microblading beauty and safety

There are several factors that affect microblading healing time, but one of the most important is which microblading establishment you went to. The quality of your procedure has the biggest effect on your healing process.

At Organic Permanent Makeup (OPM), healing time lasts only 3 to 5 days.

Sounds impossible? Here’s how and why OPM is so good at achieving a speedy microblading healing time.

Primary healing vs. Secondary healing

At OPM, where every microblading artist has finished a minimum of 100 hours of practice, correct microblading practice is always observed. We always aim for the skin’s primary healing after the procedure.

Primary healing also goes by ‘first intention healing’ or ‘primary union’. It’s a type of wound healing where there is very little tissue loss, so faster microblading healing time occurs.

Secondary healing, on the other hand, is a kind of healing with considerable tissue loss. Healing time is longer, and chances of scarring and infection are greater.

Proper handling of tools and the appropriate control on incision depth are vital in determining which kind of healing you will undergo.

Proper depth eesults in proper microblading healing time

The thickness of the epidermis in the eyebrow area varies from 0.6 mm to 0.9 mm, depending on age. As we grow older, our skin becomes thinner.

Imagine how delicate our skin really is. Such tenderness should only be exposed to regulated pressure.

At OPM, microblading artists have a knack for knowing and feeling just the right amount of pressure. They guarantee that they only apply a pressure of 50 psi to avoid bleeding and scarring—as opposed to 100 psi of pressure which could cut deeply through the dermis.

Observe proper microblading aftercare

Of course, not everything is up to your microblading artist. If microblading aftercare instructions are ignored, you’ll run the risk of having an infection and there a much longer pace for your microblading healing time.

The basic rule of microblading aftercare is: minimize exposure.

Don’t expose the microbladed area to the following:

  • direct skin contact
  • direct sunlight
  • water, sweat, and all other liquids
  • makeup
  • skin oils, moisturizers, creams, lotions, and the like

For a complete list of aftercare instructions, visit our microblading aftercare guide.

Know that in OPM, our services have no downtime. It means you can work right after your successful microblading operation, and with your diligent cooperation, you will absolutely achieve the ideal microblading healing time.

For questions or concerns, drop us a message or a line at 310-207-7797.

microblading and pregnancy

The quick answer is that it’s a recipe for disaster. Microblading during pregnancy is not worth it. You don’t want to risk the life of your baby even if you merely want to continue your regular beauty upkeep.

Here’s why:

1. Think about how a microblading process is performed.

In order to make those small and precise strokes that mimic real hair growth, a group of nanoneedles cut through the epidermis of the skin to insert our organic pigment.

Cliché as it may sound, prevention is better than cure. You want to avoid any and all unnecessary procedures during preganancy.

OPM is always strong in its affirmation that its microblading procedure is safe, clean, and of the highest standard. However, the fact remains that microblading still poses the possibility of infection—which is definitely harmful to your baby if it happens.

2. Microblading during pregnancy reduces efficiency.

When you’re pregnant, your own body produces more hormones and increased blood volume by 20%. This is to compensate for your baby’s needs inside your womb.

As a result, our OPM pigments may not settle that well in your skin as compared to when you are not pregnant. Don’t settle for less when you can wait a few months and get better results.

3. There is limited scientific research on OPM pigments.

There is no known way of finding out how a baby’s system would react to a foreign matter like our very own organic pigments if it is introduced via the mother’s skin. And, frankly, we’re not going to encourage our clients to experiment.

Simply put, microblading during pregnancy is safe for mothers, but it may not be for babies.

Since quality is what we always aim for with our microblading services, and given that our client’s safety and satisfaction are always on our minds, we advise you:

Wait until after your pregnancy.

After all, bearing a child is a sweet sacrifice. And while we want you to be your beautiful, confident self as soon as possible, OPM will insist on waiting until after your bundle of joy is born.

Is microblading painful? Not at OPM

It’s natural to wonder: “Is microblading painful?” Beauty does sometimes comes with pain—we’ve all accepted this. But should it really?

Well, our clients at Organic Permanent Makeup (OPM) have answers to that question. Some felt little to no pain. Others didn’t even notice that their microblading procedure was already done. There are even cases where a customer slept during the entire procedure.

To put it simply, even with these varying answers, it’s evident that OPM microblading is not painful.

