eyebrow shape

After your microblading procedure, it’s very important to follow microblading aftercare period instructions. If you don’t follow the, you risk infection, and you risk the full benefits of having microbladed eyebrows. Use the following guidelines for your microblading aftercare period:


  • Avoid washing the brow area when you wash your face
  • Sleep on your back, avoiding putting pressure on the brow area
  • Keep them as dry as possible


  • Get them wet
  • Touch them for the first 24 hours
  • Put any ointment or serum
  • Put on any makeup near or on the brows
  • Itch, scratch or rub the microbladed area
  • Use a sauna

Remember, while the process is important, the microblading aftercare period is even more important!

Why? Because, although your microblading artist may create the BEST brow you’ve ever seen, without proper healing, color retention won’t be as great. You want to make the most out of your microblading procedure, don’t you?

Microblading only applies pigment onto the surface layer of the skin. Unlike traditional tattooing, the depth isn’t as deep. You need to let your skin fully heal and absorb the pigment in order to keep the color for at least two years.

Go for dry healing

Your best bet during the microblading aftercare period? Dry healing. It’s basically the healing process WITHOUT the use of any ointment, serum, gel, water, moisturizer, oil, you name it. Basically, leave your skin to heal VERY DRY. You should do this because things like oils and creams can push out the pigment, which means your brows will fade faster. During the healing process, try not to sweat too much or go swimming. If possible, don’t wet the area at all even when you’re taking a shower.

With dry healing as your mircoblading aftercare, you should expect your brows to appear darker in four to six days. After that, they will crack and flake a bit, but do not pick or scratch them. Don’t risk scarring! Even though it itches very terribly, do not touch your brows. Trust us, you’ll be thankful that you followed the instructions properly.

Have oily skin?

We said you should avoid ANY kind of moisture on your eyebrow area during the microblading aftercare period, and that stays true even with your face’s natural oils. If you have oily skin, use blotting paper whenever you feel like your skin is oiling up again. Pat gently on the top of the brows and the surrounding areas. Be very careful not to wipe or rub on your brows.

What about makeup?

Cosmetic products contain ingredients which may be harmful to your skin during the microblading aftercare period or healing process. This is why you shouldn’t use makeup on your brows and surrounding areas for at least ten days after your microblading procedure. If you feel as though your skin around your brows is tight and dry, you can use a very tiny amount of coconut oil to moisturize the area once a day.

Need more information?

Once you’re done with your organic microblading procedure with OPM, our microblading artist will tell you everything you need to do during your microblading aftercare period. Book an appointment today at opmakeup.com.


Eyebrow gel is amazing, and at OPM, we absolutely cannot go a day without it. Well, maybe that’s an exaggeration, but if you want to know why eyebrow gel is so fabulous, then you’re in the right place! Read on to find out why you should be using eyebrow gel to give that “oomph” to your look, plus some of its benefits which we absolutely love.

As microblading artists, we constantly get asked, “If I microblade my brows, do I still need eyebrow makeup?” The answer is: it depends. If you want your brows to be extra on fleek, then you can still lightly fill your brows in with brow powder. But, for us, we’d prefer eyebrow gel because it keeps your brow hairs in place. With microblading, you really don’t need to touch up that much, but again, it really depends on the look you’re going for!

#1. It Thickens your Brows

Using eyebrow gel automatically makes your brows appear thicker and fuller. This is because the gel makes your brow hairs stick together, giving them the appearance of being thicker. The gel will fade throughout the day, but that’s where the benefit of having microbladed brows comes in. Your brows will still look defined and perfect even with faded eyebrow gel.

#2. It Gives You More Time for the Rest of Your Makeup in the Morning

We all want to look good every time we leave the house. But, sometimes we just don’t have that much time to get ready. Well, eyebrow gel may be the treasure you’ve been looking for. Swiping brow gel across your brows can make them look instantly more “put together” — you can fool people into thinking you spent hours doing your brows, when really all it took was a couple of seconds!

