Microblading benefits

Microblading is a kind of permanent pigmentation treatment where a small device is used to mimic the natural hair strands of your eyebrows. Many people, especially those who are suffering from medical conditions affecting hair growth, have looked to microblading as the solution. Through the use of permanent makeup, you get to stop feeling self conscious about your appearance. If you currently feel like you need help in the hair department, or if you just want a boost in your beauty, microblading is the best choice for you. It’s one of the hottest trends in the beauty industry today. Here are some of the microblading benefits that will make you say, “Yes!” today.

Microblading Benefits

It’s Long Lasting

One of the microblading benefits is that this non-invasive procedure acts like a permanent tattoo. Using semi-permanent pigment, microblading gives you that perfect brow look. Your perfectly shaped brows will last two to five years, which means you’ll have little to no maintenance for that long period of time. Unlike other eyebrow treatments like threading, you won’t have to rush to the nearest salon every time you have a big event or party to attend.

It’s Hassle-free and Requires No Maintenance

We get it. Plucking, shaving, waxing… these are all so troublesome, yet we have to deal with them almost every week if we want to have the perfectly arched brow. One of the microblading benefits is that you will have flawless brows no matter what. Get up in the morning and you’ll already have brows on fleek. Now isn’t that a dream come true?

Perfect Solution for Hair Loss

For people who have lost their brows for whatever reason, may it be medical or the result of over-plucking, microblading is a great process for them to easily regain their lost hair. They will have natural-looking eyebrows in no time.

Painless and Safe

Just because it uses pigments on the skin, doesn’t mean it has to hurt. One of the microblading benefits is that it’s pretty much painless since it only goes on the top layer of the skin. It’s also very safe, since OPM’s practices organic microblading. Our microblading process is guaranteed safe, and won’t fade into blue or gray, unlike your typical brow tattoo process.

Microblading gives you natural brows

The only way someone can tell that your brows have been microbladed is that if they asked you about it. It’s pretty impossible to know if someone microbladed their brows since microblading produces very natural-looking eyebrows.

The process is quick 

The best of the microblading benefits is that the process is quick. You don’t have to cover your brows with bandages afterward, or suffer from swollen skin and cuts. With microblading, you can leave the microblading clinic or studio with brows that are ready for the party. You have go for a microblading appointment for lunch, and then go on a shopping spree right after. It’s that quick and easy.

Hopefully, these microblading benefits will make you finally say YES! to a microblading process. With the help of a microblading artist, your microblading process will be no problem. Remember that it’s always best to have your brows done by a professional, which is why we advise you to seek out one of OPM’s microblading artists.

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Eyebrow wigs

You’ve probably heard about wigs, but have you heard about eyebrow wigs? Yup, these actually exist.

If you aren’t naturally blessed with thick eyebrows like Cara Delevingne, you’ve probably done all sorts of wild things to give yourself fuller brows. It can be intimidating, seeing so many thick eyebrow trends such as the Instagram brows pop up on your Instagram feed.

Maybe you’ve tried using castor oil. You’ve probably tried slathering them in aloe vera. Have you also bought those hair growth serums? We’ll bet that you’ve tried it all. But, we’ll bet that you haven’t tried eyebrow wigs yet.

For all your hairy needs, eyebrow wigs claim to be here to save the day.

What are eyebrow wigs?

Eyebrow wigs are exactly what you think they are. They’re tiny little brows that stick onto your skin, or on to your natural brow hairs, with the use of adhesive or wig glue. They were created with trichotillomania, alopecia and cancer patients in mind, but thanks to the recent thick brow craze, they’ve gotten popular among Instagrammers and beauty vloggers. We can see where these eyebrow wigs would be useful. Anyone suffering from extreme hair loss would appreciate having a pair of stickerlike brows to put on and take off as they please.

But, they aren’t that affordable. Depending on quality, a pair of eyebrow wigs would cost around $20 to $40, which is more than what typical brow makeup would cost. If you’re just trying eyebrow wigs for the first time, you might be hesitant to purchase a pair, because you might just end up wasting money on brows that don’t wow.

