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Finding the right eyebrow shape for your face doesn’t have to be so difficult. In fact, once you figure out which eyebrow shape best works for you, you can instantly transform your look. The power of the brow is very real, and we’re here to guide you on how to choose the eyebrow shape that’s most flattering to your face. Why? Because not all eyebrow shapes work with every face length, width and other facial features. Brows can make or break your entire beauty look. You should look for an eyebrow shape that complements all of your features.

How To Find The Right Eyebrow Shape For Your Face

For round faces…

Best eyebrow shape: For people with round faces, it’s recommended to go for a brow that has a high arch. This makes the face look less broad, as it draws attention upward. More height equals to more length to the face, and can make your eyes appear more open. Stay away from rounded brows, as these brows can only draw more attention to your round shaped face.

How to get the look: Because you’re aiming for a higher arch, you’ll need to look for a brow pencil or pen that’s a bit lighter than your natural brow color. From the start of your brow, draw soft feathers upward, and then as you reach the tail, slowly change direction to form the arch. Blend the product using an eyebrow brush or spoolie to make it look natural.

Celebrities with high-arched eyebrows: Kelly Clarkson, Adele

For heart-shaped faces…

Best eyebrow shape:  Those with heart-shaped faces will fall in love with rounded brows that have low arches. What works for your face shape are soft, curvier lines that complement the roundness of the upper half of your face. And, because your chin area is a bit more sharp, be very extra careful not to create an arch that’s too high.

How to get the look: Using an eyebrow powder kit, draw curved strokes through your brows, filling them in while creating a naturally soft shape. Don’t draw straight lines, as this can create a sharper brow, which is something you want to avoid.

Celebrity with this brow: Reese Witherspoon

For square faces…

Best eyebrow shape: It’s a fact that the square face is the most defined look, so you’ll need to draw attention AWAY from the jawline. Do this by creating a thick brow that will really draw attention to the top half of the face. Make sure your brows are lined boldly — for this face shape, you shouldn’t hold back on using a lot of product.

How to get the look: On top of your usual eyebrow product, use brow tint or brown mascara to make your brows look even darker.

Celebrity with this brow: Keira Knightley

For oval faces…

Best eyebrow shape: Aren’t you lucky! People with oval faces have it easy when it comes to brows. Your typical angled eyebrow will work, but you could also rock high arches as well as straight brows. Just don’t go overboard.

How to get the look: Using the eyebrow makeup product of your choice, apply product through your brow hairs, following the natural curve. To make your brows look more clean, tweeze stray brow hairs underneath the eyebrow.

Celebrity with this brow: Kate Middleton

For long faces…

Best eyebrow shape: Straight brows. This will make your face appear “wider”, evening out its length.

How to get the look: Create a straight line underneath your brow. The, using a pencil or eyebrow powder, create soft strokes towards the temples. Be very careful that you don’t draw an arch! Blend the product out using a spoolie.

Celebrity with this brow: Sarah Jessica Parker

Pssst… our little secret

If you want to know the best brow shape for your face, but aren’t quite sure, you can consult us during your microblading session. What’s microblading? It’s the best-kept celebrity secret to getting the perfect brows. Here’s why so many celebrities are microblading their brows.


pite the thousands of beauty products available all over the world, makeup artists and enthusiasts keep coming back to one particular ‘beauty hack’. What hack is this, you might ask? It’s called ‘soap brows’.

Soap brows aren’t a fad. In fact, two certified brow experts use this trick. Anastasia Soare of Anastasia Beverly Hills (yes, the one who does Kim Kardashian’s brows) is one. The other is Nicola Haste of the Pixiwoo sisters, the incredibly popular YouTube makeup artist duo.

Nicola herself gushed about soap brows to Get the Gloss during an interview after whipping out her tin can of brow soap. She said that the soap brow technique made her naturally fine-haired brows look thicker.

