beauty secrets

There are a hundred ways to apply your lipstick… well, maybe not, but we’d like to imagine. But, if there’s one thing we’re sure of, it’s that there are so many beauty secrets involving lipstick. Here are some genius beauty secrets that even makeup artists swear by.

Beauty secrets for your lips

Beauty secret #1: Use foundation to avoid stained lips.  Dark lips are getting more and more popular these days. And, with deep colors, your lips can end up getting stained. To avoid this, put foundation or concealer on your lips before applying your lipstick.

Beauty secret #2: Use brown lipstick for, well, everything. One of the most clever beauty secrets is to carry around a brown or bronze colored lipstick. It can double as eyeshadow or contour. This way, you don’t always have to carry around tons of makeup just to touch up during the day!

Beauty secret #3: Use a wet toothbrush to scrub your lips. Always make sure your lips are smooth to avoid patchy or cracked lipstick, especially when you’re using liquid matte lipstick. Use a wet toothbrush to gently scrub your lips before applying lipstick.

Beauty secret #4: You can use lipstick as a blush.  One of our favorite and most genius beauty secrets is to use lipstick as blush. You can put it directly onto your cheeks, but that’s a bit tricky to blend. Instead, you could mix your lipstick with sunscreen before rubbing it onto your cheeks. This surprisingly stays on for a pretty long time!

Beauty secret #5: Use eyebrow wax around your lips.  Don’t keep it there, though! Just use the wax to make sure you don’t color beyond the lines. Of course, lip contouring is always an option so you don’t have to wipe off the wax every single time!

Beauty secret #6: Use highlighter for gloss. If you don’t like the sticky feeling of some lip glosses, you can opt to take highlighter or shimmer and dab it on the center of your lips. This will make your lips look more plump. The plus side? Shimmers and highlighters stay on longer than your typical glosses.

Beauty secret #7:  Make sure nothing is on your teeth. Excess lipstick can easily transfer onto your teeth. After applying lipstick, stick your finger into your mouth, and then pull it out. This should remove any excess lipstick that could potentially stain your teeth. No awkward smiles here!

Beauty secret #8: Don’t waste your lipsticks by DIYing. It’s very rare to use ALL of the lipstick in the tube. Typically, you’re left with a few millimeters of lipstick left inside that tiny, tiny space. To save yourself some money, get any clean tool to scoop it out, then place the lipstick “scoops” into an empty pill box. You can then use a lip brush to dip into this “recycled” lipstick. You’ll be surprised at how many times you can still use the remaining product!

Beauty secret #9: Clean up your lips with concealer. Many makeup artists are loving the clean, sharp lipstick look. The only way to achieve this is by using concealer to clean up the edges.

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concealer tricks

Concealer is the answer so many of our problems. Late night out? Concealer. Pimple? Concealer. Eyebags that aren’t designer? Concealer. This makeup bag staple can erase the effects of long nights of binge watching, partying, and studying. But, aside from covering up the not so good parts of our face, concealer can amplify our makeup looks. It can be used to make our brows look more precise, our lipstick look more defined, and our cheekbones more pronounced. Read on to find out some of the concealer tricks you can practice to amp up your look.

Concealer tricks you need to know

It can act as a base for your lips

You typically use primer before you put on foundation because this helps make your makeup stay on for the rest of the day, so why don’t you use something for the lips? Concealer acts as a fantastic lip base, and it neutralizes your lip’s natural color, giving you a smooth, flawless base. While applying concealer to the rest of your face, stop by the lips and spread it evenly across. Your lipstick will stay on for a seriously long time!

It creates a sharper lip look

One of the best concealer tricks we’ve learned is to use it after putting on lipstick. While applying lipstick may seem easy, many of us do struggle to color “within the lines”. Thankfully, concealer can clean up any mistake that we make. Using a thin, flat brush, clean up the corners of your mouth with concealer. Use a tiny makeup sponge to blend it out afterwards.