Watch YouTuber Jeffree Star try on eyebrow wigs:

As you can see, these brow wigs, depending on the brand, look like real brows. But, they only look natural from a distance. Up close, you can clearly see the edges of the stickerlike material. You would need to cover up the brow with more makeup, which risks messing with the adhesive. You wouldn’t want to walk around with one brow almost falling, would you?

But how do you take them off?

The word glue plus eyebrows just spells disaster. If you already have scarce hair, you wouldn’t want to use something that could possibly make you have less hair at the end. Some eyebrow wigs require the users to peel them off, which can be painful at times. This can result in your real hairs sticking to the glue. Bye-bye, brows.

Watch this YouTuber pull off her brow wigs.

Are eyebrow wigs really that great?

While they look natural from afar, eyebrow wigs look more fake than realistic. They don’t give users the freedom to shape their own brows. They can also be difficult to apply, and those who aren’t masters of makeup may have a hard time covering up the edges to make the brows look less fake.

The better option

Don’t risk losing a brow (or two) while you’re out and about. Why waste $40 on a pair of eyebrows that don’t even last that long? Eyebrow wigs may be a trend, but they’re definitely an impractical one.

We recommend going for something more permanent, such as microblading. For $500, which is more than ten pairs of eyebrow wigs, you can have brows that last up to five years. The great thing about microblading is that your brow hairs will look very natural and believable, so you won’t have to worry about patchy edges anymore.

Learn more about OPM’s microblading session on their website.

Instagram brows

Brows have gone through a lot. From being plucked, shaped, shaved and tinted, people have done it all. If there’s one thing that has taken over the beauty world, it’s having defined and polished brows. Gone are the days of natural, bushy rows. Today, it’s all about crisp brows that make a statement. What are these brows called? Instagram brows.

Around 2014, Instagram brows started taking over, well, you guessed it, Instagram.  How are these brows any different from regular brows? Instagram brows emphasize the fade, where the brow becomes deeper in color as it reaches the end or the tail. The front of the brow typically uses very little product to create a gradient effect.

How to Get Instagram Brows

1. Groom your brows well.

Before reaching for your favorite eyebrow product such as a pencil or powder, grab your tweezers first. It’s crucial to shape your brow so that it’s easier to create an outline. Make sure you aren’t overplucking by simply cleaning up around and outside the brow. Remember to stay true to your natural brow shape and to embrace it! We weren’t meant to have the same brow shapes, so learn to love the brows that were made for your facial features.

2. Fill in each brow

Use a brush with a spoolie. With the promade of your choice, use a small amount to outline the eyebrow. Remember that the key to Instagram brows is a well-defined, sharp outline. After you’ve finished completely outlining the brow, slowly drag the color so that it blends into the brow. Alternate between the brush side and spoolie to blend the product into the brow. While doing this, be sure to keep the beginning or front part of your brow product-free.

3. Clean up the brow

Find a flat brush to use with your concealer. In cleaning up the brow, use a concealer that’s lighter than your usual shade. Slowly clean the bottom of the brow using the flat brush, making sure to blend out the product with your finger or a tiny beauty blender.

Are Instagram Brows Really Insta-Worthy?

Even though Kylie Jenner and other celebrities have embraced this type of brow, some people think that they should be forgotten forever. In fact, if you type it on Google, one of the top results is ‘Instagram brows are ugly.’ Yikes.

Lots of people think the Instagram-dominating brows make us all look like clones.  The overuse of its technique has made many people end up looking like they just stamped on an eyebrow template. Brows were meant to look like sisters, not twins. Instagram brows have done a fantastic job of giving people unnatural looking eyebrows. They’re too crisp, too clean, and too boring. There’s no thrill in looking at brows anymore.

With more and more people straying away from Instagram brows, it wouldn’t be a surprise if natural brows made a comeback.

To Instagram Brow or Not to Instagram Brow?