Sam Chapman, founder of Pixiwoo and sister to Nicola, made a YouTube makeup tutorial of soap brows in 2016. Check it out below:

Brows on a budget: How to do the ‘soap brows’

Soap brows are exactly what they sound like they: putting soap on your eyebrows. If that sounds a little primitive, don’t worry—this trick works as good as (if not better than) other eyebrow techniques.

To get the look, you’ll need to have only two things and complete only two steps! Here’s what you need:

  • A clear soap. White soap will make your brows look like they have dandruff.
  • A clean spoolie, otherwise known as a mascara brush. Sam Chapman recommends having a spoolie specifically for soaping up your brows.

And here’s what you need to do:

  1. Run your spoolie over the wet soap until the soap foams.
  2. Brush upward until you achieve the shape you want.

From there, your brows will hold their shape. Just be careful not to overload your brows with soap—otherwise, you’ll look like you just washed your face if you get caught in the rain.

Practice makes perfect! Anastasia posted a quick tutorial of her own on Instagram, which is easier and quicker to review:

Of course, like Sam, you can also fill in your brows so they don’t look sparse. She uses a brow gel and an angled brush in her video to re-create her brow hair’s fine lines, giving her a very natural look. She herself says that she’s not a fan of the completely filled-out brows and that she likes seeing the texture of her own brows.

Soap brows won’t take away more than two minutes from your morning routine; filling the brows, however, might consume a bit more time.

You don’t have to waste your day on perfecting your brows

Organic Permanent Makeup offers eyebrow microblading—a one-time solution to a permanent problem. Simply come in for a one-hour session and walk out of our clinic with eyebrows to die for!

Microblading is a beauty enhancement technique that uses ink to recreate your brow’s hair (instead of brow gel, like Sam used). This means your beautifully filled-in brows will stay that way no matter what.

soap brows

Caught in the rain? No problem; your brows still look great.

Accidentally wiped your forehead during a hot summer? Don’t worry; your brows are immune to your hands.

Boyfriend playfully messing up your makeup? Joke’s on him; your eyebrows are still there!

Read up about eyebrow microblading today. Better yet—book an appointment!

eyebrow tint gone wrong

Who hasn’t had an eyebrow nightmare? Everyone’s overplucked their right eyebrow before. Some of us have even run into our exes while we’re two weeks overdue for an eyebrow grooming appointment! Still, no matter the horrors we’ve endured, one thing’s for sure: none of them compare to this one woman’s eyebrow tint gone wrong.

Leanne Martin, 31, from Greater Manchester, UK, went to a local beauty salon, thinking only of getting her nails done. But, while she was there, she decided to get her brows waxed, as well.

Afterwards, thinking nothing of it, Leanne asked for an eyebrow tint.

And that was when the trouble began.

Eyebrow tint gone wrong…and then even more wrong

Leanne said that her beautician didn’t offer an allergy test, only asked if she had ever gotten her eyebrows tinted before.

“I was there for about ten minutes. She waxed my eyebrows then put the tint on. Everything was fine, she wiped them off,” Leanne said, “but the day after they were a bit raised and red.”

“I thought it was because of the wax, but they got redder. I’d gone to see my boyfriend, and he’d said ‘What’s wrong with your face?’ Then they blew up. I was panicking. I was in absolute shock.”

Leanne shared that her skin’s reaction to the tint was extremely painful. “They were red, like they were on fire,” she described. “It was like a burn. I couldn’t even touch them.”

“I’ve since been told that you should never wax and tint at the same time,” she admitted.

eyebrow tint gone wrong

Leanne was given hydrocortisone cream at her local hospital, which will supposedly help calm the inflamed skin down, but the damage has been done.

The mom-of-one is a caterer, which means she’s unable to work for as long as she has open wounds. “I work in a kitchen so I can’t go to work for hygiene reasons,” Leanne explained.

But the insult after the injury is that Leanne’s beautician was apparently indifferent to Leanne’s condition.