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Is microblading painful when it uses only organic pigments?

No. Organic microblading is safer and lesser painful because there are no side effects.

Our organic pigment comes from natural sources and has many color variations. They are vegetable-, mineral-, and water-based pigments. And, as we all know, our body is made up of 60% water, meaning it absorbs the pigment more easily.

Also, compared to solidly-filled eyebrow tattoos, OPM microblading only needs small pigments to do the job. That means less time for the client to be subjected to the procedure.

In other words, organic microblading is very compatible with our body. Not only does it accept organic pigments faster and more effectively, it’s also a shorter procedure. Less time equals less pain.

That is, if there is any pain at all.

Is microblading painful during healing?

Healing depends on the degree of tissue loss. OPM makes sure our incisions in your skin will yield only to primary healing. We only need to go as deep as the upper epidermis, before the hair follicle and the blood vessels.

That means our healing time is only three to five days.

Primary healing happens when there is little tissue loss. Secondary healing, on the other hand, happens when there is extensive tissue loss.

Basically: the smaller the tissue loss, the faster the healing process. In OPM, we don’t need to go that deep to get the pigment in.

And since the cut is not that deep, clients are assured that very little tissue loss was made and that the whole process truly doesn’t hurt, especially if compared to traditional tattooing that penetrates very deeply in the skin.

Does science help microblading become less painful?

OPM only uses very fine nanoneedles to create hair strokes. These strokes are laid in a specific 3D pattern that can hardly be distinguished from real hair.

So it’s important that the cuts are fine, and with our equipment, we make it look easy. Our 17 nanoneedles, perfectly configured as a single power pen, makes the job of creating perfect, natural-looking and symmetrical eyebrows painless.

We don’t need to go seven layers deep into the skin, like traditional tattooing. With our microblading tools, we can do with only a few layers. We definitely have the least invasive procedure in the market.

The conclusion: Microblading is not painful

Thanks to our rigid team training, microblading is always done properly. We never skip important sterilization steps, and we always observe absolute patience regarding the proper depth of the incision.

With OPM, you can cut five to ten minutes of your makeup routine every single day. After all, we believe that beauty should not come with pain.

If you believe the same thing, then perhaps it’s time to book an appointment.

permanent makeup

The best way to look natural is to use natural. That’s why, here at OPM, we exclusively use non-toxic, organic, mineral- and water-based materials to create our permanent makeup products.

With our state-of-the-art permanent makeup equipment and world-class, highly trained professionals, our products ensure that you receive the quality service you deserve.

Here’s how we do it:

Natural plant-based pigments

All OPM products have organic ingredients from plants such as beets, saffron, and jaguar fruit. These produce red, yellow, and blue pigments respectively.

We also use original formulae created by OPM pioneer and founder Lorine Mikheail. This creates an inclusive, expansive color palette that ensures a natural blend suitable for all skin types.

Using organic materials not only guarantees a richer, more concentrated, and more durable color, but it also provides a safer, healthier option for your body and skin.

Most inks sold in the market and used in permanent makeup are metallic-based, containing iron oxides. These inks are more susceptible to fading and could change into unnatural colors (such as pink, green, or yellow) in time.

Metal absorption and possible allergic reactions could also result from the use of lead- and iron-based pigments.

By using OPM products, we prevent unnecessary complications and ensure you achieve the natural look you desire.

Exclusive permanent makeup equipment

During the application of organic permanent makeup, your face shape, skin undertone, and personal preferences are taken into consideration.

Our artists use microblading tools which come in different blade shapes to mimic brow strokes and obtain your desired natural, effortless look.

For scalp pigmentation and medical micro-pigmentation procedures, we’ve developed the OPM machine to be safe and high quality.

The OPM machine’s high speed, combined with its magnetic features, allow for procedures to have the utmost precision plus minimal discomfort and bleeding, and fast recovery.

Furthermore, the OPM Machine has a cross-contamination protection system to ensure your hygienic safety.

World-class training

No matter the quality, microblading and permanent makeup could go wrong more ways than one with improper handling and insufficient training.

Here at OPM, our artists and technicians are nothing less than world-class. All of our artists have received intensive, proper, hands-on training from the best in the field to ensure that you obtain the best results without compromising your safety and health.

