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Microblading is a technique where you manually draw semi-permanent hair strokes, resulting in fuller, natural-looking eyebrows. It’s also done for eyeliners, lips and even scalps! To achieve these, one undergoes minimal incision—which will obviously need some microblading aftercare to maintain.

Following the microblading aftercare guidelines is essential to retaining the quality of your semi-permanent makeup. Not only will that ensure your makeup’s longevity, it also protects you from possible infection.

Here are the important notes to be observed:

Microblading aftercare: A quick guide

The first important thing to remember about caring for your microbladed skin is to let it breathe. As you read on, you’ll realize that your skin needs to rest and recover. No matter how painless and hassle-free the procedure was for you, your skin still underwent some stress. And what better way to de-stress than to keep it chill for a week?

The second is to contact our experts at microblading if you have any questions—by now, we’ve already proven to you that we only care about your beauty and your comfort. So, don’t hesitate to drop us a line or a message!

1) Avoid direct contact

Don’t let lotion, soap, moisturizer or any skin care product touch the microbladed area for the first seven days after the procedure. Similarly, don’t wear any makeup on or around your eyebrows.

Swimming should also be avoided—skip the beach trip for now. Your wounds are still fresh and undergoing the healing process. Direct contact to any of these could create an adverse reaction.

2) Hands off

Your fingers should not go near the area. Resist the urge to peel or scratch the skin. If neglected, your own hands could cause you scarring or fading of the pigment.

3) Refrain from excessive sweating

Avoid intense activities like a gym workout, jogging or doing sports of any kind. Skip the sauna or the hot Jacuzzi bath, as well. These activities will make you perspire, which raises a red flag in microblading aftercare.

Sweating could cause bacteria to quickly find their way to your exposed tissues, which may lead to irritation and prevent healing.

4) Minimize exposure to wind and sun

After your microblading procedure, tanning is not a good idea. Even riding in open-air vehicles like bicycles, boats, convertibles or motorcycles is not an option. Do not expose too much of yourself under the sun or to harsh weather conditions.

5) Watch your diet

Your diet may slow down the healing process of the treated area. Don’t let it!

Refrain from eating spicy foods or drinking too much alcoholic drinks, because both increase bruising and thin the blood. This means the closing of your wounds will be slower—not a good idea.

All’s well that ends well

Easy enough to remember and to follow, right? Aftercare is part of your microblading experience. And the whole point of the microblading experience is that you no longer have to worry about tedious makeup routines.

So, consider your aftercare period a time to take it easy! Give yourself time for relaxation and adjustment after the treatment, and all will turn out fine.

…just don’t forget to also get yourself ready for the better and bolder you!

The real deal about lip microblading

People have been talking more and more about microblading, especially those too busy to apply makeup on a daily basis. People are busy—no one needs to wonder how lip microblading became a trend. But for the uninitiated, here’s the real deal about lip microblading.

The real deal about lip microblading

Lip microblading is the most versatile lip enhancement procedure there is.

Our lip enhancement procedures at Organic Permanent Makeup (OPM) can cater to everyone’s varying demands. We can change the size, shape, and color of your lips into whichever look you’re going for.

You can have full-looking lips blending with your natural color. You could get soft, pink lips similar to those of a newborn baby’s.

Of course, lip microblading requires prior consultation. Our expert artists can help you decide what look to go for. We carefully consider the frame of your face and the tone of your skin, so you can look your best.

Microblading is an experience

We don’t give you the kind of advice you’re never going to need again. At OPM, we help you have substantial microblading knowledge essential for your lips’ maintenance.

We know how it feels when you’re not sure if the changes in your lips are still normal or not. It’s important to have basic microblading aftercare know-how so you don’t risk anything.

Post-care Procedure

Don’t be worried by slight to moderate swelling during your first three days post-enhancement.

Expect that, on the first two days post-microblading, your lips will feel nothing significant except for slight swelling. On the third day, however, your lips will be thicker and will feel hot or sore, so don’t forget to apply Vaseline.

Note that exfoliation begins on the fourth day and that you’ll have very chapped lips until the fifth day. Until, finally, on the 6th day, a soft and rich color begins to appear.


Your lips will appear pale after the first week. Lip color slowly disappears, and the frosty stage begins, as a grayish haze becomes dominant on the lips.