“I’m very angry with the shop,” Leanne said. “I was expecting a bit more from [the beautician]. An apology or compassion or something. It’s me walking round looking like an idiot now when all I wanted was for my eyebrows to look a little bit fuller.”

“When I went back to the shop she gave me a £40 gift voucher. I wasn’t happy. I looked at it like ‘what?’”

“I’m taking her to court. If she can do this to me, she can do it to someone else.”

Beauty shouldn’t come at a (painful) price

Leanne said that she has since learned that waxing and tinting shouldn’t be done on the same day. “It must have been the tint. I don’t think you’re supposed to wax and then tint, because waxing opens the pores,” she said.

But, the thing is, the beautician should have known. And she should have told Leanne.

The burden of safety procedure shouldn’t be on the client, but just to be safe, make sure to do your research before going in for any procedures. As with all things, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Try to read reviews about the salon or clinic, as well. And find a place that’s open about their safety protocols and procedures—that’s usually a green flag.

If you’re going for eyebrow tints, try to ask what kind of tint they’ll be using. Ask about the ingredients, so you know in advance if you might be allergic to the tint.

Organic Permanent Makeup offers organic pigments. In fact, we’re the first and only clinic to do so.

These pigments are all-natural dyes and are food-based and mineral-based. No harmful chemicals, no complications. And, best of all, our experts will make sure you won’t have any skin reactions to our pigments.

Beauty and safety, guaranteed.

Interested? Book an appointment and get a commitment-free consultation today.

concealer tricks

Concealer is the answer so many of our problems. Late night out? Concealer. Pimple? Concealer. Eyebags that aren’t designer? Concealer. This makeup bag staple can erase the effects of long nights of binge watching, partying, and studying. But, aside from covering up the not so good parts of our face, concealer can amplify our makeup looks. It can be used to make our brows look more precise, our lipstick look more defined, and our cheekbones more pronounced. Read on to find out some of the concealer tricks you can practice to amp up your look.

Concealer tricks you need to know

It can act as a base for your lips

You typically use primer before you put on foundation because this helps make your makeup stay on for the rest of the day, so why don’t you use something for the lips? Concealer acts as a fantastic lip base, and it neutralizes your lip’s natural color, giving you a smooth, flawless base. While applying concealer to the rest of your face, stop by the lips and spread it evenly across. Your lipstick will stay on for a seriously long time!

It creates a sharper lip look

One of the best concealer tricks we’ve learned is to use it after putting on lipstick. While applying lipstick may seem easy, many of us do struggle to color “within the lines”. Thankfully, concealer can clean up any mistake that we make. Using a thin, flat brush, clean up the corners of your mouth with concealer. Use a tiny makeup sponge to blend it out afterwards.

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Use concealer for contouring

Who says you have to buy expensive contour palettes just to get Kim Kardashian level contouring or supermodel-level cheekbones? You can simply use concealer that’s two shades darker than your natural skin color! Apply it onto the hollows of your cheekbones, blend it with a brush or beauty blender, and then add highlight! This concealer trick will save you lots of money, honey!

Use concealer as eyelid primer

Eyeshadow will crack and crease within hours if you don’t use primer. Use concealer to prep your eyelids first so that your beautiful smoky eye will stay gorgeous for the entire night. It’s a lot cheaper than ordering all kinds of eyelid primers from Sephora!

Fix mistakes

We mean makeup mistakes, of course. If you accidentally smudge your eyeliner, which many of us tend to do, you can simply use concealer to clean it up. No need to start all over again! Just use a clean flat brush, dip it into your concealer, and clean up anything that looks messy.

Make your brows last longer

Apply concealer ON your eyebrows. Yes, we’re dead serious. By using concealer on your brows, your brow powder will have something to hold on to. This means it’s going to stay on for a pretty long time. Using a thin, flat edged brush, dip it into your concealer and apply the product onto the scarce parts of the brow. Then, using eyebrow powder, fill in your brow as you normally would. This is one of the concealer tricks we can swear by!