In fact, you can also be part of our growing family by joining the OPM Academy.

Looking natural doesn’t have to be difficult. With OPM’s organic products, exclusively designed equipment, and world-class training, rest assured that you are in the right hands.

Choose to look and be your best.

Go for permanent change.

Choose the organic way to beauty.

Got any questions? Visit our FAQ page or Contact us. Meanwhile, check out the services and products we have to offer to begin your way to permanent, long-lasting change.

How many people end up Googling “microblading near me” in a single day? People aren’t actually just looking for the closest microblading clinic in their area. They also want the best.

But don’t take our word for it. We asked one of our customers about how they chose OPM as their microblading clinic and why they stayed. Here’s what she said:

(The customer has requested to be anonymous. Transcript edited lightly for clarity.)

Choosing the best microblading near me

Of course, I consider the nearest microblading establishment first. That in itself is very self-explanatory. It saves me a lot of time, especially if it’s close to where I live or where I work. I also don’t have to worry about where to park my car. That, or I won’t go crazy avoiding traffic.

To be honest, because of the nature of my work, I move around the country a lot. When I moved to LA, I was actually stuck choosing which microblading near me was the best. It was hard to find the best establishment in a place where there are salons literally everywhere. Plus, new microblading artists were just popping up, and their procedures seemed, well, the same.

Luckily, I managed to find one I’m most enthusiastic about.

At Organic Permanent Makeup (OPM), the founder is also a pioneer in the permanent makeup industry. That’s already a green flag, if you ask me. She has over 20 years of experience as a permanent makeup artist. Having established her name and credibility, I’m not worried that her artists will mess up my procedure.

More to offer than most

When I saw that there were other interesting things going on in that place apart from eyebrow microblading, I knew that I wouldn’t go anywhere else. I even recommended it to my friends who have very specific needs.

Aside from their 3D organic microblading and OMBRE eyebrow, they also perform other services. They have eyelash enhancement, scar camouflage treatment, and even scalp pigmentation. They also have lip contouring, tattoo correction & removal, and areola restoration. What else do you need in a microblading clinic?

Choose OPM

With our state-of-the-art equipment, world-class microblading artists, and 100% organic permanent makeup products, OPM fits all your needs.

We promise you the best results and the best experience. And we deliver—just ask our customers.

Organic Permanent Makeup believes that everyone should get the chance to feel beautiful. And we believe that beauty shouldn’t be inconvenient. We strive to make you feel pampered. And why wouldn’t we? We love what we do!

OPM is located at 12113 Santa Monica Blvd, Ste 203, Los Angeles, CA 90025, USA. Feel free to visit our FAQ page or drop us a message. You can also book an appointment in under five minutes!

All right, we get it: Organic Permanent Makeup (OPM) has world-class services evident in our consistent clients and their referrals. We know that OPM is safe and clean and has state-of-the-art facilities.

However, we also have to be very practical about things. After all, it doesn’t matter how good a service is if we can’t afford it, right?

And yet—beauty is an invest. It always has been.

So, here’s our microblading cost list—and why you should think that the price is worth the service.

3D Organic Microblading

Having the effect of real hair growth in under thirty minutes to an hour is like magic—especially that it’ll last six months to one year.

The natural color that it brings lasts without discoloration. Imagine what you can save annually, considering that it only costs 500 USD.

OMBRE Eyebrow

OMBRE—or the careful and gradual process of blending one hue to another—matches the pattern and shades of your eyebrow perfectly. And not only that, it can also be done at OPM in a span of thirty minutes to one hour. Now, that’s not a lot of time for quality service, perfect for dusty or powdered-looking brows.

The fact that it lasts from six months to one year will be worth your 350 USD, as well.

Eyelash Enhancement

What a relief it would be if you could lessen the long hours of making your eyeliner look great.

With our eyelash enhancement, this is made possible—even up to a maximum of two years. You won’t even have to take too long from your lunch break to achieve natural and great-looking eyelashes!

For 350 USD and in thirty minutes to one hour, the eyelashes of your dreams are all yours.

Scalp Micro-Pigmentation

For men, and especially for women, having thinner hair might be quite weird-looking. It could be your style, sure, but if you are like most cancer survivors who’d prefer to have a change of look, we’ve got you covered.