Don’t be scared—this is normal. The good news is that this is a sign that skin healing has begun. Around this time, the extra pigment trapped in the epidermis will shed as dead skin cells slough off.

Then, as the new skin naturally takes over at the top, the nice pigmented area under the skin can now be viewed. Color blooms from within more and more each day.

After 21 Days

Healing is normally complete on this day, so the color that you’re seeing is the final color of your lips. Lips will remain dry for a month or two, so make sure to wear lip balm. This isn’t just so your lips won’t feel dry—it also means the implanted pigment will be enhanced.

Expected that the color of your lips will also slightly vary on a daily basis. The changing temperature of your environment is one reason for this. Another is the condition of your body, like whether you are hydrated or dehydrated.

One exception for the healing time is when the client is older, say over 50 years of age. Responsible microblading lips procedure suggest on waiting for another one week for the total restoration of the natural collagen of the lip tissue to occur.

Get your best lips today

We will be very honest: a full lipstick look should not be expected after lip microblading. Microblading lip procedures do not replace makeup. However having a simple but effective flush will save you time and energy. You’ll only need simple and fast makeup to do the trick.

Ready to get the lips you’ve always wanted? Book an appointment today.

In the past, permanent makeup was about needles entering the deepest layer of your skin or the subcutaneous layer.

Truly, it is very painful to imagine, especially if you don’t have any whereabouts of the latest things in microblading.

However, with technology and a skilled microblading artist, your common perception, especially if you are new to microblading, will forever be changed and you’ll be amazed that you might even want to enroll for a microblading course.

Here are some reasons why you should take a microblading course from us:


Our microblading artists are all well-rounded.

In Organic Permanent Makeup OPM, stringent microblading training on our staff got your beauty covered. Our hands-on OPM workshops prepare any microblading artist against eyeliner and lips done wrong, infected microblading and improper eyebrow corrections.

Even only in the early days of their microblading course, every microblading artist of ours already incorporates safety and quality in their works. They were mandatorily tasked to put their skills and art on real live models. And they are also keeping in mind the importance of a right technique in microblading so they’ll have a proper license and plenty satisfied customers later on.

Their in-depth microblading training allows them to even control their hands in exerting 50 psi of pressure to cut through the epidermis and to eliminate scars, by doing so.


Our microblading is always using high technology.

Our state-of-the-art makeup machine will assure you that our microblading will give no bleeding and no bruising to your beautiful skin. It’s soft, unique and provides a very desirable result without you feeling too much pain.

We provide microblading training in using these machines, right from the starter kit up to the more complex. You won’t even have to be concerned about which pieces of equipment are good because we will provide you with the right things.

Compared to using outdated blades, our machine promotes faster healing from the cuts brought about by microblading. It has the right thin blades, which may be u-shaped, curved or sloped. These blades glide over a thin skin to produce a fine cut and natural strokes.

There will be minimal tissue loss when using these, thus they promote primary healing in no time.   

Also, the chance of getting infected from our tools is close to zero. If you’ll be an OPM microblading artist, you’ll know well on how to avoid that.

Aside from your great knowledge takeaway on the microblading course, you will be taught on how to properly take good care of your tools so that after your microblading training, you will totally have a sustainable profession.

For quite a long time, your tools will always be as good as your skills. They will never be broken, untimely.


Our microblading training is in theory and in actual practice.

You reap what you sow.

In Organic Permanent Makeup Academy, we make sure that you are very confident with your skills once you have graduated from us, and we believe that your dedication to our microblading course will catapult you in becoming an efficient microblading artist.

Our 100 to 150 minimum hours of online theory teaching will help you know about the concepts of artistry, cross-contamination, sanitation, and skin depth.

Our minimal 50-100 sheets of drawing on practice sheets will help you slowly adopt the orientation of microblading on an actual person.

Our required 50 exercises of drawing, at the least, on an actual skin, using blades or needles for mastering the application of pressure and the art of stretching will further boost your level of confidence.

Finally, being supervised by three trainers who have done 100+ procedures will mold you to perfection.


Final Words

In this industry, there is no strict regulation yet. Invest your time and dedication with our microblading course now, because, in the future, you’ll be thankful when the time comes that the policy will get brutal on the unqualified microblading artists having inappropriate microblading training.

By then, you are already enjoying big sums of money from this profession and will still be relishing them for as long as you keep on practicing our microblading best practices. This will all be taught to you if you join our microblading course in Organic Permanent Makeup OPM.