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Use concealer for contouring

Who says you have to buy expensive contour palettes just to get Kim Kardashian level contouring or supermodel-level cheekbones? You can simply use concealer that’s two shades darker than your natural skin color! Apply it onto the hollows of your cheekbones, blend it with a brush or beauty blender, and then add highlight! This concealer trick will save you lots of money, honey!

Use concealer as eyelid primer

Eyeshadow will crack and crease within hours if you don’t use primer. Use concealer to prep your eyelids first so that your beautiful smoky eye will stay gorgeous for the entire night. It’s a lot cheaper than ordering all kinds of eyelid primers from Sephora!

Fix mistakes

We mean makeup mistakes, of course. If you accidentally smudge your eyeliner, which many of us tend to do, you can simply use concealer to clean it up. No need to start all over again! Just use a clean flat brush, dip it into your concealer, and clean up anything that looks messy.

Make your brows last longer

Apply concealer ON your eyebrows. Yes, we’re dead serious. By using concealer on your brows, your brow powder will have something to hold on to. This means it’s going to stay on for a pretty long time. Using a thin, flat edged brush, dip it into your concealer and apply the product onto the scarce parts of the brow. Then, using eyebrow powder, fill in your brow as you normally would. This is one of the concealer tricks we can swear by!

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lipstick tips

Lipstick is GORGEOUS, but applying lipstick can be hard. You’d think it would be easy, but it actually isn’t. Sometimes, our lipstick ends up looking clumpy, dry, uneven and well… not what we had hoped for. We’ve rounded up the best lipstick tips from the world wide web so that you never mess up your lipstick.

Lipstick tips #1: Start Fresh

Just like your skin, your lips also need moisture and exfoliation. You should exfoliate your lips at least once a week, especially if you frequently wear matte liquid lipstick. Use a wet toothbrush to gently brush through your lips, or go for a lip scrub with moisturizing ingredients like honey.

Use protection. Your lips are susceptible to sun damage, so look for lip balms that have at least SPF 30. Using lip glosses increases the chances of your lips getting burned, so be sure to stay away from glosses when you know you’ll be out in the sun.

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Your lipstick shade should be chosen based on your natural lip color, NOT your skin tone, because lipstick shades look different on each lip color. Those with pale lips can go for cherry shades or pale coral lipsticks. Naturally plump and red lips would look great in hot pink and bright orange. Darker lips would look amazing in deep, sensual wine shades.

One of the most flattering, and most popular, lip colors of today is the nude. The rule is to go darker if you have light skin, and to go lighter if you have darker skin. Thankfully, we’ve written a post on how to slay the nude look.

Whoever said that lip liner is for the nineties is messing with you, honey. Lip liner is one of the easiest ways to define your lips and instantly give you a fuller pout. Even Kylie Jenner swears by it. When lining your lips, use a liner that matches your lipstick.

And, have you heard of lip contouring? It uses semi-permanent makeup to line your lips, giving it a natural yet clean shape, so that applying lipstick is easier.

Okay, we know how SUPER precise and clean lipstick looks are so popular on Instagram and YouTube, but these kind of lips actually make your lips look smaller. If you want your lips to look slightly fuller, try smudging the edges of your lips to soften the edges.

Unlike fine dining, applying your lipstick requires you to work your way outward. Start at the center of your lips, slowly blending out the color toward the borders of your mouth. This way, you avoid over applying your lipstick.

Want to make your lipstick last longer? Apply a layer onto your lips, blot the layer with tissue, then apply another layer of lipstick. The first application will act as a base, while the second and final one adds full coverage.

Who says you have to wear minimal makeup if you’re rocking bold lipstick? Don’t restrict yourself! Get creative however you would like. You can have wild eyeshadow and bold lipstick without looking weird… It’s 2018, you can do and be whatever you want, sweetie!

makeup hacks

Makeup just doesn’t go on your face. It goes on your toothbrush, too. Yes, we’re serious. Makeup has some surprisingly interesting ways for you to use them at home. These makeup hacks that aren’t really makeup hacks, but more like hacks that use makeup (does that make sense?) will change the way you live. Read on to find out more!