Brow trends are constantly changing. Yesterday, it was all about bold brows, and tomorrow, it could be about natural brows. If you ask us, it’s better to stay in between, so that you can always change it up. Have brows that are easy to fill in and shape as the trends come and go. One way to do this is by microblading.

Microblading gives the illusion of fuller yet natural brows. This way, you can just add more product if you want a bolder look, or go product-free if you want a softer look. A microblading session costs only $500, which is less than what you’re spending on your brows today! Oh, and it lasts up to five years, too.

Schedule a microblading appointment with OPM today so that your brows are always ready for the next trend.




The world of beauty and fashion is constantly changing. But, what stays the same in the midst of all the changes, is having a kissable and head-turning lips and on-fleek eyebrows. Our lips and our eyebrows are a very important feature of our face. They house our emotions when we smile or frown, and when we raise or wrinkle our eyebrows. This is why many people have considered investing in permanent makeup.

What is permanent makeup microblading?

Microblading is a permanent makeup technique that uses tiny needles that implant pigments into the skin for a more vibrant color and defined shape. In reality, microblading is considered to be semi-permanent, since the pigments may fade over time. Usually, it will fade one to three years after the procedure. But, longevity of the microbladed area greatly depends on the after care, skin health, and lifestyle.

  • Microblading eyebrows involves creating hairlike strokes that will make your eyebrows look well-defined and on fleek.
  • Microblading lips is the drawing and coloring of the lops to improve their looks. It brings a natural-looking stain to your lips. It also gives a defined shape and symmetry to your lips. It also covers any irregularities in your lips.

Permanent makeup microblading is in!

Microblading has become one of the hottest trends in the beauty industry. It has helped many people in different ways. It has gained popularity because of how it has affected the lives of people in many good ways.

  1. Microblading will save you time! You do not need to allot a great amount of time for makeup. It is a great alternative to busy individuals who are always on the go.
  2. It will boost your confidence. No need to worry if you were not able to have time to prep up. With microbladed eyebrows and lips, you will always look presentable.
  3. You can sweat all you want and still have that fresh look!
  4. It is a good investment. Microblading lasts for years. Although it is not intended to completely replace makeup, you will be able to spend less on makeup because you will not have to put so much.
  5. It is for both men and women!

Permanent Makeup Microblading at OPM

With its popularity, microblading is now being offered by a wide variety of beauty academies. But, what makes OPM one-of-a-kind?

  1. OPM is the first to use organic pigments for permanent makeup microblading.  We use pigments that are made from natural ingredients. The pigments do not contain alcohol and iron oxide, which makes it gentle to the skin.
  2. Organic pigments are also 100% smudge free because of the mineral and water based organic pigments. The pigments last two to five (2-5) years without discoloration.
  3. Our  machine is digital, magnetic, and rotates, which makes it safe and efficient. Minimal to no pain, and no damage to and bleeding in the skin. This promotes a faster healing time compared to that of ordinary permanent make up procedures
  4. Our artists are the top in the industry and have undergone proper training. In OPM, we make sure that all our artists receive the right training and enough practice and experience.
  5. We will let our costumers do the talking. They are a testament to how OPM has changed their lives.

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Microbladed brows are the secret to celeb-worthy brows

If you’ve been keeping yourself updated with the beauty scene for the past couple of years, you would know that eyebrows are everything. Beauty bloggers and gurus have flooded the Internet with their versions of the best and easiest eyebrow tutorials and have invested in microbladed brows. Gone are the days of going out with a bare face; now, staying “on fleek” is a necessity. And, if you’ve been following eyebrow trends over the years, you’ll know one thing for sure: the art of eyebrow drawing is very difficult to master.

 They say eyebrows are sisters, not twins, yet so many celebrities and influencers seem to wake up with perfectly shaped brows with no effort at all.


 If only you could ask the Kardashians about their beauty secrets, right? With full, natural-looking brows, celebrities and Instagram influencers make everyone envy their perfectly shaped arches. Could they be using a magical eyebrow pen that only famous people know about?