#3. It Gives Your Brows Dimension

One benefit of using eyebrow gel is that it makes your brows look more natural and three-dimensional. But, you need to be using brow gel that’s slightly a different color than your brows. Don’t settle for flat brows that look too cartoon-like. Brow gel can fix that problem!

#4. It Helps Keep Your Brows in Place

Probably one of the most common reasons why people use brow gel is that it keeps your brows in place all day. Do you have brow hairs that are just so unruly, they can never cooperate? Are these hairs ruining your look? You need to keep those brows in place! The right eyebrow gel can keep your brows where they’re supposed to be.

Using Eyebrow Gel for Microbladed Brows

Brow gel is pretty affordable, ranging from $10 to $30, depending on what kind they are: drugstore or luxury. If you’ve microbladed your brows before, you’re going to look fine, but do note that your brow hairs will naturally grow through the years, so you’ll want to keep them in place. You won’t need to fill your brows in anymore, unless you want to look WAY too defined, so just maintain your brow shape by combing through your brow hairs each morning, and then adding brow gel to keep those hairs in place.

It’s an easy and quick way to maintain your perfectly shaped brows.

Haven’t microbladed your brows yet? Here’s why we think you should!

client's microblading experience

What’s a microblading experience like? Our client shares her eyebrow microblading experience with OPM! Read on to find out how microblading changed her life.

My eyebrow microblading experience

My brows have been bushy my entire life, for lack of better word. But, as I’ve gotten older, I’ve noticed that they’ve become a bit unruly. Bushy in the middle, but thin at the tips. I’ll be honest and admit that I have done damage to my eyebrows before, such as over-plucking and waxing, and maybe I am part of the reason why my arch has suddenly disappeared.

What’s worse is that I very rarely have the time to do my eyebrows. While my makeup drawer is filled with all sorts of brow products such as pencils, powders, and pens, I’ve never really had the chance to use them. Call me an eyebrow makeup hoarder. I want my brows to look as great as Lily Collins’ yet I have no drive to actually put in the effort.

When I heard my friends talking about their microblading experience, it all changed for me. In case you haven’t heard of it, eyebrow microblading is kind of like a permanent tattoo that uses very tiny needles to mimic the actual hair strands on your brows. It creates thin pigments on the surface of the skin, and looks pretty natural compared to typical eyebrow tattooing procedures where brows become blue or gray. Yikes. So, my friend named Abigail told me she got them done a few days ago and I quickly became obsessed. I looked at her brows and they looked like they belong to Beyonce, Cara Delevingne and Daenerys Freaking Targaryen. I wanted to have my own microblading experience, so I immediately looked up microblading services in my area, and then booked an appointment.

The microblading experience begins

Not gonna lie, I was a bit scared because NEEDLES! But my microblading artist assured me that it was pretty painless, and that she would make sure my brows looked as good as hers (she had amazing eyebrows!)

The great thing about eyebrow microblading is that you can go from having zero eyebrows to having thick, gorgeous brows that are ready for the runway. Microblading creates strokes of hair that legit look natural, and the pigment they use matches your natural eyebrow color. They also use different shades to make your brows look more 3D, and less cartoony, if you know what I mean. Basically, here’s what went down during my microblading experience:

First, she began to outline my eyebrows and create the shape that I would want. She asked me what kind of eyebrows I would love to have. I told her I just wanted thicker, fuller brows that were thinner than Lily Collins’ but sharper like Kylie’s. It was a pretty vague description, but she shaped them perfectly! My microblading artist knew exactly what brow shape worked well with my face shape. Then, she told me about the high-tech looking tool in her hand. It looked like a tattoo pen, but it wasn’t. She also told me that she was going to use organic permanent ink throughout the microblading experience, which was a major bonus.

