wrote.

Not to be outperformed, other Twitter users pointed out some holes in her hypothesis.

“Seriously, I was just thinking ‘But Clooney has glorious eyebrows, and his Batman game was meh!’,” wrote Twitter user Patrick Sharp.

Others offered their suggestions for Bruce Wayne based (partially) on strong eyebrow game.

Oscar Isaac, Lee Pace, and Jon Hamm were quick to be suggested as Batmen-to-be.

Affleck passes on the bat cape

Whether ot not you’re a fan of the Batman eyebrows theory, tye fact remains that Ben Affleck has taken the Batmobile out for the last time.

Affleck shared a tweet that claims he will be “passing the torch” to the “next generation of Bruce Wayne.”

His caption reads, “Excited for #TheBatman in Summer 2021 and to see @MattReevesLA vision come to life.”

Reports say that the 2021 Batman film will likely feature a younger Caped Crusader.

“It’s more Batman in his detective mode than we’ve seen in the films,” writer and director Matt Reeves told The Hollywood Reporter. “He’s supposed to be the world’s greatest detective, and that’s not necessarily been a part of what the movies have been.”

“I’d love this to be one where when we go on that journey of tracking down the criminals and trying to solve a crime,” he added, “it’s going to allow his character to have an arc, so that he can go through a transformation.”

Warner Bros. hasn’t confirmed Affleck’s departure yet, but the actor’s tweet seems ample confirmation of years’ worth of rumors.

Of course, the Gone Girl actor/producer could always come back someday to play a Bruce Wayne that’s closer to his age. But, for now, the internet is having a field day trying to find the DC Extended Universe its next Batman.

Reeves take on the Caped Crusader, titled ‘The Batman’ is set to premiere on June 25, 2021.

The long-standing appeal of The Batman

Batman is an American cultural icon. The character was created by artist Bob Kane and writer Bill Finger. He first appeared as “Bat-Man” in the 1939 comic book Detective Comics #27.

Unlike his peers with the laser eyes and the super speed, Batman has zero superpowers. His crime-fighting is enabled by his genius-level intelligence, deep pockets, and hand-to-hand combat skills.

While this might peg him as the underdog, in truth, it’s part of his appeal. On one hand, we have Superman, Wonder Woman, and The Flash donned in, well, flashy colors. On the other, Batman is in a gloomy black-and-gray ensemble.

His origin story is also one of childhood trauma. A young Bruce Wayne watched his parents die at the hands of a heartless mugger. It’s why he devoted his whole life to fighting crime.

Explains film director and comic enthusiast Kevin Smith, “Batman is about angst; Superman is about hope.”

What th Batman eyebrow means for men’s grooming

If even Batman is subjected to rigorous eyebrow standards, then what does that mean for. the rest of the male population?

Where eyebrows used to be a neglected part of men’s faces, now, brows are becoming part of their grooming routine.

Now, for some bad news: most men will need some form of eyebdow grooming as they hit the big 3-0. As they age past 30, men’s brows get a little longer and heavier toward their eyelids.

The good news? Men are starting to see “girly” treatments like eyebrow treading and tinting as not taboo.

“There is a lot less stigma attached to all areas of gentlemen’s grooming now, and keeping your eyebrows looking defined and polished is simply one aspect of that routine,” Emily Gordon-Smith told The Guardian. Gordon-Smith is a director at trends company Stylus.

With regular threading to clean up the brows and microblading to fill in the sparser areas, men don’t need to worry about a worrisome everyday routine.

Microblading, in particular, requires almost no maintenance. After one session and a few weeks’ aftercare, men can have gloriously filled out brows for up to two years.

The best part is that microblading is safe and compatible for all skin types.
There’s no damage done to any of the existing eyebrow hair, and annual touch-ups mean the brow shape and design can be updated.

To learn more about common mistakes and best practices in male eyebrow grooming, click here.

For more information about microblading, check our article on explaining microblading.

addicted to lip balm

From nail-biting to procrastinating, there’s been a long list of bad habits we’ve had to (or have yet to) break. Our question for today is, is applying lip balm one of them? And is it really possible to be addicted to lip balm? Here’s what experts have to say.

Lip balm can be good for you

For most of us, lip balm application is simply a step in our beauty routines.
We put on lip balm before we go to sleep and before we apply lipstick. In fact, some people barely have to buy one tube of lip balm a year.