 We’ll let you in on a little secret: they aren’t. These celebrities know that spending precious minutes (or even hours) each day just to do their brows is a waste of time. Why would anyone want to do your brows every day when you could have them done once, for good?


 “Wait, what? Did you just say you could do your eyebrows once, and have them stay forever?” That’s exactly what we meant. The real secret to getting perfect eyebrows isn’t in the product you use. It doesn’t matter if you’re using a drugstore eyebrow powder or a $500 eyebrow pen.

 Their secret is microblading.

 This type of permanent makeup gives you fuller brows that don’t look cartoonish. It’s what makes selfies look a thousand times better. With microblading, you can swim and still resurface with your eyebrows in tact. It’s not surprising that so many people are looking up ‘Microblading near me’. Microblading is changing the eyebrow game.


 Before you freak out, just because it has the word blade, doesn’t mean it’s going to hurt. While common microblading procedures are painful (even Bella Thorne cried a bit), OPM isn’t. Our organic microblading procedure uses a high-speed needle that minimizes trauma and bleeding. This way, you’ll heal faster and feel comfortable throughout the procedure.  

You can learn more about the microblading process here


 Say goodbye to chunky caterpillar eyebrows! Using vegan-safe inks, organic microblading mimics real strands to give you that natural look. And if you’re worried about your brows turning an ugly blue pigment, fret not! OPM uses vegetable-based pigments that blend with the skin, without using harmful metals usually mixed with the ink. Your eyebrows will end up looking soft and refined.

 By going for organic microblading procedure, you’ll have brows that are as beautiful as Lily Collins’!


 The procedure lasts 20 – 50 minutes, and lasts up to five years. For $500, you can finally say goodbye to the everyday struggle of doing your brows. If you think that’s expensive, come on! You probably spend more than that on coffee in less than five years!

 The great thing about permanent makeup is that it saves time. And it gives you that boost of confidence. Having gorgeous, microbladed brows can be enough to make anyone feel unstoppable. With more time and more confidence, just think about the incredible things you could accomplish.

Kim Kardashian's Microblading Secret

Eyebrows can spice up your look instantly. But, when done wrong, eyebrows can make you look like a disaster. That’s why it’s important to look at the right people for eyebrow inspiration. From filling in your eyebrows to investing in organic microblading, here’s how you can rock the most famous eyebrows (as well as the Kardashian brows!) from some of the most famous people. 

Cara Delevingne

How to achieve the look: Look, but don’t touch!

How to Get Kardashian Brows (OPM) - Cara

It isn’t a “Best Brows” list without Cara Delevingne.

This actress and supermodel has one of the most iconic set of eyebrows. In fact, many television hosts have interviewed her only about her brows.

The secret to maintaining eyebrows as stunning as hers? In an interview with InStyle magazine, she shared, “I pluck a few, but I don’t shape them.” She also doesn’t let anyone touch her world-famous eyebrows!

The Kardashians

How to achieve the Kardashian brows: Microblading for ease!

How to Get Kardashian Brows (OPM)

For a reality show, the Kardashians seem to have great eyebrows 24/7. You’d expect one of the sisters to have unglamorous brows at some point. So, how are they keeping up with their brow game?

Turns out, Kim Kardashian’s eyebrow routine is pretty complicated. She starts by waxing and trimming excess hair before shaping the brow with some foundation. Then, she fills in the brow with pencil and some gel. Finally, she highlights under the brow. And who does her brows? No other than Anastasia Soare of Anastasia Beverly Hills.

If the Kardashian brows routine is too complicated for you, you can always look for a microblading artist who specializes in organic microbladed eyebrows. Microblading eyebrows uses permanent makeup that gives you full brows that last for 2 – 5 years. The microblading session lasts around 20 – 50 minutes and costs $500 — a small price to pay for not having to deal with your brows every week!

Schedule a microblading procedure with OPM today.