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lily collins eyebrow looks in selfies

In the Spotlight features the best brows on the internet—and gives advice on how to steal their look, too. This installment trains its sights on one of the decade’s biggest brow goals. Here’s the best of Lily Collins eyebrow looks in selfies.


“An adorable, sensational, almost perfect face for cinema; think Audrey Hepburn with the eyebrows of Liam Gallagher.”

And so this was how the world came to know Lily Collins. The Daily Telegraph’s rave review of the film Mirror Mirror (2012) perfectly sums up the beauty and grace of the 29-year-old British-English actress.

Of course, Lily was around way before her acting debut. In fact, she began her humble career in the entertainment industry as a writer and a model.

As a teenager, Lily wrote a column called “NY Confidential” for the British magazine Elle Girl. She also covered the 2008 US presidential elections for Nickelodeon. And, just a year prior, she debuted in the Bal des débutantes, a highly exclusive French fashion event where some of the world’s biggest models started their careers.

But perhaps Lily’s true entrance to Hollywood was when her rock star father Phil Collins wrote the song ‘You’ll Be in My Heart’ from the Disney movie Tarzan (1999) for her.

“That song is very, very close to me,” she confided in an old interview with The Daily Mail.

But regardless of how and when Lily Collins’ star began to shine, one thing now is clear: she’s here to stay.

Our favorite Lily Collins eyebrow looks in selfies

Perhaps one thing the general public doesn’t know about Lily is that she takes the absolute best selfies. Thanks in part, perhaps, to the fact that her brows are always front and center.

Certainly, Lily Collins is more than just her fabulous eyebrows. She’s starred in the novel adaptation The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones (2013) and Love, Rosie (2014). She’s also released her own book, Unfiltered: No Shame, No Regrets, Just Me.

Lily’s a wildly successful, multi-talented artist—but it’s hard not to fixate on those gorgeous arches.

So, today, we indulge. Scroll down and feast your eyes on the perfection that is Lily Collins’ eyebrow looks in selfies.

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Pony tales…

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Halo of hair…

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Shooting in style…

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Friday night brights…

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When Sunday night is really your Saturday night…

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What to AVOID to get Lily’s brows

In 2017, Lily confided that she once “hacked off” her eyebrows to try and fit in.

“I think we all wanna fit in at a young age, and we all do things about ourselves that we think are different to fit in better. And one of those things were my eyebrows,” she told InStyle magazine. “They were so bold. They were very big on my face. And, as a kid, I wanted to change that.”

“So I took it upon myself to kind of hack them away,” she confided.

Luckily, her mom gave her the pep talk she needed: “You need to accept the quirky things that make you different,” Lily’s mom told her. “It’s the things that make you stand out that make you unique.”

Word of advice: always leave it to the pros

So, if you’re ever tempted to try your hand at shaping your brows by yourself, we have one word for you: don’t. If you really want Instagram-worthy brows, never skimp on a brow grooming session. Trust a pro.

However, if you’re tired of having to get your brows on fleek every single day, then it’s time to consider better options.

Organic Permanent Makeup offers organic microblading—an all-natural way to get the brows you deserve. We use organic ink pigments to give you a fuller brow that will last you up to two years.

Read more about organic microblading today and get one step closer to Lily-esque arches.

carrie underwood

Not even American Idol winners were safe from the 90’s and the craze over ultra-thin arches. Carrie Underwood recently revealed in an interview that she would totally stop her high school self from overplucking her eyebrows.

And, as we’ve already said before, we 100% agree.

Read more: Top 5 essential oils to grow your eyebrows naturally

When judge Simon Cowell predicted in 2005 that Carrie would not only win the competition but also outsell all the previous winners of the show, he had no idea how right he would be.

35-year-old American singer-songwriter Carrie Underwood indeed won the fourth season of American Idol. But that’s not all she did.