Weird Makeup Hacks 1: Blow Dryer for Car Dents

Who says you have to take your car to the car repair shop every time you hit a pole or drive into a curb? Dents are no problem for you. If your car has dents, you can simply use your blow dryer to get rid of them. Put your blow dryer on medium heat and, while directing the air on the dent, reach behind the dent to push it outward. Hold the dent in place for a minute or so, and you’ll see your dent slightly bend back into place. This is one makeup hack that will leave your car looking good as new.

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Weird Makeup Hacks 2: Hairspray for Stains

Stain removing pens can move aside. All you need is hairspray. Hairspray can get rid of anything from hair dye stains to wine stains. All you have to do is spray it on and rub gently until the stain disappears.

Weird Makeup Hacks 3: Nail Polish for Rust

Rust can get very annoying. There may be rust in your bathroom right now, and if not treated immediately, it can end up staining your sink, bath tub and toilet. Use your nail polish to get rid of rust by coating the bottom of your metal soap dishes and other items with clear nail polish. 

Weird Makeup Hacks 4: Toothpaste for Silverware

Silver looking dull? Use toothpaste to make it sparkle and shine again. Use white toothpaste to polish any silverware you have lying around. Of course, you have to wipe your silverware clean afterward because you wouldn’t want your guests touching sticky and minty forks and knives, would you?

Weird Makeup Hacks 5: Eyeshadow Brush for Keyboards

Over time, your keyboard will collect dirt and dust. Little nooks and crannies inside your keyboard will get filled up with all sorts of things like food crumbs and even hair. Use your makeup brush, specifically your eyeshadow brush, to swipe through those nooks and crannies, and clean things out. 

Weird Makeup Hacks 6: Eyeliner for Notes

Need to write something down but you don’t have  a pen? Eyeliner can be a great substitute. Just be sure to not use it again on your eyes. That’s pretty unsanitary…

Don’t EVER want to use eyeliner? Check out eyelash enhancement to make your eyes pop without the effort of putting on mascara and liner each morning. 

Book an appointment with OPM now while there are still slots in our calendar!

Weird Makeup Hacks 7: Vaseline for Wood

Is your wood furniture looking a bit unpolished? Use Vaseline to make your wood furniture, and even your leather goods, look brand new. Vaseline also acts as a protective barrier against stains and spills!

dark skintone lipstick

What’s one common misconception about bold, bright lipstick? That they aren’t suitable for people with darker skin tones. But, that is just far from the truth. Dark skintone lipstick can include wild colors such as purple and even yellow.

These dark skintone lipstick shades not only suit persons of color, but they also look fresh, beautiful and unique. Who says you have to wear typical shades of lipstick every day? Bright and bold lipstick shades were meant to be worn, so go and rock them, gorgeous!

From neon pinks to burnt orange shades, dark skintone lipsticks look luxurious, dramatic and absolutely stunning on darker skintones.

We’ve rounded up some of the best bold lipstick shades that go well with dark skin, from high end brands to drugstore cosmetics.

Dark skintone lipstick shades:

Artist Liquid Matte 501 (The Purples)Image result for Artist Liquid Matte 501 (The Purples)

The shade purple is very versatile, and can be worn across the seasons. You can wear this in Summer for that colorful vibe, or during Christmas to add some “life” into the dull colors of winter wear. For persons with dark skin, this color can be very flattering.

A dark skintone lipstick shade that we like is Make Up Forever’s liquid matte lipstick. It’s a very rich shade of purple, and the formula stays on for hours, even after a full meal and hot beverages. So, you can have brunch with your friends without having to worry about your lipstick disappearing!