Lily Collins

How to achieve the look: Embrace your uniqueness 

How to Get Kardashian Brows (OPM) - Lily Collins

If your eyebrows are as epic as Lily Collins’, they deserve their own Twitter account. That’s right, Lily has confirmed that the account @iamthebrows belongs to her brows.

YouTubers like Tanya Burr have made tutorials on getting “Lily Collins Brows” but the best way to do it is by letting your brows grow for 2 – 3 weeks. When they’ve gotten thicker, use an eyebrow pencil or powder to fill in the top part of the brow.

But, would you believe that she used to hate her dark, bold brows? In an interview with InStyle, she said she used to pluck them away because she felt insecure. Thankfully, she realized that her brows were what made her unique!

“It’s the things that make you stand out that make you unique.” You go, girl!

Emilia Clarke

How to achieve the look: Focus on volume

How to Get Kardashian Brows (OPM) - Emilia Clarke

 The Mother of Dragons can now add another equally enviable title to her long list of names. The Mother of Eyebrows has been a subject of curiosity many times for her expressive, thick, full eyebrows. In an interview with Stephen Colbert, she even showed off her impressive eyebrow wiggling skills.

To achieve her look, focus on volume instead of shape. This means allowing your eyebrows to grow naturally. For emphasis, you can use eyebrow makeup like powders and pencils, but work toward achieving the look of ombre brows so that they look natural.


Maintaining your brows takes a lot of effort, but having good brows instantly elevates  your look. The trick is to let your brows grow naturally and work with what you have. Using eyebrow powders and pencils, you can achieve fuller brows that belong in this list.

But, if you want brows on fleek 24/7 just like Kardashian brows, microblading is the way to go. It saves you time and energy, and gives you perfectly shaped and perfectly arched brows that last years.

Microblading Eyebrow Hack

Brows are big these days. Literally.

A full and defined set of brows has become a requirement in any beauty look. People are investing in all kinds of eyebrow products from pencils to powders, with some people even getting microblading procedures and permanent makeup to get the best brows. Even those who aren’t as #blessed as Cara Delevingne can get luscious, enviable brows with the right eyebrow hack. Today, we’re going to show you how. Here are five ingenious eyebrow hacks that can up your #browgame.

Eyebrow hack 1: Let the light in

Bad lighting creates bad brows. If you do your brows under fluorescent light, you’ll end up having bald patches. Everyone knows that to have flawless makeup, you need the perfect lighting. You should do your eyebrows only under natural light. This way, you’ll get to see your brows in their full form, not missing any stray hairs. You’ll have a better idea of how your brows are looking as you shape them.

If your room doesn’t have any natural light, try doing your brows in the car. Take advantage of the natural light streaming through the windows. But please – don’t do it while your car is moving!

Eyebrow hack 2: Microblading eyebrows

The real eyebrow hack: microblading. If you’ve ever wondered how some ladies (and gents) have perfectly shaped brows all day, every day, it’s because they’ve undergone microblading. Using a rapid-fast tool, permanent makeup is applied into the brow. Your microblading artist will mimic real hair strands which will up to 5 years.

Most microblading procedures will cost around $500. Book an appointment today so you’ll have brows to envy! Plus, no more long morning routines just to do your brows!

Eyebrow hack 3: Step away from the mirror

One of the greatest mistakes is using a magnification mirror. When you’re doing your brows while they’re magnified up to three times, you’re likely to overdo them. For this eyebrow hack, use a mirror that’s the same size as your face. Take frequent steps backward to see your work in full effect. Your brows look different from different distances. People aren’t going to stare at your brows up close. They’re look at you from a certain distance, so be sure to check if your brows look good a few feet away.

Eyebrow hack 4: Avoid the “permanent marker” look

Brows that are filled in too solid look unnaturally and, well, ugly. Aim for the natural brow look: lighter in the inner corner and darker toward the end. All you have to do is use less product at the inner corner where there are less hairs. Then, as you work your way through, make the color more and more intense. You can also use two different powder or pencil shades, but be sure they blend seamlessly!

This eyebrow hack takes some practice but it’s going to be worth it!

Read more about Instagram eyebrows.