After that, my real microblading experience began. I lay down on the “bed” and she started creating tiny strokes along my eyebrow. It wasn’t painful at all!


It took around an hour for her to microblade my eyebrows. Once in a while, she would show me the progress. She would ask if I wanted to add more arch or put more hairs here and there. I left that up to her because, as someone who has over-plucked, I really have no trust in myself anymore!

Honestly, I’m so excited about my new, perfect eyebrows. Ever since I got them done, I haven’t put any makeup on my brows because they look amazing just the way they are! Overall, I’m very satisfied with my microblading experience and I would recommend it to all of my friends.

To get your brows microbladed, book an appointment with OPM

How many times have you searched for “how to make your makeup waterproof” on Google? If you’ve searched the Internet for so long, and still haven’t found an answer, don’t lose hope just yet. We’ve come up with our list of tips and tricks to help keep your makeup waterproof and intact despite the weather. Now, hot weather and sweat won’t be your enemies when it comes to makeup. By following these tips, you can keep your makeup on for as long as you’d like.

Without further ado, here are some  tips for making your makeup waterproof.

How to make your makeup waterproof in any season

Use light makeup

Trust us, your worst enemy in the heat is heavy makeup. If you’ve been using heavy foundations and concealers all throughout the year, you might want to consider going for the barely-there makeup look. Try using less makeup, as the buildup of product can contribute to the buildup of oil, making your face look less fresh throughout the day. Look for light, breathable products that still offer the right amount of coverage.

Use stains or tints instead of powders

If you’ve been using makeup for a long time, you’ll know how easily powder makeup can look cakey. To make your makeup waterproof, try switching your powder blushes for tints or stains. It will stay on longer because it’ll actually stick to your skin.

Obviously, go for waterproof products.

Okay, if your product claims to be waterproof, there’s a high chance that it really DOES work against water, which is the greatest enemy of makeup. When shopping for waterproof makeup, swatch the products on the back of your hand. Wash your hands, try to remove it by rubbing on it with your thumb, and see if it comes off. If it doesn’t, then you’ve just taken a step toward making your makeup waterproof.

Use primer

To help keep your makeup waterproof, use primer. It helps hold your makeup in place.

Use oil-free products

Naturally, oil does not work well with other substances. Things slide off of oil. If you use oil-based products such as certain moisturizers and skin care products, you’re already setting things up for disaster. To make your makeup waterproof, look for oil-free formulas that will keep your skin hydrated, but will not make your makeup slide off an hour after doing your makeup.

Use blotting paper

Ugh, don’t you hate it when your skin becomes oily because of the weather? The most common way to handle this situation is by using blotting paper to eliminate some of the shine. It manages the shine, but also helps make your next coat of makeup waterproof. Just imagine putting another layer of makeup on an oily face. Do you really think the products are going to stick? Nope.

Avoid shiny, glittery stuff

So, you think putting on highlighter will make you achieve that glass skin look? Well, maybe in favorable weather, but in weather that will make you sweat, the shine will just make you look like a disco ball. Avoid using makeup products that have too much shine, because the shine and shimmer will make you look even shiner, on top of your natural oily shine. Avoid shimmery and shiny products to make the rest of your makeup waterproof.

Permanent makeup

The surefire way to make your makeup waterproof? Permanent makeup. Go swimming, go running, sweat all you want — your makeup won’t betray you whatever activity you plan to do! From eyebrow microblading to eyelash enhancement, permanent makeup makes sure your makeup is on fleek 24/7.


wedding makeup

Some women love the thought of being surrounded by a full hair and makeup team on the day of their wedding. Others feel that it’s too overwhelming. If you belong to the latter, doing your own wedding makeup on your big day could be the solution.

The pros? You have full control over your wedding makeup look without having so many people buzzing around you. Your wedding day will feel more comfortable, because let’s face it, some makeup teams just add stress to the whole process!

