Get bigger lips with lip contouring

A long time ago, Kylie Jenner changed the beauty world forever by deciding that full, bigger lips were in. Suddenly, lots of people, including celebrities and influencers, wanted to have bigger lips. Though Kylie got her luscious lips by using lip fillers, luckily the beauty industry has several products that can help you achieve the perfect pout without that expensive procedure.

Whether you want bigger lips like Kylie (she still has a great pout even after ditching her lip fillers) or if you just want more volume to your thin lips, these tips will do the trick. And, if you want to go even further, check out OPM’s lip contouring procedure below.

Get rid of flaky lips

One way to get bigger lips is to create an illusion. Flaky lips reflect less light, which makes your lips look thinner. Get rid of flakes by brushing your lips with a toothbrush, or by using a lip scrub that moisturizes your pout. Scrubbing or brushing your lips increases the circulation in them.

Cover your lips to get bigger lips

Using concealer or foundation, cover your lips starting from the lip line. This creates a canvas that can better show the pigment of your lipstick, as well as make it seem like you have bigger lips.

Use lip gloss

Choose a lip gloss (non-sparkly, please!) that’s close to the color of your lipstick. Dab it in the middle of both of your lips. As we mentioned before, lips that pick up light make your pout look bigger. Get ready to start blowing air kisses!

Overdraw the lipline

Even though Kylie’s lips are already plump, she still uses lip liners to make them look even fuller. Find a lip liner that’s the same shade as your lipstick. Draw slightly outside your natural lip line to make it look like you have bigger lips.  Then, fill in the rest of your lips with the matching lipstick. Clean up the edges using concealer for a defined look.

Use light lipsticks

There’s a reason why nude lipsticks are so popular. Unlike dark lipsticks, which actually make your pout look smaller, a nude or pale pink lip can make your lips look naturally bigger.

Find the best nude lipstick for you with this list of 10 Best Nude Lipsticks of 2018.

Highlight your cupid’s bow

The trick really lies in the lighting. Using a concealer that’s lighter than your shade, or using highlighter, take a small amount and dab it on your cupid’s bow. This creates the illusion of having a more pronounced pout.

Use lip plumpers

Some lip glosses contain lip-plumping ingredients like spearmint and cinnamon. They only give you a temporary plumping effect, but if you just want bigger lips so you can take selfies for a few hours, then lip plumpers are for you.

Lip contouring

Why settle for temporary big lips when you can have bigger lips all the time? While lip fillers often look overdone and unnatural, lip contouring gives you bigger lips without looking clownlike. The edges of the lips are traced using permanent lip liner, and lasts up to five years. Having contoured lips defines your natural lip shape, making them look bigger and fuller, since it’s like you already have lip liner on!

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Here’s something your dermatologist won’t tell you: laser removal is not effective on all ink colors. Surprised? So were we when we found out. That’s why we strived to make something better. That’s why we made the OPM Eraser System.

If safe and effective tattoo correction and removal is what you need, then here’s the guide—and the service—for you.

OPM Eraser System is the best tattoo correction and removal procedure today

What can the OPM Eraser System do?

The OPM Eraser System is the best course of action for tattoo correction and removal. It’s capable of completely removing a tattoo within three hours of application, as well as remove parts of an old tattoo after just one session.

The OPM Eraser System is used for the following:

  • complete removal of tattoos;
  • removal of selected portions or parts of a tattoo;
  • lightening of tattoo before a cover-up; and
  • removal of radiotherapy marks.

How does it work?

The tattoo correction and removal process at OPM takes only 1 and 1/2 hours per session.

The procedure is similar to the tattoo process and even uses the same tools. Here’s the breakdown:

  1. The OPM Eraser System tattoo extraction formula is injected into the tattooed area.
  2. The formula works immediately by drawing the ink upwards through the skin.
  3. A crust containing the tattoo ink will form over the treated area.
  4. The crust will begin falling away, taking the unwanted ink with it.

Note: The treated area is to be kept completely dry after treatment and while the crust is still on the skin. For more information, jump to the OPM Eraser System aftercare section.

After a session, it is possible that your tattoo will look more vivid than before. This is completely normal and is part of the removal process.

Ink pigments are not always fully ejected during the crusting process but will still be moved upwards towards the epidermis. This is then shed by the skin’s natural re-growth process over a period of months.