Sleek Lip VIP Hype

Image result for Sleek Lip VIP Hype

A bold fuchsia shade, Sleek’s Lip VIP in the shade of Hype is VERY pigmented, but it has a purple undertone which makes it flattering for persons with dark skin types. It’s a semi-matte lipstick, which is fabulous, since it makes your lips pop, unlike total mattes which can make your lips look flat and, well, not plump. This dark skintone lipstick will make your lips look moisturized and kissable, so you don’t have to invest in lip glosses to have a stunning pout.

Kat Von D Studded Kiss Crème Lipstick A Go GoImage result for Kat Von D Studded Kiss Crème Lipstick A Go Go

Trust us on this.

We know that many dark skinned girls don’t want to wear orange lipstick because, let’s face it, most orange shades have been unflattering. However, this certain shade from Kat Von D does NOT make you look clownish. It looks bright on the tube, but it actually transforms into a tangerine color when applied on the lips.

CYO Two Tone Ombre Lipstick CoupletImage result for CYO Two Tone Ombre Lipstick Couplet

Not quite sold on the all orange look? You could also go for CYO’s ombre lipstick, which combines red and orange. This dark skintone lipstick will give your lips more dimension and shape, as popularized by Korean makeup styles. The inner part of your lips will be red, transforming into orange as it reaches the edges of your mouth. Or, you could do it the other way around!

It might take you a while to “master” this dark skintone lipstick style, but once you do, you could really amp  up your look.

Lip contouring to define your lip shape

Lots of people end up wasting perfect lipstick shades by messing up during application. Some go overboard by coloring outside the lines, while others color too little, making their lips look small and thin. To avoid making the same mistake, go for lip contouring. It’s a safe and organic permanent makeup procedure that lines your lips, so that you never miss the mark.

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lipstick shades

There are just some lipstick shades that you have to have. At some point in our teenage or adolescent lives, we’ve seen popular lipstick shades advertised on TV, printed in magazines, or even promoted on Instagram. These lipstick shades, at that time, were the ones you had to own in order to seem “updated” with beauty trends. Some lipstick shades are all the rage, and some of them even rise up the ranks to becoming iconic lipstick shades.

So, what makes these lipsticks reach the icon status? For one, they have to look good on most skin types, which is pretty difficult, so that alone is an achievement. Next, they should be unique. There are a lot of ruby red lipsticks, but which ruby red is the BEST ruby red?

We’ve rounded up some of the best iconic lipstick shades that you need to get your hands on. That is, if you can. Some of these are pretty hard to find, so if you have them, consider yourself #blessed!

Lipstick shades so iconic you just HAVE to have them

Lipstick shade 1: MAC’s Ruby Woo

What’s one MAC lipstick shade that’s almost always out of stock no matter where you check? Ruby Woo. This is one of the most iconic reds in the history of lipstick shades. Some even consider it to be the best red lipstick in the world. With blue undertones, this red shade has become the go-to red for many ladies.

One trick to making this lipstick shade really pop is to color your lips fully. Check out lip contouring so you perfect it each time!

Every lady needs a red lipstick. Go for this one if you haven’t gotten yours.

Lipstick shade 2: Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Fire & Ice

Halloween makeup

It’s Halloween season again! Time to break out the colorful face paints and glitter. At OPM, when it comes to Halloween, we never hold back. We go all out with our makeup looks to achieve that hauntingly beautiful Halloween makeup look.

And why shouldn’t we go all out? Halloween is the perfect excuse to spend an excessive amount of time planning our outfit, doing our hair and painting on the most intricate makeup looks. Whether it’s a full-on scary look or a delicate princessy getup, we’re always on our game to win that award for best costume, or at least, best Halloween makeup.

This 2018, make your Halloween makeup stand out with some of the year’s most hottest and most searched Halloween makeup looks.

Get your ghoul on and put on your Pennywise pants! It’s time to win all of the Halloween makeup awards!