Pick the right shade

You shouldn’t match the shade to your hair. The general rule is to go darker if your brows are naturally light, and to go lighter if your brows are naturally dark. For redheads, it’s best to go for medium browns. People with black hair can opt for the darkest brown or gray, but never black.

Check out this useful eyebrow color guide so you won’t make a mistake!

Microblading is the best-kept secret and the most untapped market in the beauty industry. Beauty professionals from other careers have longer training hours but don’t earn as much as microblading artists do. This article will answer your question “How much do microblading artists make in a year?” and show you how you, too, can be successful at microblading.

But first: What is microblading and why is it a success?

Microblading is the process of inserting pigments into the skin to produce beautiful, filled-out brows or gorgeous, contoured lips. You can also use microblading to have a fuller head of hair, restored areolas, and enhanced eyelashes.

The pigments can last up to two years.

Read more: Microblading explained: How to get permanent eyebrows

Microblading is a non-invasive and non-surgical process that’s safe in the hands of microblading professionals. The whole process takes less than an hour.

Here’s how it’s done:

There’s very little risk involved in microblading if the performing clinic is trusted and proven to deliver. Of course, if a customer wants to be 100% safe, the best course of action is to get organic microblading.

Organic Permanent Makeup is the only brand that offers organic and permanent makeup, ensuring that our pigments:

  • have zero side effects;
  • are compatible with all skin types;
  • last longer than non-organic pigments; and
  • are easily absorbed by the skin.

Read more: Here’s why organic microblading is better than regular microblading

How much do microblading artists make?

Microblading is a lucrative endeavor. Clients are willing to pay premium prices for safe and excellent service.

Here’s a sample computation of how much you can make if you regularly perform eyebrow and lip microblading and permanent eyeliner.

Service 1 procedure per week 2 procedures per week 3 procedures per week 4 procedures per week 10 procedures per week
$500 $1,000 $1,500 $2,000 $5,000
Full lip
$750 $1,500 $2,250 $3,000 $7,500
$500 $1,000 $1,500 $2,000 $5,000
Total $1,750 $3,500 $5,250 $7,000 $17,000
Annual $91,000 $182,000 $273,000 $364,000 $884,000

In fact, even if you perform only one procedure each weekly, you’ll still be making more than other beauty professionals.

Here’s a comparison chart of how much different beauty professionals make:

How much do microblading artists make?

Where do I sign up?

There are tons of cheap and fast training options available online, but don’t be fooled.

Training is an investment. If you settle for cheap training, you’re settling for bad training.

Remember: poor training = poor trainers = poor performance.

If you’re looking for quality training, then look no further. Organic Permanent Makeup’s very own OPM Academy has established itself as the authority for microblading training.

Here’s how we do it:

How OPM trains the best in microblading

Step 1

Our hands-on training shows you everything you need to know about the career, plus all the steps you need in order to make artistic microblading patterns and design. This is where our experts demonstrate their expertise.

Step 2

The second step is where you perfect what we showed you. Students are required 150-200 hours of practice, with weekly homework to boot.

We also provide video materials, so you can learn in the comfort of your own home. All this, of course, under the supervision and support of our master artists.

Step 3

The third step in the program—that no other microblading schools provide—is where you put your practice in action.

During OPM Academy’s step 3, you take on a client from start to finish. This is where you learn how to determine client needs, pick the right clients for you, and upsell your service to earn from your hard work.

Join OPM Academy—and then join OPM

After your rigorous training, you’re ready to try your hand at being a microblading artist! But you don’t have to submit resumes.

After graduating from OPM training, you can be part of our team.

And even if you don’t choose to join OPM Academy, you can continue to visit us, talk with our masters and mentors, and even attend our classes for FREE!

Join OPM Academy today.

How to get semi-permanent eyebrows

Eyebrows—they can make or break your whole look.

Women have been flocking to makeup stores all across the globe in the last few years trying one eyebrow product after another. Then they spend ages watching makeup tutorial videos and trying to recreate Cara Delevingne’s arches. And who can blame them?