Lip balm can boost our lips’ health in several ways, including:

  • Protecting our lips from direct sunlight. A number of lip balms come with SPF. And, as fans of the 10-step skincare routine know, sunscreen is essential to maintaining our youthful glow.
  • Keeping chapped lips at bay. Winter winds can be unkind to the sensitive skin of our lips. Dry lips aren’t only unpleasant to look at, but they can also be painful. Using lip balm can prevent and remedy dry lips.
  • Priming our lips for other products. Applying lip balm will make our lipstick last longer. But that’s not all they do. Lip balms also serve as a protective layer between lip products and bare skin.
  • Helping heal lips after microblading. Lip balm is essential during the aftercare period of lip microblading. Hydrating lip balms will assist in the recovery of lips as microblading ink pigments settle in the skin.

Lip balm is extremely beneficial for many people. However, for others, their dependency on lip balm (and other moisturizers) can be debilitating.

There are cases of people feeling the need to apply lip balm up to 300 times a day. There are also cases where skipping lip balm application caused their lips to bleed.

While there’s no discounting the benefits of lip balm, we need to ask ourselves, “At what point is using it harmful?”

addicted to lip balm

Is lip balm addiction real?

The short answer is no. Dermatologists unanimously agree that the ingredients in most lip balms aren’t addictive substances, such as alcohol or the nicotine in cigarettes.

Lip balm itself isn’t addictive. However, what “lip balm addicts” experience shouldn’t be scoffed at, either.

Confession #1

Here’s what one person confessed to support group site Lip Balm Anonymous:

I’ve been using Chapstick since I was 14. I’m now 20. This is not a once a day kind of thing. I use it maybe 2 or 3 times in a single hour.

If something happens, and I can’t find it, I search [frantically] for it until I find it. It’s never more than 3 feet away from me unless I’m at home. If I’m out doing a photo shoot, I’ll take 3 things: my camera, my keys, and my chapstick.

I hate it, I hate it, I hate it. This is the 2nd time I’ve tried to quit—which tells you [that] the first time, I failed. But this time, I’m quitting cold turkey, I can’t do the weaning off thing.

It’s been 30 hours, and my lips sting. They’re peeling, I’m bleeding, I’m crying, I can’t go out in public because I’m ashamed.

A few months ago, I thought using the new EOS brand would help, but it hasn’t. I want out [because] I hate being chained to something so stupid as Chapstick addiction. [And] I just want to be able to get out my car without making sure I have my Chapstick.

And this isn’t an isolated case. There are many instances of people reporting heavy dependence on lip balms, as well as disastrous consequences once they stop using.

The truth is, what most people believe to be lip balm addiction can be one (or both) of two things: moisturizer dependence or behavioral addiction.

Let’s talk about the difference.

Moisturizer dependence is often interpreted as lip balm addiction

Lip balms are soothing. They get rid of the dry, chapped feeling we often suffer through every winter.

Unfortunately, a number of lip balms carry irritants that cause more harm than good. In fact, most lip balm enthusiasts know that some ingredients actually dry your lips instead of moisturizing them.

As a result, people keep on applying lip balm, chasing after the soothing, “moisturizing” feeling. And once they get hooked, it’s an endless cycle.

Confession #2

Here’s another testimony:

I’m a 23-year-old female and for probably about, I don’t know, 8 years or so now, I have been using lip balm continuously. I apply it at least 20 times a day for sure. I switch brands just about every time I go buy another, so there isn’t really a certain brand I use. But if my lips aren’t very recently coated with balm, they are very dry and cracked and flaky. I can’t wear lipstick, ever. It looks terrible because of how dry my lips are. And I drink plenty of water. I can’t seem to find anything that truly hydrates my lips.

And for the first time probably in about 8 years, I went roughly 24-30 hours without using any lip balm (not by choice, I forgot it at home), and I woke up in the morning with them raw, blood red, and as dry as can be. I will attach a photo to show what they looked like, and they were much darker in person.

Of course, as soon as I got home, I drenched them in lip balm and have been continuously applying it all day. I just feel like I’m stuck in this cycle and can’t get out.

Companies opt to produce their lip balms this way to encourage consumers to keep using their products. It’s a twisted way to serve loyal customers, but it’s the truth.