Halloween makeup looks of 2018 that you need to try

Nightmare Before Christmas

It isn’t the spooky season without watching The Nightmare Before Christmas! But, if you can’t wait for your favorite TV network to replay scary movies over and over again, you can start by going for this movie-inspired Halloween makeup. It’s pretty easy; just paint yourself blue, draw on a couple of stitches, and rock that Sally Frankenstein red wig.

Optical Illusion Makeup

Now this is one trippy look. The optical illusion Halloween makeup look has taken the Internet by storm, creating viral videos with each makeup tutorial uploaded on YouTube. This look is a bit difficult to achieve because you’re going to need serious makeup skills, but if you nail it, you’ll definitely win all of the awards.

Spiderweb Face

What’s always present during Halloween aside from carved pumpkin heads? Spiderwebs. This is probably one of the easier Halloween makeup looks to pull off. All you need is liquid eyeliner, white eyeshadow or face paint, and you’re good! Since you won’t have to use much makeup on your lips and eyes (to give attention to your spiderwebs), you could draw attention to your brows, since that’s where your webs will most likely start.

Save time this Halloween by microblading your eyebrows so you can spend more time perfecting your spooky look!

Jack-O-Lantern Face

Pumpkins don’t belong only on your yard. This Halloween, they belong on your face. This year, go all out with a jack–lantern inspired Halloween makeup look. You can paint your entire face, or only half of it, but we think the full face jack-o-lantern look gives the creepiest vibes.


IT  was the number one most-searched Halloween look.We’re pretty sure this look isn’t going away for some time. Just be sure you aren’t hiding in the trees so you can scare people.

Not so horrifying options:

Floral Fairy

Little kids might go to Halloween parties dressed in sparkly dresses and glitter makeup, so it’s time to step up your game if you want to look different. Achieve the floral fairy look by focusing on the makeup rather than the outfit. With the right rosy hues, you can achieve a floral fairy look that’s swoon-worthy.


When you think about it, there’s nothing more frightening than an empty void. This Halloween, go for a makeup look that’s stunning at first glance, but scary when you start thinking about how cold, lonely and scary that place would be.

Unicorn Makeup

One of the most searched Halloween makeup looks last year was unicorn makeup and we can see why. It’s pretty, it’s cute, and it’s playful! Unicorn makeup can also double as mermaid makeup once you take off the horn.

Wednesday Addams

Another easy Halloween makeup look to pull off is this Wednesday Addams look. You just got to put on a black dress, black stockings, and black shoes. Then, braid your hair and swipe the blackest lipstick you have all across your lips. To make sure you color within the lines, consider going for lip contouring. Viola, you’re ready for the Halloween party!
looking good

Makeup has existed for centuries. In fact, even in early history, Cleopatra was known to practice a very serious beauty routine. Imagine using red clay as lipstick and rocks and minerals as eyeshadow. Despite having very little resources, Cleopatra still has the most iconic cat eyeliner ever! On top of that, this beauty icon was also a very powerful leader. Talk about really #slaying. Because of her power, it makes us think that beauty, or the feeling of looking good, has many benefits. Here are some of the benefits of looking good:

Benefits of looking good

1. It Boosts Your Self Esteem. When you look good, you feel good. Most women claim that a red lipstick can make them feel like real #girlbosses with just one swipe. With the right look, you can conquer the world!

2. It Forces You to Keep Your Hygiene in Check. One of the many benefits of looking good is that it makes you more aware of your body. Because you want to look good, you’ll brush your teeth more, clean your cuticles more, and even go for mani pedis even more. You might even start investing in teeth whitening products or BB cream with SPF. You may be concerned about looking good, but while you’re doing that, you’re actually taking better care of your hygiene.

3. You’ll be more social. People say that you should accept others for who they are. But, there are some people who are hesitant to make connections because of their appearance. Well, one of the benefits of looking good is that it improves your relationship with other people. This is because you’re worrying less about how your hair looks, how your pimples have suddenly decided to show up, or how your lipstick may or may not be smudgy. You’ll be more engaged in the conversation.