But…what if we told you there was an easier way to get the eyebrows of your dreams?

That, with just one hour of your time, you won’t ever have to slave away in front of the mirror, wishing that this time, you’ll get your eyebrow shape just right?

Sounds too good to be true? Well, it’s not!

This guide is the answer to all your eyebrow needs: microblading explained, from where to get it to who already has it.





Microblading explained


Microblading explained: The definitive guide to better brows

Microblading is the process of tattooing fine lines that blend with your natural eyebrow hair. Pigments are inserted into your skin, where they can last for up to two years.

Annual retouches are recommended to ensure that color intensity stays the same. You can also make alterations to your eyebrows according to whatever is trending on Instagram!

The process is safe in the hands of trained microblading experts. It’s an easy and convenient way to solving your problem of how to get semi-permanent eyebrows: the process only takes thirty minutes up to an hour. That’s not nearly as long as a full-length movie!

You insert what into my skin?!

How to get semi-permanent eyebrows with color pigmentsMicroblading is performed by inserting pigments into the skin with the use of a pen tool.

Your microblading technician should consult with you to determine the appropriate color for your skin tone. They can also take into account if you want a bolder, darker brow or a lighter one.

These pigments are used to draw on your skin. Trained microblading experts will be able to produce natural-looking eyebrows.

Take the skin test to determine
what your eyebrow color should be!

Of course, it’s no secret that there have been allergic reactions to pigments used in microblading.

Often, these are the result of irresponsible clinics who don’t properly discuss the process with their clients and inform them of the kind of pigments they use. They don’t answer simple questions like “What is microblading?” “What can I expect at my appointment?” “Are there any risks to microblading?”

That being said, always ask your microblading technician about what will go down during your microblading procedure. Safety first!

Of course, if you want guaranteed safe microblading, you should go with pigments that are all-natural. Organic Permanent Makeup is the only microblading authority that offers 100% natural, food dye-based pigments that:

  • have zero side effects;
  • are compatible with all skin types;
  • last longer than non-organic pigments; and
  • are easily absorbed by the skin.

How does it happen?

It’s really very simple! Here’s what you can expect to happen at your microblading appointment:

  1. During your initial appointment, you and your microblading artist will determine the shape, color and design of the eyebrow you want.
  2. The OPM microblading artist will draw directly on your face with a waterproof eyebrow pencil. This acts as a guide for them and a sneak peek for you.
  3. Topical anesthesia is applied on the eyebrow area.
  4. The microblading artist draws fine lines using a microblading pen tool that mimic natural eyebrow hair.

And that’s it. All you have to do is sit back and relax!

But don’t just take our word for it. Check out this 1-minute video to see exactly how it’s done:



The process, as we mentioned, takes less than an hour. And the best part is—aside from your new and improved eyebrows, of course, is that there is no downtime after the procedure!

That means you can go back to walking your dogs or scrolling through Twitter immediately after the procedure.

But won’t it hurt?

Nope, it really, really won’t. At least, not if you go to a reputable microblading clinic.

Your microblading technician will apply topical anesthesia that will lessen your discomfort, if not make it disappear entirely.

If you really want a hassle-free experience, however, train your sights at organic microblading instead of regular microblading.

Organic microblading has a healing period of only 3 to 5 days. By comparison, regular microblading can take up to 10 whole days.

This is because organic pigments are more easily absorbed by the skin than non-organic pigments, which contain iron oxide. Not to mention that iron oxide-rich pigments change color over time. Ever seen a faded blue, green or orange eyebrow? That’s what microblading gone wrong looks like!

Read more: Here’s why organic microblading is better than regular microblading

Are there any guarantees that my eyebrows will look better?

Yes! Tons of celebrities have their eyebrows microbladed. It cuts down on makeup time and ensures that they still look fabulous even if the paparazzi catches them barefaced.