The cons? Your wedding photos will stay forever, so you’ll want to look your best — if possible, even perfect! So, if you don’t have much experience with makeup, you could easily create a fail wedding makeup look.

Wedding Makeup Guide

Keep in mind three things: weather, location, and color

Beach wedding? Better go for a lighter look. Is it going to be hot? Better wear makeup that won’t melt. Does your wedding have a theme? Better not stray from it! While considering these three things, be sure to also consider your personal style. Remember, it is your wedding, so you should feel yourself BUT even more fabulous! There’s nothing more attractive than confidence, so if you feel confident, you’re going to look confident on your wedding day.

Play according to your usual makeup routine

If you’re not used to doing full on makeup, you don’t want to start experimenting on the day of your wedding. To be safe, stick to your usual makeup routine. If you like the lighter, natural look, you can add more edge by emphasizing the eyes with falsies and eyeliner. But, if you’re a pro at the glam look, why not!

Schedule a trial run

This is especially important for brides who aren’t used to wearing and putting on a lot of makeup. A trial run is also a great way to figure out what kind of wedding makeup look you want to go for on your big day. We recommend taking photos of the trial makeup look so you can see how your makeup will look on camera. There’s going to be a lot of photos, so better have a look that’s camera ready!

Do your make-up before you get dressed

One of the WORST things that could happen on your wedding day is spoiling your wedding dress. The rule is to NEVER wear your dress while you’re preparing. So, while you’re doing your makeup, wear a robe or anything comfortable so that you won’t have to cry your eyes out when you spill foundation all over your brand new, designer dress.

Set a minimum of an hour and a half for makeup

You do not want to be stressed on your wedding day. Take your time with your wedding makeup by setting aside enough time to do it. An hour and a half should be fine, but if you want more time, you could always allocate three hours for makeup, just to be on the safe side.

Save time by going for permanent makeup

If you want an easy-breezy experience, go for permanent makeup such as microblading. Your brows will already be ready for the big day the moment you wake up in the morning. You won’t have to worry about your brows not looking like sisters NOR twins. Learn more here.

eyebrow makeup

Whether you just love the beauty world or you’re a real make-up enthusiast, when it comes to finding the perfect eyebrow powder, pen, pomade or pencil, you know things are never that easy. Finding the right eyebrow makeup color is one of the trickiest parts, ever.

With so many skin tones and hair shades out there (it isn’t just brown, nor is it just blonde — there are colors in between those colors!), choosing your eyebrow shade isn’t as simple as picking out something at the grocery store.

How to find the right eyebrow makeup shade for you

1. Mix ’em and match ’em

Who says you only have to use one eyebrow makeup product to fill and shape your brows? To give your brows some depth, use various eyebrow makeup products like brow powders and pencils. Using only one shade will make your brows look fake and blocky, so make them look natural by blending different but similiar shades. For instance, you could fill in your brows with a pencil, and then add depth by using a brow gel.

2. Go one shade lighter or darker

When in doubt, find a shade that’s lighter or darker than your natural hair color. If you choose a shade that’s exactly the same as your hair, you’ll look a bit weird. So, go either lighter or darker and see which color you prefer. Typically, people with dark hair go for lighter eyebrow makeup colors, while blondes go for darker colors.

3. Consider the undertones

Just like choosing your foundation, with your eyebrows, you also need to think about undertones. Your hair may be brown, but what kind of brown? Does it have golden highlights, or reddish ones? Or, do you have blonde hair that looks ashy instead of golden? Choose an eyebrow makeup shade that’s closest to your natural undertones so that your brows look more realistic.

The best eyebrow makeup color for blondes

People with ashy blonde, platinum, or champagne hair colors (think Elsa) may want to go for ashy brow pencils or powders like Dior’s Sourcils Poudre Powder Brow Pencil in Ash Blonde. But if you have hair that’s more golden or caramel (think Rapunzel), try a light taupey shade like Bobbi Brown’s Perfectly Defined Long-Wear Brow Pencil in Taupe.