4. You’ll make better first impressions.  Let’s be real. People will judge you the moment they see you because, well, it’s what they see. If you look like you didn’t put effort into your appearance, you will seem lazy in their eyes. It sounds shallow, but it’s true; appearance plays a great part in how we’re perceived by others.

If you want to look your best, you’ll want to look good. We all want to be the memorable one in the room, so one of the benefits of looking good is definitely being remembered, especially by important people.

5. Looking good lets you have fun. We think that all girls – and guys – can agree that there’s that surge of excitement every time we walk the aisles of Sephora. Looking good and getting glammed up is very fun. Where else could you experience this kind of enjoyment? One of the benefits of looking good is being able to play around with your looks in a fun and exciting way.

6. You get to create your identity. Whether it’s wearing a high ponytail like Ariana Grande, or rocking a signature nude lipstick like the Kardashians, putting effort into looking good allows you to explore and express your character, as well as your uniqueness. It will take you some time to establish your signature look, but once you do, you’ll be glad you spent that much time (and money!) on looking good.

7. Helps You in the Romance Department. Whoever told you that people only care about the inside is lying. Looks play a great role in romance because it’s the first thing we see, obviously! Looks are what attracts us to other people. Looking good can definitely help you if you’re trying to score a date or get the attention of your longtime crush, so go get that makeover!

8. You feel good. At the end of the day, looking good just makes you feel good about yourself. It makes you feel good about life. Life is too short to spend it feeling unsatisfied with one’s looks. So, go ahead and work that contour! Slay that new hairstyle! Be proud of your glow up, gorgeous!

Emmys Beauty Looks You Have to Try

What a treat for us all! Just after the stunning lineup of fashion and beauty looks from the New York Fashion Week, now we get to adore and obsess over these celebrity-approved Emmys beauty looks. More looks serving beauty inspiration have arrived on the Emmys red carpet, and we’re here to give you the rundown on all the Emmys beauty looks you need to try for yourself.

Some of our favorite TV stars replaced their costumes for stunning beauty looks that reflected their personalities. From bright orange lipstick to silver, Rihanna-approved eyeliner, there are so many Emmys beauty looks to choose from. Scroll further down to check out some of our favorite makeup trends from the 2018 Emmys!

Emmys Beauty Looks You Just Have to Try

Bright Lipstick

Bright orange lips are nowhere near extinction. Tatiana Maslany’s hot orange Illamasqua ‘Flare’ lipstick was an Emmy’s favorite, with stars like Rachel Brosnan wearing bold colors to accentuate their pouts.

Get their Emmys beauty looks: Find the hottest orange lipstick you can find! Fill in the outer corners of your lips with lip liner of a similar shade, and then fill in the rest of your lips. Be sure to line your lips well, or else this look will be a disaster!




Silver Makeup

When Rihanna made us all fall in love with silver makeup earlier this year, everyone started packing on shimmery makeup like highlighters and eyeshadows. At this year’s Emmys, famous faces like Issa Rae served us metallic goodness. The star rocked bold silver eyeliner that made her look extra fierce. Padma Lakshmi wore metallic inner-eye highlight that you could spot from miles away.

Get their Emmys beauty looks: Silver pen liner is easier to control, but for real pigmentation, we suggest looking for silver gel liner.




Dark lipstick

Fall is all about dark lipstick, including this stunning plum shade worn by Stefani Robinson. It’s best worn in contrast with lighter, more neutral toned outfits. For example, Claire Foy, absolutely slayed the classic deep crimson lipstick which she paired against a pale Calvin Klein gown.

Get their Emmys beauty looks: Look for lip pencils or crayons and matching lipstick. Just as you did with the orange lip look, line the edges of the lips first  before filling them in. Do note that dark lipstick is typically harder to blend. You don’t want to end up with smudges and streaks around your pout, so it’s best to go for lip contouring first.


imageLush lashes

The best way to make your eyes pop effortlessly isn’t by wearing eyeliner or creating a smoky eye. It’s with thick, luscious lashes as seen in Westworld actress Angela Sarafyan.