You can wake comfortably every day with denser-looking hair for only 500 USD. Scalp micro-pigmentation last up to two to five years and will only take sixty minutes each zone.

Lip Contouring

Want fuller, pouty lips? With us, you can enhance your lips without plastic surgery or fillers—processes that undoubtedly cost a lot, both financially and physically.

For only 750 USD, you can contour your lips the way you want it, not just have bigger lips. All it takes is forty minutes to an hour, and you could enjoy this for two to five years!

Tattoo Correction and Removal

Now, you can correct unwanted permanent makeup at a cheap price! Why? Because OPM doesn’t need lasers to correct botched tattoos. All you need is the OPM Eraser.

Witness how we do it in just a matter of thirty minutes, with results lasting two to five years. Get it today at the affordable price of 250 USD.

3D Areola Repigmentation and Areola Restoration

Breast restoration lasting two to five years for only 500 USD is an intense medical miracle. This paramedical procedure lasting 60 minutes each side will help you be comfortable with your breasts.

And since we believe in helping women in the community, we even offer three procedures for free every year for cancer survivors!

Conclusion: Microblading cost list justified

These offers are not to be taken lightly—similar to how we take your beauty and safety.We are always true to the meaning of the words permanent and organic.

Even your yearly retouches are cheap! Not to mention purposeful; if you want to have a different and newer look, just tell our microblading experts! At OPM, you will always have the latest fashion at a very low price.

Now that you’ve reviewed our microblading cost list, it’s time to book an appointment!

microblading academy

What if we told you you could do what you love for a living? Well, that’s certainly what a microblading academy is for.

Here at Organic Permanent Makeup (OPM), we train microblading artists to get paid a maximum annual salary of $840,000 after training completion.

All you have to do is to enroll yourself in our microblading academy through the following courses that we offer:

Eyebrow Microblading and OMBRE Training

Study a basic course in eyebrow microblading and OMBRE eyebrows by attending a two-day hands-on training.

For the reduced price of $1,597, you’ll learn microblading—or depositing the appropriate pigment under the skin to enhance eyebrows.

Meanwhile, with OMBRE training, you’ll attain unique and diversified learning in achieving beautiful, filled-in eyebrows.

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Eyebrow Microblading, OMBRE, Eyeliner, and Full-lip Training

Discover these four procedures in a three-day hands-on training, all at a marked down cost of $2,797.

In addition to microblading and OMBRE training, you’ll also acquire insights on permanent eyeliner and full-lip training.

First, know the secrets of well-shaped and perfectly enhanced eyeliners that make eyes look brighter. Then, pick up on the right principles on accentuating natural and beautiful lips, making them perfectly kissable. Only here at OPM microblading academy.

Scalp Pigmentation

Get $425 worth of products—scalp extension for OPM machine and a box of five needles—as you take this class at a discounted price of $995.

Understand why scalp pigmentation is the ultimate non-surgical solution for hair loss. With this course, you’ll also master the craft of analyzing existing hair patterns and the replicates that complement them.

Tattoo Removal and Correction

Your $995 discounted payment includes $75 worth of OPM Eraser and $225 worth correction colors. At OPM, you’ll be able to enjoy the noble feeling of correcting others’ mistakes!

Remove fading or unwanted tattoos at OPM’s microblading academy. You’ll be impressed by the wonders that the OPM Eraser could offer, and you’ll see why it’s the best in the market.

Read more: Why OPM Eraser System is the tattoo correction and removal you need

Skin Tag Removal

Help clients feel more confident by removing their little pieces of unwanted and dangling skin.

In this course, you’ll experience one hour of hands-on training on the proper use of an OPM skin tag machine. You’ll also learn the proper way of removing skin tags effectively and safely.

All this at a marked down price of $995, with ten needles included in the package.

Enroll at OPM’s microblading academy today!

OPM’s microblading academy has advanced products, expert instructors, and hands-on training. This makes it the number one school to learn microblading.

Being a graduate of our microblading academy will jumpstart your career and help land you clients.

Join the OPM Academy today!

microblading afercare

Microblading is a technique where you manually draw semi-permanent hair strokes, resulting in fuller, natural-looking eyebrows. It’s also done for eyeliners, lips and even scalps! To achieve these, one undergoes minimal incision—which will obviously need some microblading aftercare to maintain.