Here’s the thing, microblading is a form of cosmetic tattoo. It’s a process of filling in eyebrows to make it thicker and look more full. But unlike normal tattoos that are permanent on the skin, the pigment that is used in the microblading process is less concentrated and only lasts a few years. A hand-held tool with needles is most commonly used by an esthetician in salons to draw individual hairs on the brow area as if they were real hairs. Simple enough? Actually yes, but this is only true if it’s done by a highly reputable institution.

But like all cosmetic procedures, microblading has risks as well. Doing your research prior to having your brows microbladed will greatly dictate how your experience will be. Finding a salon with licensed estheticians that has undergone comprehensive training and uses high quality pigment is a crucial step that will dictate how good your eyebrows will be for the next few years. It is also good noting that this procedure is semi-permanent, thus, if any mistakes has been done, it will be awfully difficult to cover up. Just think of those horror stories of allergies caused by chemical pigments, or worse, HIV infected needles. Never go to a salon with an overwhelmingly cheap service only to find yourself deep in regret in the end.

According to SPCP, the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Personals, however, the possibility of problems with microblading are rare. This occurs if and only if all the correct procedures are followed. Because of this, salons that offers high quality products and services are the only choice for having your eyebrows microbladed. But with the overwhelming and growing number of salons in the US that promises natural and fuller eyebrows, choosing the right one can be an awfully confusing task. But lucky for you, I introduce OPM Salon. Currently in the US, one of the most trustworthy and leading salons is OPM, Organic Permanent Makeup Salon with their 3D Organic Microblading being one of their most sought after procedure.

Organic Permanent Makeup Salon offers top quality premium pigments. All of their permanent makeup solutions uses all natural and organic ingredients that stays in its true original color, unlike the usual iron oxide ink used in other salons that changes color over time. OPM’s 3D Organic Microblading offers a wide variety of colors that will suit every skin tone without the worry of having it fade or change shade over time. In fact, OPM’s ink is the only US patent organic pigment in the market today.

OPM has designed the first and only magnetic PMU device that penetrates in the superficial layer of the skin causing minimal to no pain; no bleeding, bruising, or any other trauma. This same device is what is used in their microblading procedure. It’s the least invasive device in the industry, minimizing all the risk of infection like most salons do.

Still need some convincing? Well OPM is also a training academy for aspiring aestheticians to master the art of permanent makeup. Their training offers a comprehensive program that lets students master the art through actual live models. With this, any client will be assured that only the best and top qualified estheticians that have mastered both the science and the art of microblading will touch your eyebrows.

So for any of you interested and in need of more information, contact us at https://opmakeup.com/contact-us

With the dawn of new innovations in the field of permanent makeup, people are left a bit clueless as to the best way to achieve natural looking permanent makeup; among these innovations is Microblading. At first, it may sound intimidating but once you know more about Microblading, you’ll want to avail it, or better yet, you’ll want to learn it for yourself and your business.

First things first, Microblading is a manual form of tattooing. Instead of using a traditional tattoo machine, a manual tool is used which holds needles in the shape of a blade. Formerly known as feathering or embroidery, the Microblading technique of implanting pigment into fine incisions in the skin dates back thousands of years and emerged in Asia. Nowadays, Microblading has become popular in itself due to its astounding results, as it shapes the eyebrows, give volume, and correct imperfections, while still achieving natural results. However, with every new innovation, problems and inconveniences are bound to arise.

With the advancement in technology, Lorine Mikheail, founder and CEO of Organic Permanent Makeup by Lorine, discovered a technique to fix the problems associated with Permanent Makeup, such as, skin damage, discoloration, and pain. By using heavily pigmented natural organic inks, she found a solution to these nightmarish disasters in permanent makeup. The results can last anywhere from 2-5 years with a low maintenance procedure and a short recovery period. In addition to this, she also created the magnetic rotary machine with a special technology that is very precise and low in vibration to be used in the permanent makeup industry without causing any damage to the skin, so no bleeding, swelling, nor downtime.

Using the techniques she discovered and the OPM machine she created, Lorine is now able to perfect the Microblading procedure. As a result, Lorine, together with her certified OPM artists, are able to provide services with no bleeding, minimal to no swelling, no discoloration, and above all a soft and natural result.

So, what are you waiting for? Take advantage of the OPM Experience and offers today!