The best eyebrow makeup color for brunettes

One misconception is that brunettes have it easy when picking an eyebrow makeup shade. Well, the thing is, while most eyebrow makeup products are brown, you can go wrong pretty easy. Go too light and there’s no point in even filling your brows in, but go too dark and you’ll have brows that look too bold and unnatural. People with ashy, light brown hair could go for products like Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz in Medium Brown. Darker brunettes with redder tones can never go wrong with the Benefit Goof Proof Eyebrow Pencil in 4.

The best eyebrow makeup color for redheads

Red hair is the hardest to match. Not many people have naturally red eyebrows, and let’s face it, there aren’t many red eyebrow products out there. If you have light, strawberry blonde hair, go for golden blonde shades. But, if you have warmer red hair, auburn shades are perfect.

Save time… and money

Why waste your time figuring out which eyebrow makeup color works best for you? Microblading will save you the time AND money it’ll take to keep your brows on fleek.

Click here to learn more.

There are definitely some strange beauty trends that exist, such as “tattooths” and the “A4 waist challenge“. Some of them are all for plain fun, but other old makeup trends have some pretty interesting historical backgrounds. Try imagining women slathering black lacquer all over their teeth, or plucking out all of their eyebrows. Today, those might seem very weird, but back in the day, those old makeup trends were all the rage. It just shows how constantly changing the world of beauty can be. We can only imagine the future makeup and beauty trends — what’s next, purple lip liner and circular eyebrows?

Check out some of these bizarre, old makeup trends:

Old Makeup Trend #1: Unibrows from Goat Hair

The ancient Greeks saw the unibrow as a symbol of intelligence and beauty among women. For those who weren’t born with a unibrow, they would draw between their brows just to connect them, sometimes using materials like dark powder and kohl. Some even made fake brows with the use of goat hair and tree resin! Talk about dedication!

Old Makeup Trend #2: Very Obvious Veins

In pre-revolution France, beauty trendsetters such as Marie Antoinette made pale skin all the rage. And, as you may know, with translucent skin comes very noticeable veins. During this time, women wanted their veins to show through their skin. But, for obvious reasons, no one could force their veins to naturally show. So, what they did was draw on their skin using blue pencil to highlight their veins. We guess they just had to make sure they weren’t washing their hands or arms during the day.

Old Makeup Trend #3: Plucking Eyebrows

Today, most of us would do almost anything to have full, long lashes. We use mascara, go for eyelash enhancement, and eyelash extensions. But, women in the past weren’t that into extra long lashes. They were actually more into foreheads. Yes, we’re serious!

While we’re here contouring away to make our foreheads smallers, women during the Middle Ages wanted their foreheads to look bigger. So, they removed all of their eyebrows to make more space up there.

Old Makeup Trend #4: DIY Blush

In the Victorian Era, the Queen didn’t really like the idea of makeup, and limited it to actors and prostitutes only. Women had to get creative and find DIY ways to achieve pink cheeks and lips. What did they do? They pinched their cheeks and bit their lips. If you’ve tried it before, you’ll know that you really do have to bite and pinch HARD in order to look like you’re naturally blushing. Ouch. Beauty is pain, indeed.

Old Makeup Trend #5: Dead Look

Forget about whitening products. People in the 18th century loved the dead look, which meant you had to look very pale, to the point of looking like a corpse. Achieving it was challenging; they had to use white lead and vinegar, as well as white powder. As a result, they would experience scarring and other illnesses. This deadly look came with deadly consequences, that’s for sure.

Stay current. Go for today’s beauty and beauty trends.

While these old makeup trends sound interesting, they won’t do you any good today. At OPM, we want you to look current and trendy, so we offer several beauty enhancement procedures like 3D organic eyebrow microblading, scar removal, and much more.