Get their Emmys beauty looks: use thick false eyelashes. Better yet, get an eyelash enhancement treatment so you don’t have to worry about clumpy glue and eye infections.



imageNatural tones

With extravagant dresses like what Emilia Clarke wore, it’s best to go subtle on the makeup. This year, many stars attended the Emmys wearing nude makeup: warm eyeshadow, pale pink lipstick, and a natural flushed blush. If you want to look natural but not too boring, you can use shimmery, golden eyeshadow like what Mandy Moore did. You’ll still look like a naturally sun-kissed goddess.

plump up thin lips

Tired of temporary lip plumpers? It’s time we found longer-lasting solutions. Thin lips are often caused by collagen deficiency due to genetics, sun damage, smoking, or aging. That means, if you want to plump up thin lips, you’ll have to address one of these underlying causes.

But don’t worry! We’ve gathered six ways to solve the problem of thin lips, depending on what you want or need to address.

Here’s the breakdown:

1. Plump up thin lips damaged by the sun or other extreme weather conditions

The outer layer of the lips is thin, making it ill-prepared to protect you from the sun.

Prolonged exposure to the sun can break down the collagen in your lips. Additionally, extended exposure to harsh weather conditions can result in dry, thin, and wrinkled lips.

To combat these negative effects on your lips, try using a hydrating serum rich in peptides and sodium hyaluronate. Hydrating serums nourish your lips so they feel softer and look more youthful.

2. How to cheat your thin lip genes

Lip gloss plumpers can only do so much for so long. These glosses use ingredients like cinnamon, menthol or capsaicin to swell lips temporarily. Unfortunately, these ingredients might irritate the lips in the long run, particularly for gals with sensitive skin in the first place.

Don’t risk irritating your skin. For plumper-looking lips, we recommend trying a lip gloss that reflects light. Illuminating lip glosses have natural oils that give you the illusion of fuller lips while keeping your lips nourished and protected.

3. De-age your aging lips

Aging does more than reduce the collagen in your lips.

“Bone erosion that occurs with age can make the space above the center of the upper lip lengthen, causing the upper lip to fall and not look as perky,” Dr. Janice Lima Maribona told New Beauty.

Revive those once-youthful lips by using light therapy. A three-minute daily session of light therapy can go a long way; these little devices stimulate the production of collagen by increasing circulation in the skin surrounding your lips.

4. Get back your smoking hot lips

Obviously, the first step to caring for your lips is to stop smoking. Smoking gives you unsightly lines on your lips and makes your puckers look thinner than they used to be.

Once you’ve laid off the smoking, pamper your lips regularly by using lip masks. These masks hydrate your lips and temporarily get rid of your lines. Lip masks are also useful for non-smokers looking to have plumper, smoother lips before a big date!

5. Fill ‘er up!

Regardless of what causes your thin lips, you can always opt for a lip filler. This procedure is one of the most popular solutions to thin lips; after all, everyone from Nicole Kidman to Kylie Jenner has gotten the filler treatment.

Hyaluronic acid fillers are injected into the lips to create instantly fuller lips and to encourage collagen production. Hylauronic acid is a naturally occurring substance and gives the body nutrients and helps retain moisture.

Lip fillers start at $400 for half a milliliter of fillers.

6. Professional contouring for long-lasting luscious lips

None of these other solutions work for you or sound ideal for your lifestyle? Organic Permanent Makeup is the first and only U.S. clinic and brand that offers organic permanent lip contouring.

That means zero side effects, zero downtime, and 100% compatibility with all skin types.

We use only organic ink to contour and line your lips—all for a long-lasting plumping effect that is safe for both you and the environment.

Plump up thin lips with OPM today.