Moisturizer dependence has nothing to do with how effective the lip balm is. In truth, it’s about putting stressed lips at ease.

Instead of relying on lip balms as a band-aid solution, consult a dermatologist about why your lips feel dry, chapped, or irritated. Often, it’s one or more of these reasons:

  • Eating too much spicy food
  • Dehydration
  • Cinnamon-flavored tooth products
  • Irritants in toothpaste or teeth whiteners

In addition to consulting a dermatologist, make it a habit to check the label. Before putting any kind of lip balm in your shopping cart, look at the list of ingredients first. You’ll be surprised at which brands are out to dupe you.

Skip balms with these ingredients

Dermatologists recommend against lip balms with humectants in them. Humectants draw out moisture but don’t contain nourishing ingredients that prevent evaporation of moisture, according to

Dr. Rachel Nazarian, New York-based dermatologist and American Academy of Dermatology fellow, also advises against the following:

  • Menthol
  • Cinnamic aldehyde
  • Peppermint
  • Camphor
  • Phenol
  • Artificial fragrances

Why? “They’re much more likely to irritate sensitive skin and should be avoided,” Dr. Nazarian told Health.

Applying lip balm can be behavioral addiction

If people can get addicted to shopping, then why can’t they be addicted to lip balm?

Because, again, the lip balm itself isn’t the problem. Lip balms do not carry any addictive substances. Instead, it’s the act of applying a lip balm that’s addictive.

Dr. Daniel E. Mattila, M.Div., LCSW-R is a psychotherapist specializing in Obsessive Compulsive Disorder or OCD. According to him, lip balm usage exhibits many of addiction’s symptoms (although it doesn’t fit the addiction model itself).

These symptoms include:

  • Hiding
  • Shame
  • Desperation
  • Overwhelming physical and mental discomfort

The deciding factor here is that compulsive lip balm application’s goal isn’t stimulation-seeking, like addiction’s. Its goal is self-soothing.

“It’s not like somebody says, ‘Oh my God, I’m going to go home and just use lip balm all night, and it’s going to be so great,'” Dr. Mattila said.

“It’s something that’s done automatically, to reduce anxiety,” he added. “It’s a ritual and a self-soothing mechanism, just like hand-washing.”

Confession #3

Here’s one of the worst-case scenarios from a self-proclaimed lip balm addict:

I’m a 53-year-old mom and grandmother that finally quit cold turkey from using Blistex Medicated Berry lip balm. I had used it for many years. I had two in my purse (in case one got lost), one in my nightstand, one in the bathroom drawer, one always in my pocket, one on a tray in the kitchen and even two in the living room. They were everywhere, like rabbits.

My lowest point was having to stop at Walgreen’s because I was on my way to a wedding and discovered I did not have any in my purse. We had to make a quick detour to buy some. I bought 10 of them and had to carry them in my purse all day, so they wouldn’t melt from the summer heat in the car.

I was aware that I was always whipping out my Blistex Medicated Berry balm after every meal and any time my lips felt dry. A year ago, my younger sister encouraged me to just quit, but I was not ready yet. Finally, after Christmas, I was fed up with needing lip balm about four times an hour. At that point, it was not relieving the dryness any more, no matter how much or how often I applied it.

The good news is that, like shopping, compulsive lip balm application can be viewed as simply a bad habit. And bad habits can be broken.

lip balm addiction

Are all lip balms harmful?

Now, the question is, should you avoid lip balms altogether?

Not necessarily. Like we mentioned earlier, lip balm has some serious benefits for your lips.

When choosing a commercially produced lip balm, here’s what you need to keep in mind:

  • Don’t fix what isn’t broken. If your current lip balm is good for your lips, there’s no need to switch to a different brand—unless your current brand uses harmful ingredients.
  • Check the label. Specifically, check the label for the following ingredients (which are good for your lips): lanolin, beeswax, vitamin E, green tea, wheat germ oil, almond oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil, sunflower oil, cottonseed oil, aloe vera, and shea butter.
  • Go all-natural. There’s really no argument to be made against an all-natural skincare routine. For one, it’s healthier. Plus, you can use reusable containers and reduce your plastic consumption. Recipes like this one are fun and easy to make.

“Lip balm addiction” isn’t real, but it should be treated seriously

There’s no reason to dismiss the pain and discomfort most lip balm dependents face on a daily basis.