OPM, for one, has glowing reviews from its customers. Here’s one of our favorites:


“My mother went in with skinny, non-existent eyebrows and

left as a new woman with beautifully contoured and shaped
microbladed eyebrows by the talented owner Lorine. Mind
you, this procedure took less than an hour, and the results are
flawless. Highly recommend!”


— Lorena T. of Los Angeles, CA



How do I prepare for a microblading procedure?

Prepare for your microblading procedure like you would prepare for a facial:

  • Avoid getting sunburned.
  • Stay away from peeling products.
  • Skip the exfoliators.

In addition to that, make sure not to alter your eyebrows in any way. No dyeing, plucking, waxing, or electrolysis! Let your eyebrow skin breathe before the procedure.

Lastly, avoid taking the following for at least a week before the procedure, as these will make your skin more sensitive and prone to bleeding:

  • Retinol
  • Fish Oil
  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin E
  • Alcohol

How to get semi-permanent eyebrows the organic way

Microblading explained as it is, is the surefire way to getting beautiful brows everyday with no effort on your part.

Take beauty one step further by committing to your health and Mother Nature’s health.

Going organic lessens the need for mining minerals that go into non-organic pigments. Plus, organic pigments are naturally safer for your skin, as well. Talk about win-win, right?

Still wondering how to get semi-permanent eyebrows? The answer is: only at Organic Permanent Makeup! We’re the best in the industry, and we only care about your safety and your beauty.

Book an appointment today to learn how to get microblading to give you the eyebrows you deserve.

Microblading after care is very important to the longevity and the appearance of your new glamorous eyebrows. When not taken care of properly and carefully, there may be several potential complications. This includes, irritations and mild allergic reactions.  Below are five different ways of microblading post-care.


  1. Do NOT scratch, pick, or rub your eyebrows. Doing so might disturb the treated area from its natural healing process.  Also keep hair away from your eyebrows, toavoid any irritations. If you have bangs, try to clip them away from your face.
  2. Do NOT get your eyebrow area wet for up to 10 days after the procedure. When taking a shower, keep your face away from the shower head. When washing your face, be careful to not get water on the treated area. Avoid working out or engaging in physical activities that would make you sweat. Do not go on a swim, Jacuzzi, or hot sauna, as these may also wet your eyebrow area.
  3. Do NOT apply make-up, lotion, or any ointments on your eyebrow area, for at least a week. Pigments are still starting to settle into the skin caused by the microblading procedure. Applying anything on the treated area may cause irritation brought about by particles penetrating into the skin.
  4. In relation #3, avoid doing heavy household cleaning chores where there may be a lot of dust or any airborne debris. These particles might get into the skin through the shallow cuts brought about by the microblading procedure.
  5. Avoid drinking excessive alcohol. Researches have shown that alcohol has led to slow healing of wounds.

OPM Organic Microblading After Care Result


Once the treated area has completely healed, there are also several ways that you can do to maintain your gorgeous eyebrow. Microblading after care – taking steps to take care of your eyebrow – will save you from quick pigment fading. Microblading is semi-permanent so it will fade after some time. Because of this, you will most likely have to undergo another microblading procedure in its entirety after several years after your initial procedure. However, the good news is, you can take several steps to lengthen the longevity of your microbladed eyebrows.

Always apply sunscreen on your eyebrows. Too much sun exposure might cause the pigment of your eyebrow to fade away more quickly. Most microblading technicians recommend getting a retouch of the eyebrows at least once a year, while some recommed six (6) months after the initial procedure. The retouch involves adding pigment to the eyebrow outline, to make the eyebrow look cleaner and more defined.

OPM’s 3D Organic Microblading Makes After Care Easier

OPM takes pride in its 3D organic microblading, such that you will be assured of the quality and safety of the organic microblading procedure. “Prevention is better than cure,” as they say. With this, OPM makes sure that prior to microblading after care, everything is already taken care of. Results are soft and natural, and unlike other microblading procedures, OPM’s organic permanent make up has a healing time that takes only around 3 days. No bleeding, minimal or no swelling, and only slight redness. This makes microblading after care fairly easier with OPM.