Since then, Carrie’s also won seven Grammy Awards, ten Billboard Music Awards, fourteen Academy of Country Music Awards, and twelve American Music Awards—among many others.

Relive Carrie’s American Idol first audition here:

Still, Carrie has remained humble throughout her 13 years in the music industry. In fact, she has the same regrets as we do: going tweezer-crazy.

Carrie Underwood’s big beauty regret

Carrie guested at the Bobby Bones Show in September and was asked what advice she would give her teenage self.

Her response? “Stop plucking your eyebrows!”

“Back in the ’90s, super thin eyebrows were the thing, and mine were kind of crazy,” she confided. “And the more you pluck them, the less they grow back.”

And it’s not the first time Carrie has opened up about her brow blunders.

“Growing up in the ’90s, I feel like the thin eyebrow was definitely a thing, and I, like so many others, overdid it,” she once told People magazine in 2017.

“They never really grew back the way they were supposed to, so now I am very happy that they do have eyebrow pencils, so I can fix what I did to myself when I was young.”

In addition to eyebrow pens, the interview also mentioned microblading as an option to get better brows. Microblading is achieved by tattooing fine hair-like lines, resulting in a fuller, well-defined brow.

Read more: Microblading explained: How to get permanent eyebrows

carrie underwood

Carrie also bravely opened up about the challenges of learning to love yourself, especially about the parts of her she didn’t have control over.

“I had freckles on my face, and they were in the exact same spot on both of my cheeks, so I felt like I got teased at school,” she confided. She added, “I remember asking my mom if we could get rid of them—well, I did get rid of them.”

She also admitted, “I had bad teeth, too. I had to get braces [more than once]. I actually had them on the bottom for like three months while I was doing red carpets, but no one knew, so I felt like I had a secret.”

But Carrie is over all that. In fact, she jokes about shaving her eyebrows now.

“Someday, I am going to be like one of my crazy aunts growing up and just shave them off and draw ’em on purple,” she said. “I feel like that is going to be my game when I am old. I won’t care anymore!”

cara delevingne's best eyebrow moments

In the Spotlight features the best brows on the internet—and gives advice on how to steal their look, too. In this first article, we start with ‘the brows that started them all’. Scroll down to see Cara Delevingne’s best eyebrow moments.


Eyebrows are the biggest trend of the decade, and the beauty industry has Cara Delevingne to thank.

The 50’s had Audrey Hepburn, while the 80’s had Brooke Shields. And on the list of the world’s iconic thick eyebrows, Cara Delevingne is the face of the 2010’s.

At 26 years old, Cara has been named “Model of the Year” and has appeared in Burberry, Chanel, and Dolce & Gabanna shows, as well. In addition to that, she’s starred in the comic book film Suicide Squad (2016) and the John Green novel adaptation Paper Towns (2015).

The English model/actress took the world by storm when she first stepped on a runway in 2011. People were still recovering from the 90s’ ultra-thin eyebrow obsession. So it’s no wonder they immediately took notice of Cara’s “power brows”.

And who could blame them?

Of course, it’s not just Cara’s crazy good looks that endeared her to her 41.3 million Instagram followers.

In fact, the model/actress often uses her platform to raise awareness over pressing issues. She’s posted about the refugee crisis, police brutality, as well as women empowerment. She has also openly spoken about battling depression and having ADHD and dyspraxia.

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Goof 😂

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All of Cara Delevingne’s best eyebrow moments

Of course, it’s almost impossible to find a photo of Cara having a bad eyebrow day—if she even has any, anyway.

Her eyebrows are constantly gorgeous in all of her photos. So, this collection of Instagram posts (from Cara herself!) showcases their very best moments.

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My new ID cover! Oh how I love spiders on my face!

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Oh twinkle I miss you!