Following the microblading aftercare guidelines is essential to retaining the quality of your semi-permanent makeup. Not only will that ensure your makeup’s longevity, it also protects you from possible infection.

Here are the important notes to be observed:

Microblading aftercare: A quick guide

The first important thing to remember about caring for your microbladed skin is to let it breathe. As you read on, you’ll realize that your skin needs to rest and recover. No matter how painless and hassle-free the procedure was for you, your skin still underwent some stress. And what better way to de-stress than to keep it chill for a week?

The second is to contact our experts at microblading if you have any questions—by now, we’ve already proven to you that we only care about your beauty and your comfort. So, don’t hesitate to drop us a line or a message!

1) Avoid direct contact

Don’t let lotion, soap, moisturizer or any skin care product touch the microbladed area for the first seven days after the procedure. Similarly, don’t wear any makeup on or around your eyebrows.

Swimming should also be avoided—skip the beach trip for now. Your wounds are still fresh and undergoing the healing process. Direct contact to any of these could create an adverse reaction.

2) Hands off

Your fingers should not go near the area. Resist the urge to peel or scratch the skin. If neglected, your own hands could cause you scarring or fading of the pigment.

3) Refrain from excessive sweating

Avoid intense activities like a gym workout, jogging or doing sports of any kind. Skip the sauna or the hot Jacuzzi bath, as well. These activities will make you perspire, which raises a red flag in microblading aftercare.

Sweating could cause bacteria to quickly find their way to your exposed tissues, which may lead to irritation and prevent healing.

4) Minimize exposure to wind and sun

After your microblading procedure, tanning is not a good idea. Even riding in open-air vehicles like bicycles, boats, convertibles or motorcycles is not an option. Do not expose too much of yourself under the sun or to harsh weather conditions.

5) Watch your diet

Your diet may slow down the healing process of the treated area. Don’t let it!

Refrain from eating spicy foods or drinking too much alcoholic drinks, because both increase bruising and thin the blood. This means the closing of your wounds will be slower—not a good idea.

All’s well that ends well

Easy enough to remember and to follow, right? Aftercare is part of your microblading experience. And the whole point of the microblading experience is that you no longer have to worry about tedious makeup routines.

So, consider your aftercare period a time to take it easy! Give yourself time for relaxation and adjustment after the treatment, and all will turn out fine.

…just don’t forget to also get yourself ready for the better and bolder you!

The real deal about lip microblading

People have been talking more and more about microblading, especially those too busy to apply makeup on a daily basis. People are busy—no one needs to wonder how lip microblading became a trend. But for the uninitiated, here’s the real deal about lip microblading.

The real deal about lip microblading

Lip microblading is the most versatile lip enhancement procedure there is.

Our lip enhancement procedures at Organic Permanent Makeup (OPM) can cater to everyone’s varying demands. We can change the size, shape, and color of your lips into whichever look you’re going for.

You can have full-looking lips blending with your natural color. You could get soft, pink lips similar to those of a newborn baby’s.

Of course, lip microblading requires prior consultation. Our expert artists can help you decide what look to go for. We carefully consider the frame of your face and the tone of your skin, so you can look your best.

Microblading is an experience

We don’t give you the kind of advice you’re never going to need again. At OPM, we help you have substantial microblading knowledge essential for your lips’ maintenance.

We know how it feels when you’re not sure if the changes in your lips are still normal or not. It’s important to have basic microblading aftercare know-how so you don’t risk anything.

Post-care Procedure

Don’t be worried by slight to moderate swelling during your first three days post-enhancement.

Expect that, on the first two days post-microblading, your lips will feel nothing significant except for slight swelling. On the third day, however, your lips will be thicker and will feel hot or sore, so don’t forget to apply Vaseline.

Note that exfoliation begins on the fourth day and that you’ll have very chapped lips until the fifth day. Until, finally, on the 6th day, a soft and rich color begins to appear.


Your lips will appear pale after the first week. Lip color slowly disappears, and the frosty stage begins, as a grayish haze becomes dominant on the lips.

Don’t be scared—this is normal. The good news is that this is a sign that skin healing has begun. Around this time, the extra pigment trapped in the epidermis will shed as dead skin cells slough off.