If you know a lip balm addict, make sure to offer support. Recovery is always a difficult journey, and they need all the help they can get.

If you yourself are recovering, then keep your head up! When it comes to overcoming addiction, there’s no way out but through. See through the recovery process, and you’ll be surprised at how much you’ve accomplished by then.

Organic Permanent Makeup believes that beauty and health go hand in hand. When you take care of yourself, then your best self can step forward.

Lip care is the first step towards achieving your ultimate dream of having gorgeous lips. Whether you want to keep them natural or enhance them with lip microblading, OPM is with you all the way.

For questions or more information on microblading, drop us a line or call us at 310-207-7797.

microblading helped with anxiety

Permanent makeup comes with an impressive set of emotional benefits, and we’ve just added another to the list. Here’s how microblading helped this woman with anxiety, as shared by Jessica Yarbrough herself.

Have you ever been so stressed that you ended up biting your nails? Perhaps you know someone who grinds their teeth while sleeping because of all the pressure they’re under?

Anxiety in humans have ways of manifesting physically. For Jessica Yarbrough, her anxiety made her pick at her own eyebrows.

Jessica, writing on Self Magazine, explained that she has been living with trichotillomania for 15 years and counting. It’s a condition that has no cure.

“I picked my way through high school, college, career changes, dating, and even my wedding,” she wrote for Self. “The more stress I felt at any given time, the stronger my urge to pick.”

“And as a woman who regularly falters under the pressure of society’s unattainable beauty standards, the feeling of shame and ugliness that stemmed from having my disorder emblazoned on my forehead.”

Called the “hair-pulling disorder,” this disorder causes people with trich to compulsively pull out their own hair. Target areas are often the eyelashes, eyebrows, and scalp. There are ways to live with trich, but it remains incurable up to today.

Living with trichotillomania

While Jessica said that she has always been able to cover up her brows with makeup, the whole process actually caused her even more anxiety.

“The process of applying, checking, and touching up my drawn-on eyebrows throughout the day only added another layer of obsessive to my obsessive compulsive disorder,” she wrote.

Thankfully, Jessica discovered eyebrow microblading—although she didn’t jump the gun as soon as she could.

“I didn’t take the decision to go ‘under the blade’ lightly; I worried that my microblading technician might craft a pair of fake brows that were uneven or oddly placed; which, really, I might hate even more than being bald,” she wrote.

In the end, however, she decided it was a risk worth taking. “The potential to eradicate the trich-induced anxiety I felt on a daily basis was too compelling to pass up.”

It was a decision she would be grateful for, more than a year since her microblading session.

How microblading helped this woman with anxiety

Jessica went in for her appointment and, together with her microblading technician, decided on a natural and low-key brow.

The microblading procedure involves:

  1. A microblading technician drawing on your eyebrow with a pencil, so you see what the final product looks like
  2. The application of numbing cream
  3. The actual microblading process, where tiny strokes are made on your brow bone, resembling natural hair growth

Here’s a quick video to illustrate how it’s done:

The whole process takes less than an hour. But microblading can benefit you for years to come.

Microblading doesn’t just save Jessica tremendous amounts of time she used to dedicate to getting her eyebrows ready. It also lets her live her life with less anxiety.

“It’s freed me from the fear of being outed by my noticeable bald patches, and it alleviated some of the all-encompassing anxiety I felt around my appearance,” she wrote. “In the year since my session, my picking episodes are fewer and farther [in] between.”

If you’re interested in learning more about microblading, visit our article detailing the history and process of microblading.

You can also drop us a message for any questions or give us a call at 310-207-7797.

bushy brows

We’ve all had the hunch for years now, but science has finally joined our side. A recent study published in Frontiers in Psychology shows that men find bushy brows more attractive than other brow thicknesses.

Researchers from Oakland University in Michigan asked 1,000 people to study and rate a series of photos for attractiveness. The result?

“Thicker eyebrows were preferred in female faces,” said Dr. Lisa Welling, the study’s senior author. “It could be that relatively thicker eyebrows signal other qualities, such as a tendency towards more grooming.”

“Grooming” is one word for it. In recent years, the popularity of eyebrow makeup and related beauty services skyrocketed. Thanks in part to celebrities such as Cara Delevingne and Lily Collins, thicker brows have been the mainstream look for the last half decade.