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#septemberissue @british_vogue

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#regram @thelovemagazine

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Miss you already x

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I'm coming for you @lifeinayearmovie

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Seeing RED @burberry

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How to get Cara Delevingne’s eyebrows

Back in 2015, Cara revealed her number one secret for having great arches: “I just kind of leave [them] until someone does it for me.”

“I don’t do anything to them. They just are the way they are,” she told People magazine. “I don’t even really groom them. [And] I don’t tweeze.”

Of course, Cara acknowledges that she was born with great eyebrow shape in the first place. “They just grow. I’m lucky with the shape—I inherited it from my grandmother. I pluck a few, but I don’t shape them.”

So for those of us who don’t have Cara’s grandmother’s eyebrow shape, here’s what we need to do:

1. Leave the grooming to the professionals

Eyebrow grooming professionals go through intensive training. They study the best eyebrow shape for your face. They also know how to get them done perfectly.

Like Cara, it’s best to let the experts do the eyebrow shaping. There’s no harm with plucking a few strands in between sessions, of course. However, for the most part, try not to DIY your brow shape.

2. Give Cara’s favorite brow pen a try

Cara recommends the Burberry eyebrow pen. “It’s great,” she also told People in an interview. “It’s f—ing wonderful. I have it on right now, keeping these bad boys down.”

Here’s how to get the Cara power brow with an eyebrow pen:

  1. First, remove stray hairs under the brow by waxing or tweezing.
  2. Next, outline under and above the eyebrow with a pen.
  3. Afterward, fill in the outline with brow powder and blend accordingly.
  4. Finally, finish with a styling gel to keep your brows in place.

3. Get a permanent solution

Recreate Cara Delevingne’s best eyebrow moments every day by getting your brows microbladed. Organic Permanent Makeup only uses all-organic ink pigments to fill in your brows.

And the best part? The finished product will also last you up to two years! Imagine sitting down for one 1-hour session…and never having to spend several hours a day perfecting your brows.

Join the ranks of celebrities who also got their brows microbladed, and learn more about microblading today.

lady gaga stick-on eyebrows

What’s fun, fabulous, and never out of style? Easy: Lady Gaga and stick-on eyebrows.

The good news? Gaga’s new movie ‘A Star is Born’ is bringing us both.

Lady Gaga (real name: Stefani Germanotta) is the star in ‘A Star is Born’. Directed by Bradley Cooper, who co-stars alongside Gaga, the film is currently “the movie to beat” at the next Academy Awards. It’s already made $44.255 million in North America and $57 million worldwide, according to Forbes.

But that’s not what this article is about. No—this article is about Gaga’s fierce look in the scene where she sings ‘La Vie en Rose’.

Because it’s not just her show-stopping singing that caught many viewers’ attention; it’s the eyebrows, too.

What’s the shtick?

Lady Gaga has always made headlines for her outrageous fashion sense, so stick-thin arches shouldn’t be a big deal. However, in a movie where Gaga goes natural for most of the film, the stick-on eyebrows do catch our eyes.

Gaga plays Ally, a singer-songwriter/waitress reluctant to pursue a professional singing career. Opposite her is Cooper, who plays Jackson Maine, a famous artist with an alcohol problem. They fall in love and make beautiful music—among other things.

PopSugar writes that Gaga’s look in the ‘La Vie en Rose’ scene “serves as a central theme throughout the movie—perhaps a subtle, almost poetic nod to her natural beauty”. It’s definitely symbolic; there’s even a scene where Jackson peels off the stick-on eyebrows and says, “The whole point is I can see your face.”

So, yes, the eyebrows are there both to serve looks and sweet, powerful moments. As the Gaga fans (called “Little Monsters”) are fond of saying: we stan a multitalented queen.

But will stick-on eyebrows stick?

First, it was Rihanna on her Vogue cover. Now, it’s Gaga in her critically acclaimed film. Are thin, stick-on brows the next big Instagram trend?

Well, why not? Stick-on eyebrows—a.k.a. eyebrow wigs or fake eyebrows—have been around long before the brow industry boomed.