Korean Makeup Trends

You have probably already noticed korean makeup trends dominating the beauty industry. From gradient lips, straight eyebrows, to glowing skin, these have slowly made their way from Asia into the most viewed YouTube makeup tutorials.

The Korean makeup trends of 2018 look pretty impressive, and we’re sure that some of them will be carried over to the next year. Read on to find out which trends we predict will stay for a long time with this Korean makeup trends guide.

Korean Makeup Trend 1: BLUSH AROUND THE EYES

Known as the “hangover” look, this Korean makeup trend appiles blush around the eyes, in a sort of inverted triangle shape. Go for this look with glowing skin and viola! You’ll look like you just had a shot, or two, of alcohol. Use peach-toned blush around the eyes and on your cheeks to make you look like you have a blooming complexion. Other shades that work include rose, red and magenta.

Korean Makeup Trend 2: HIGH SHINE PINK LIPS

Korean makeup trends are all about the natural look. This natural “rule” applies to the entire face, including your skin, eyebrows and even your eyebrows. The makeup trend that’ll make its way to 2019 is the high-shine pink lip. After applying a light, girly pink lipstick, swipe a generous amount of gloss over your lips. This will make your lips look bigger and fuller. If you want, you could also scrap lipstick and immediately go for lip gloss. If you have naturally pink lips, the gloss can enhance your lips’ natural color.

Korean Makeup Trend 3: STRAIGHT BROWS

Following the natural feel of all Korean makeup trends, straight brows are typically easy to achieve. All you have to do is brush through your brows, fill them in with powder, and you’re done! With this look, you won’t have to clean your brows up using concealer or foundation. The goal is to make your brows look soft and natural. If you’re having a hard time mastering this Korean makeup trend, you could go for eyebrow microblading so that microblading artists can shape your brows for you!


Korean Makeup Trend 4: PUPPY EYE LINER

Cat eye? Korean makeup trends say no to that. Instead, they have puppy eye liner. This eyeliner trick makes your eyes look gentle and doll-like. To achieve this makeup trend, simply draw your eyeliner as you normally would, but as you reach the outer corner of the eye, make the slope go downward instead of flicking it upward as you would with a cat-eye.

Korean Makeup Trend 5: GRADIENT LIPS

If you watch K-Dramas, you’ll notice one thing that’s always consistent: their characters always have gradient lips. Achieving this look is pretty easy — all you got to do is apply lipstick onto the center of your lips, then with a brush or your fingertips, blend it outward. Most people prefer to use lip tints or lip stains for gradient lips, but we wouldn’t recommend using tints if your lips are chapped because (trust us) it’s just going to look like you’re sick.

makeup tips contact lenses

There are ways to do your makeup if you’re wearing glasses, but what if you wear contacts? For people who wear contacts on a day-to-day basis, it can be a struggle, especially if they love wearing makeup too. One of the easiest ways to irritate your contacts is through makeup, so how can you wear makeup AND wear your contacts at the same time? Read these makeup tips to find out how you can wear makeup AND contacts.

Six makeup tips for wearing makeup AND contacts:

1. First, make sure to wash your hands.

It’s pretty MANDATORY to wash your hands before you put on your contacts. This rule applies to both putting on makeup and contacts, really. Anything on your fingers, including parasites and other bacteria, can transfer onto your contact lenses, and that can be VERY dangerous to the eyes.

2. Use oil-free makeup

Some makeup tips will tell you to use long-lasting products. Well, that may not always be good, as some of these contain oil. If you want to wear makeup and contacts, try sticking to oil-free products for your eyes. Some oils and eyeshadows contain oils that will eventually make their way into your eyes. Think of it this way: oil and water never mix. The water in your eyes will make it easier for the oil to get inside. It won’t hurt your eyes, but it will make seeing very difficult, as your lenses will become cloudy.