What’s curious is that previous studies showed that bushy brows were attractive on men, not for men. However, as Dr. Welling noted, a change in popular opinion can influence individual opinion.

“It is possible that this preference reflects current fashion trends,” she said.

And yet this trendy bushiness isn’t a short-term attraction. Said Dr. Welling, “Whatever the associated trait, [bushy brows] seem to be particularly desirable in a long-term mating context, such as marriage.”

“We expected that thicker eyebrows would be more attractive in a short-term relationship because dense hair indicates higher levels of circulating testosterone,” commented Dr. Justin Mogilski, co-author of the study.

Circulating testosterone is associated with a more unrestricted sexuality, reports The Sun. Higher levels of circulating testosterone correlates to the willingness to engage in sexual activity outside of a committed relationship.

Whatever the underlying reason for the attraction, one thing is for sure:

“Our data suggests that people are drawing more information from a person’s eyebrows than previously documented.”

The bushy brow craze

The appeal of thicker eyebrows came at the heels of the ’90s stick-thin arches.

It was a complete 180 degree turn. People went from overplucking their brows to desperately searching for a way to grow them back. An army of eyebrow gels, pencils, pens, powders, and pomades stormed department stores.

For beauty professionals, the change in tune made complete sense. The public grew tired of the artificial-looking ’90s arch. It longed for a return to something more natural.

Widespread social media use accelerated the bushy brow trend. YouTube tutorials abound about how to get the perfect Instagram brow. Vlogs reviews of brow products scattered across the web.

Some new trends began popping up, while some old ones resurfaced. Eyebrow wigs regained popularity, while permanent makeup found a larger market.

It remains to be seen how long the bushy brows mania will remain. If its lifespan continues to extend, then people will likely begin to invest in long-term solutions.

Permanent bushy brows?

For hair loss and cancer survivors, microblading has always been an option. Thanks to its natural-looking effect and cost-effectivity, microblading is a game-changer in the beauty industry.

By investing $500 and 1 to 2 hours, women can achieve the perfect eyebrow without having to do their makeup routine every day. The price tag might seem steep at first glance, but consider this. How much does the average woman spend on eyebrow makeup in a year? Between setting powders, eyebrow pens or gels, and makeup brushes, the annual average comes closer to a thousand dollars per year than to $500.

And like the rest of the beauty industry, microblading has evolved to become environmentally-friendly, as well as safe and affordable.

Organic microblading not only lasts days than traditional microblading. It’s also compatible with all skin types and has almost no downtime. Thanks to its all-natural ingredients, organic microblading pigments are almost risk-free.

The microblading process itself is hassle-free, as well. Clients need only to decide on a color and shape, then the microblading artist does the rest. Afterward, they only need return once a year for a touchup. No more tedious daily makeup routines or stressful makeup shopping.

To learn more about organic microblading, click here.


Bushy brows are a trend, yes, but they’re one trend that’s worth investing in. Thicker brows look healthy and natural–plus, science says men find them attractive, too.

Whether people prefer traditional or permanent makeup, what’s crucial is that women have brows that make them look good and feel good.

Korean beauty (also known as K-beauty) is becoming a global trend. The year 2018 only lead the movement to grow bigger, and it’s not about to stop expanding anytime soon. Here’s why you should watch out for K-beauty in 2019.
Korean beauty gained a massive following as internet and social media allowed beauty enthusiasts from across countries to interact.

While K-beauty has been an established industry for years, it’s only now that the West is catching up with Korean beauty trends.

“It’s not that there’s been a big boom—we’re just catching up with them essentially, [helped by] the expansion of Instagram and beauty blogging,” Marie Claire digital beauty editor Katie Thomas told BBC.

She further explained that the fascination with Korean beauty is because of how innovative Koreans are. In fact, she says that they’re ahead by 10 to 12 years compared to the rest of the world.

Which means that, if you want to get ahead of the beauty game, it’s worth staying on top of K-beauty trends.

The Korean beauty standard

K-beauty refers almost exclusively to South Korea (officially Republic of Korea). South Korea is an East Asian country at odds with the one other country on the Korean Peninsula, North Korea. The two share vastly different political ideologies and forms of government despite both being home to a predominantly Korean population.

High beauty standards are a cultural feature in South Korea, making the beauty industry an ever-booming business. These standards are often propagated by Korean Pop (K-Pop) idols and are required by a large number of jobs.