Wait, what are stick-on eyebrows?

As the name suggests, stick-on eyebrows are fake eyebrows stuck onto your brow bone using glue.

Originally made for trichotillomania, alopecia and cancer patients, the stick-on brow gained popularity as a way to get the thick, full Instagram-worthy arches popular today.

Of course, if you’re posing for an international fashion magazine or filming an Oscar-worthy film, stick-on eyebrows are very much worth the hassle.

Otherwise…well, let’s just say putting the brows on and getting them back off can be a pain.

And it’s not just the ouch factor, either.

Stick-on eyebrows don’t look natural. Of course, if you’re purposefully going for the shockingly thin Rihanna/Gaga-esque look, then that shouldn’t be a problem.

However, if you’re thinking of using stick-on eyebrows as an alternative to everyday eyebrow makeup, it’s not something we would recommend.

What we do recommend…

…is getting a more permanent solution to your everyday eyebrow situation.

Stick-on eyebrows are fun for costume parties or for trying out fun, new makeup trends. But if you want to have brows that make you look and feel like a star, then look no farther.

Organic Permanent Makeup offers organic microblading. That’s using all-organic ink pigments to recreate a natural eyebrow. That means zero side effects and 100% compatibility with all skin types. It also means saying goodbye to hundreds of hours and dollars spent on everyday eyebrow makeup.

Sounds like a deal? It sure is. Check our guide to eyebrow microblading or our feature on all the celebs who got their eyebrows microbladed.

top 5 essential oils to grow your eyebrows naturally

Thin eyebrows are this decade’s number one beauty blunder. When Cara Delevingne stepped on the Burberry runway in 2011, her thick, full eyebrows took the world by storm—and their influence is still going strong today.

Women coming from the 90s’ thin eyebrow craze, however, may have a hard time keeping up. To have kept up with Drew Barrymore’s signature stick-thin brows required an inordinate amount of overplucking one’s eyebrows.

And, as we’ve emphasized before, overplucking has dire consequences.

Namely: they might not grow back.

Luckily, there are tons of options available for regrowing your eyebrows—you can get store-bought serums, get your brows microbladed, or you can go all-natural and use these essential oils to help your eyebrows get #thick.

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Here’s the top 5 essential oils to grow your eyebrows naturally.

Top 5 essential oils to grow your eyebrows naturally

top 5 essential oils to grow your eyebrows naturally

Each one of these stimulate hair follicles and encourages hair growth. They even reduce hair loss, too! This list compiles all the other benefits of each essential oil so you can choose what to use when creating an eyebrow re-growth serum.

Check out the list below:

1. Rosemary Essential Oil

Plant: Rosmarinus officinalisi


  • Discourages hair loss
  • Improves memory
  • Boosts the liver
  • Lowers cortisol
  • Helps fight cancer

(Source: Dr. Axe)

2. Cedarwood Essential Oil

Plant: Juniperus virginiana


  • Improves skin conditions such as eczema
  • Promotes hair growth and soothes dry scalp
  • Natural antiseptic properties
  • Helps improve focus
  • Relieves stress
  • Repels bugs
  • Helps fight acne
  • Fights fungal infections

(Source: Dr. Axe)

3. Lavender Essential Oil

Plant: Lavandula angustifolia


  • Reduces anxiety and stress
  • Protects against diabetes symptoms
  • Improves brain function
  • Helps heal burns and wounds
  • Restores skin complexion
  • Reduces acne
  • Relieves pain and headaches
  • Slows down aging

(Source: Dr. Axe)

4. Clary Sage Essential Oil

Plant: Salvia sclarea


  • Relieves menstrual discomfort
  • Supports hormonal balance
  • Relieves insomnia
  • Increases circulation
  • Reduces cholesterol
  • Relieves stress
  • Kills bacteria and infections
  • Aids in digestion

(Source: Dr. Axe)

5. Helichrysum Essential Oil

Plant: Helichrysum italicum


  • Helps reduce acne
  • Aids in digestion
  • Soothes hemorrhoids
  • Relieves kidney stone pain

(Source: Dr. Axe)

DIY eyebrow re-growth serum

top 5 essential oils to grow your eyebrows naturally

The important thing to know about making your own serums from essential oils is that you need a carrier oil. Essential oils are highly concentrated oils and may end up doing more harm than good if you use them directly.