Also, with older tattoos, the body protects itself from foreign matter by coating the tattoo with cells; over time, this gives the tattoo a duller appearance. The OPM tattoo removal process can disturb this coating of cells, causing the original ink to appear more prominent.

The procedure has four stages of healing, namely:

  1. Formation of crust on the skin’s surface
  2. Ejection of remover and tattoo ink
  3. Natural removal of crust after 10-14 days
  4. Application of soothing cream to help healing

The skin will slowly return to normal over a period of one month.

Depending on the treated area, you will need to wait 12 to 16 weeks between treatments.

Is it really better than laser?

It really is. One session of our tattoo removal is equal to six sessions of laser treatment. That’s how effective it is. Here’s a more thorough comparison:

OPM Eraser System Laser removal
Not as expensive as laser treatment More expensive than OPM Eraser system
Actually pulls the ink pigment out of the skin Leaves carbon and ink pigments in the lymph nodes
Involves minimal pain or discomfort Is known for being extremely painful
Will not scar as long as aftercare is followed Has greater chances of scarring
Allows you to have another tattoo over the treated area Re-tattooing over lasered area is painful

How long will it take to remove my tattoo?

The OPM Eraser System can generally fade tattoos in 3 to 4 sessions. However, each tattoo is different, and so the effectivity of the treatment depends on the following:

  • condition of the original tattoo;
  • age of the tattoo;
  • type of tattoo; and
  • history of the tattoo.

Will the tattoo correction and removal hurt or scar?

Topical anesthesia is applied before the process to minimize any discomfort.

The only risk of scarring is when the crust is forcibly removed.

Note also that, as every person heals at varying rates, it is quite normal for some clients to notice a slightly red and raised appearance in the area treated for some weeks or months after treatment; the area will naturally heal itself.

What is the aftercare process?

  • Keep the treated area dry. If the crust becomes damp or wet, has fluids weeping from it or from the extremities, or has fluid trapped beneath, then infection has likely occurred. It is important to treat this as soon as possible.
  • Do not forcibly remove the crust. Doing so will cause excessive trauma to the skin and result in scarring.
  • Apply hydrogen peroxide on the edges to aid healing. The area can be sterilized and dried with 2-3% hydrogen peroxide solution available from pharmacies. Apply sparingly only onto the edges of thecrust, not on the crust itself.
  • Don’t expose the treated area immediately to the sun. The treated area can be more sensitive to sun exposure for some months after treatment. Use a good sunblock and expose the area gradually to the sun, avoiding prolonged exposure. Once fully healed, the area should tan as normal.

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If you’re suffering from a bad tattoo, then the OPM Eraser System is here for you. Beauty is not just about looking good—it’s about feeling good, as well. Gain back your confidence with our safe and effective tattoo correction and removal procedure.

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We don’t always get what we want, but when it comes to permanent makeup, we hope it comes out the way we want it to, right? Since it is permanent makeup, we hope for the best, or at least decent, results. But what if you still don’t always get what you want? Wouldn’t that be a disaster? Don’t back out on that permanent makeup dream just yet. There is still a solution to this permanent makeup mishap – the Color Correction and Tattoo Removal Procedure.

When a client receives a service they are unhappy with, a permanent makeup artist will see this before the client tells them anything. The permanent makeup artist understands the concerns of the client and will explain to her the Color Correction Procedure. This procedure is meant to correct pigments which are uneven, too dark, too light, too thick, and unwanted. With the Color Correction Procedure, there is a lesser chance of scarring.

What makes this procedure better is the fact that OPM only uses organic pigments. If you don’t know this yet, OPM has invented the next generation of pigments derived from organic sources. You might be wondering why OPM  chooses to only use organic pigments. Well, after a lot of frustration with iron oxide pigments, the OPM pigments were born. OPM pigments are formulate for each skin type, are water-based, alcohol-free, and will not result to discoloration. Thus, with the OPM pigments, you can be certain that your permanent makeup will come out looking natural.

If you’re not convinced yet, Organic Permanent Makeup last an average of 2-5 years! You don’t need to worry about any discoloration and walking around with blue, red, or purple permanent makeup. If you prefer not to maintain your Organic Permanent Makeup, your body will start to break down the applied pigments, and the permanent makeup will eventually fade. However, to retain the look, a regular touch-up is recommended. Most clients get retouched every one to two years to maintain their desired look, or even change the color and shape.

So, what are you waiting for? Take advantage of the OPM Experience and offers today!