Specifically, a Korean beauty would be a slim, pale, fine-haired woman with a round forehead, puffy double eyelids, chubby cheeks, protruding eye bags, a medium-sized nose bridge, and a V-line face.

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Plastic surgery in South Korea is not only accepted but even encouraged. In fact, 1 in 3 Korean women will have at least one surgery between the ages 19 to 49. Double eyelid surgery is the most popular kind of surgery in the country and is often given as a high school graduation gift.

The most popular K-beauty trend in the west, however, is glass skin. Glass skin refers to clear, translucent, poreless, and glowing skin.

Glass skin is attributed to a multiple-step skincare routine, involving oil cleanser, exfoliator, foam cleanser, toner, essence, serum, face masks, eye cream, face cream, and SPF.

Great skincare is the heart of K-beauty—with consistency and a personalized skincare routine, you can be on your way to getting Korean-approved beauty.

The best K-beauty trends today

Of course, K-beauty is not a mere trend, not even in the West. It’s a movement.

Many Western women are incorporating Korean skincare routines into their daily beauty rituals. Korean brand makeup is also becoming a mainstay in many beauty kits, as several brands are cheaper than their U.S. counterparts.

K-beauty is not a trend, but it does have several trends attached to the whole movement. Here are some of the most notable K-beauty trends you should look out for in 2019:

1. Glass skin

Of course, glass skin still tops any of the K-beauty trend lists. When you have dewy, clear skin, the need for foundation and concealer significantly decreases. In fact, you can get away with a no-makeup look, especially if you’ve invested in permanent brows.

To achieve glass skin, remember:

  • Personalize your routine. There are a multitude of product options for every skin care problem there is. Start by identifying your skin type (normal, combination, dry, oily) and your skincare issues (e.g. acne, discoloration, blackheads, pimple scars, etc.) From there, you can identify the products that match your skin type and address your skin issues.
  • Consistency is key. The multiple-step skincare routine required can be time-consuming—but it sure is worth it. Skin care is not about using the most expensive products on the market; it’s about finding the products that work for your face and sticking to it.

2. Blurred lipstick

Blurred lipstick is the anti-lip liner look. It comes across as soft and hazy, like you were a little lazy with the application early that morning.

“I definitely think that it’s become a trend as a reaction to the crazy over-drawn lips that we’ve been seeing these past years,” makeup artist Benjamin Puckey told Allure.

“I think people are yearning for something softer and a little more romantic. A sharply drawn lip can look cool when balanced with more minimal makeup, but can also have a slightly aggressive feel,” he said.

If you’re going for a Korean-inspired makeup look, ditch the lip liner. Apply a matte lip tint or lipstick and blend from the inside out, leaving your lip line undefined.

3. Liquid eyeshadow

Beauty and convenience go hand-in-hand with liquid eyeshadow. If you’re constantly on the go or just looking for a natural makeup look, liquid eyeshadows are perfect for you.

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While liquid eyeshadow doesn’t come in as many colors as powder and gel shadows, it’s still a great beauty option. It’s easy to bring with you, and it’s long-lasting quality will keep you looking pretty all day.

Why you should try K-beauty in 2019

It’s a new year, which means it’s time to begin new routines and hobbies. Here’s why you should consider incorporating K-beauty into your 2019 resolution.

  • K-beauty invests in better skincare. You know what they say: makeup shouldn’t be used to hide; it should be used to enhance. By having a great canvas, painting on our faces becomes easier and more fun.
  • K-beauty isn’t afraid to try new things. From cosmetic surgery to liquid eyeshadow, Koreans love to explore new heights with their beauty. Their adventurousness also encourages their beauty industry to expand and innovate. It’s a win-win situation.
  • Experience a different definition of beauty. Globalization has opened our minds to a different set of beauty standards (and beauty products). K-beauty allows us to have shared experiences with beauty enthusiasts from the other side of the world. This is a powerful demonstration of the reach and power of beauty as a positive force.

Even if you’re not a fan their products, K-beauty has taught us two things. One: we should value our skin. And two: we should continue pushing our definitions and boundaries on what it means to be “beautiful.”

Whether it’s beginning a multi-step skincare routine or investing in microblading, 2019 is the year of adventurous and consistent beauty.