Then, as the new skin naturally takes over at the top, the nice pigmented area under the skin can now be viewed. Color blooms from within more and more each day.

After 21 Days

Healing is normally complete on this day, so the color that you’re seeing is the final color of your lips. Lips will remain dry for a month or two, so make sure to wear lip balm. This isn’t just so your lips won’t feel dry—it also means the implanted pigment will be enhanced.

Expected that the color of your lips will also slightly vary on a daily basis. The changing temperature of your environment is one reason for this. Another is the condition of your body, like whether you are hydrated or dehydrated.

One exception for the healing time is when the client is older, say over 50 years of age. Responsible microblading lips procedure suggest on waiting for another one week for the total restoration of the natural collagen of the lip tissue to occur.

Get your best lips today

We will be very honest: a full lipstick look should not be expected after lip microblading. Microblading lip procedures do not replace makeup. However having a simple but effective flush will save you time and energy. You’ll only need simple and fast makeup to do the trick.

Ready to get the lips you’ve always wanted? Book an appointment today.

In the past, permanent makeup was about needles entering the deepest layer of your skin or the subcutaneous layer.

Truly, it is very painful to imagine, especially if you don’t have any whereabouts of the latest things in microblading.

However, with technology and a skilled microblading artist, your common perception, especially if you are new to microblading, will forever be changed and you’ll be amazed that you might even want to enroll for a microblading course.

Here are some reasons why you should take a microblading course from us:


Our microblading artists are all well-rounded.

In Organic Permanent Makeup OPM, stringent microblading training on our staff got your beauty covered. Our hands-on OPM workshops prepare any microblading artist against eyeliner and lips done wrong, infected microblading and improper eyebrow corrections.

Even only in the early days of their microblading course, every microblading artist of ours already incorporates safety and quality in their works. They were mandatorily tasked to put their skills and art on real live models. And they are also keeping in mind the importance of a right technique in microblading so they’ll have a proper license and plenty satisfied customers later on.

Their in-depth microblading training allows them to even control their hands in exerting 50 psi of pressure to cut through the epidermis and to eliminate scars, by doing so.


Our microblading is always using high technology.

Our state-of-the-art makeup machine will assure you that our microblading will give no bleeding and no bruising to your beautiful skin. It’s soft, unique and provides a very desirable result without you feeling too much pain.

We provide microblading training in using these machines, right from the starter kit up to the more complex. You won’t even have to be concerned about which pieces of equipment are good because we will provide you with the right things.

Compared to using outdated blades, our machine promotes faster healing from the cuts brought about by microblading. It has the right thin blades, which may be u-shaped, curved or sloped. These blades glide over a thin skin to produce a fine cut and natural strokes.

There will be minimal tissue loss when using these, thus they promote primary healing in no time.   

Also, the chance of getting infected from our tools is close to zero. If you’ll be an OPM microblading artist, you’ll know well on how to avoid that.

Aside from your great knowledge takeaway on the microblading course, you will be taught on how to properly take good care of your tools so that after your microblading training, you will totally have a sustainable profession.

For quite a long time, your tools will always be as good as your skills. They will never be broken, untimely.


Our microblading training is in theory and in actual practice.

You reap what you sow.

In Organic Permanent Makeup Academy, we make sure that you are very confident with your skills once you have graduated from us, and we believe that your dedication to our microblading course will catapult you in becoming an efficient microblading artist.

Our 100 to 150 minimum hours of online theory teaching will help you know about the concepts of artistry, cross-contamination, sanitation, and skin depth.

Our minimal 50-100 sheets of drawing on practice sheets will help you slowly adopt the orientation of microblading on an actual person.

Our required 50 exercises of drawing, at the least, on an actual skin, using blades or needles for mastering the application of pressure and the art of stretching will further boost your level of confidence.

Finally, being supervised by three trainers who have done 100+ procedures will mold you to perfection.


Final Words

In this industry, there is no strict regulation yet. Invest your time and dedication with our microblading course now, because, in the future, you’ll be thankful when the time comes that the policy will get brutal on the unqualified microblading artists having inappropriate microblading training.

By then, you are already enjoying big sums of money from this profession and will still be relishing them for as long as you keep on practicing our microblading best practices. This will all be taught to you if you join our microblading course in Organic Permanent Makeup OPM.