3. Avoid the lid edge.

What’s the lid edge? It’s basically the part of your eye where your oil glands open up. If those glands are covered up, your eyes will become dry. Avoid lining this part of your eyes with too much eyeliner or other makeup products. One option is eyelash enhancement, which uses semi-permanent pigmentation to make your lashes appear longer. Think of it as eyeliner that won’t budge or get in your eye.

4. Use little mascara.

One of the makeup tips you have to SWEAR by if you wear contacts is to use little mascara. If your mascara ends up being clumpy, little particles can fall into your eyes and get trapped under the lenses, which can be REALLY uncomfortable. If you really want to use mascara, go for volumizing ones while avoiding products that have fiber particles.

5. Use daily lenses.

Over time, your lenses will become less and less fresh. To really make sure that you avoid itching, redness and other eye infections from your contacts, use daily lenses.

6. CLEAN your lenses, please.

Take good care of your lenses. You’re going to be putting them in your eyes. Don’t you want to be extra careful by caring for them properly? Every night, clean your lenses using the solution your eye doctor will give you. Make sure the solution is FRESH, and that your containers are clean.

By properly taking care of your contact lenses and using the right kind of products, you’ll be able to wear makeup AND contacts without fuss. We hope that you found these makeup tips for people wearing contacts to be useful!

natural makeup

These days, people are opting for the natural makeup look. In theory, it should be easy. It’s natural, isn’t it? It should mean it takes little to no effort to pull of. We wish. The natural makeup look isn’t actually as easy as it seems. Lots of times, we’ve dealt with cakey foundation, too bronze bronzer, and nude lipstick that doesn’t even look nude.

Thankfully, there are some ways you can make your natural makeup look actually look natural. Say goodbye to foundation that cracks and eyebrows that look too dramatic. These five tips will make your #wokeuplikethis Instagram selfies really believable.

5 ways you can make your natural makeup look natural:

The base

The key to getting that perfect “natural” dewy skin is by applying moisturizer before anything else. It plumps your skin and gives you something balanced to work with. Think of your face as a canvas — you wouldn’t want to work with something rough, would you?

If you’re worried about the moisturizer adding heaviness to your natural makeup look, fret not! You only need to use a drop of moisturizer to give you that pinkish glow, making your skin look fresh and natural.

Use little concealer

Concealer has the tendency to cake and crack. No natural makeup look should look like that.

When applying concealer, don’t go overboard. You don’t have to cover up all of your imperfections. Just cover up what people would probably notice naturally — not what YOU notice after hours of staring at yourself in the mirror. People, unless they’re creeps, won’t notice every pimple scar or mole on your face. Focus your concealer around the eyes, because that’s where people look when they’re talking to you.

Forget the labels

Makeup brands have the habit of labeling their cosmetics. Some claim to be for “glam nights” while others say they’re perfect for that “sun-kissed beach look”. Don’t pay too much attention to these labels, because makeup is versatile. Eyeshadow palettes, lipsticks, eyeliner and everything else can be used for different looks like natural makeup and prom night makeup. You could use an eyeshadow quad named “Sun-kissed” for a night out with your girls.

Sometimes, products that claim to be perfect for natural makeup aren’t pigmented enough, which means they won’t last you half a day. If you can find a palette which has received good reviews, and is known to stay on for hours, you can use its warmer tones for your natural makeup look.

Don’t overdo the mascara

No natural makeup look has ever rocked big, dramatic eyelashes. When applying mascara, use cotton buds dipped in makeup remover to get rid of excess mascara. Your eyes will still look more “alive” but they won’t look too desperate for attention.

The better option? Eyelash enhancement.

Definition, not drama

We get it. Eyebrows are important, and they have to be on fleek all the time. But, what really destroys a natural makeup look are brows that are too dramatic like Instagram brows. When doing your brows, use a pencil instead of a pomade. Fill in your brows lightly, avoiding drawing the outline of the brow. Then, brush your brow hairs upward to create a naturally thick look.