This serum uses castor oil and argan oil as carrier oils. Carrier oils penetrate the skin more easily than essential oils. They also dilute the essential oils without taking away any benefits.

Here’s what you need for you eyebrow re-growth serum:


  • 1 tsp castor oil
  • ½ tsp of argan oil
  • 1 capsule of vitamin E oil
  • 2 drops of essential oil of choice
  • Small clear mascara tubes


  1. Using a funnel, carefully add the castor oil and the argan oil into your clean mascara tube.
  2. Snip off one end of your vitamin E oil capsule and squeeze the oil into the tube. Use the funnel so you’re sure it all goes in!
  3. Add 2 drops of your chosen essential oil using a dropper.
  4. Firmly screw the lid and give your mascara tube a good shake.


Use 1 to 2 times per day for 3 months.

dad's eyebrow rant

One dad’s eyebrow rant over his daughter’s eyebrow obsession recently went viral. And, if the 3.8 million views on Facebook are any indication, there are tons of people having a laugh over the world’s love for eyebrows, as well.

Comedian Gary Meikle posted a video on his Facebook page where he goes on a rant about his 23-year-old daughter’s obsession over eyebrows while he’s driving.

The result is indeed a few minutes of pure comedy.

“Do you like my eyebrows, Dad? Do you like them?”

“I’ve got a 23-year-old daughter who still lives at home, and the hardest part of that, without a shadow of a doubt, is constantly having to daily remind and reassure her that her eyebrows are bangin’,” he said in the video.

“What’s happening, ladies? When did eyebrows become the most important part of a woman’s body?” he asked, exasperated. “Now, it’s constantly: ‘Do you like my eyebrows, Dad, do you like my eyebrows?'”

Meikle’s 3-minute video has over ten thousand comments of people sharing how his rant was a laugh—and a welcome jibe at the eyebrow craze. After all, he’s got a point: “Never once in the history of man has one man said to another man, ‘Oh, man! Check out the eyebrows on her!'”

The comedian was interviewed by BBC Radio Scotland where he said, “What women don’t realize is that men don’t notice them. The only ones we acknowledge are the very small percentage that look bad. About 99% of [the] time, we don’t notice them.”

“My daughter drives me mad. It’s constant. I just agree with her but I am not seeing anything different.”

Meikle is a single dad and often mentions his daughter, Ainsley, during his stand-up performances. Luckily, Ainsley doesn’t mind.

“She thinks it is hilarious that she’s got the most popular eyebrows right now and that hundreds of people are now commenting on her social media!”

“We talk about everything,” Meikle confided. “The make-up, the dress sense. She treats me like her mum because I am her mum and dad. Most of the time I just smile and nod and tune in when I hear important words.”

We agree with everything except…

Meikle emphasized that men don’t care about eyebrows—but we don’t think that’s always the case! Sure, there are a lot of men out there who are fed up with eyebrow talk. But there are a good number of men who care about their brows.

And, besides, having well-groomed eyebrows isn’t just for impressing a cute guy at the bar!

Looking good is about feeling good—and if having great-looking eyebrows makes you feel beautiful, then you should definitely get them done.

And, for the record, we think Gary Meikle’s eyebrows look really good.

Looking to get great brows?

Skip having to ask people if your eyebrows look great every few weeks. Go stress-free (and rant-free) with eyebrow microblading—you sit down for an hour-long session and come back the next year for a touch-up!

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dad's eyebrow rant

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