permanent makeup benefits

There are many reasons why people have chosen to go the permanent makeup route. But, in OPM’s years of service, these are the top eight permanent makeup benefits that our clients always tell us:

Permanent makeup benefits

It saves time

How long is your morning routine? How much of your time each morning is spent applying eyeliner, putting on lipstick, and getting those brows to be sisters and not twins? Like most women, you probably spend a LOT of time in the morning just to get ready to face the world. With permanent makeup, you’ll never not look presentable, because you’ll always look amazing. This is just one of the permanent makeup benefits that makes it so appealing to our clients.

READ THIS: The average time a woman spends doing her makeup!

It saves money

How many makeup products do you buy in a year? Be honest, how many eyebrow products have you bought, yet you only use one of them? When you think about it, makeup can be a waste — you put it on in the morning, only to take it all off at night. One of the permanent makeup benefits is that you can keep your makeup on for years, which means you don’t have to buy product after product just to maintain your brows, lashes or lips.

It gives you confidence

It’s amazing how one’s appearance can boost one’s confidence. With the right microbladed eyebrows and contoured lips, you can feel permanently beautiful from the moment you get out of bed to the moment you get ready for bed at night.

It helps especially if you’re sensitive to certain makeup products

It’s common for people to react to cosmetics. Some people get red and itchy eyes after using eyeliner. Others react to eyelash glue. One of the permanent makeup benefits is that it uses organic, semi-permanent ink that gives the same effect as your regular lipstick, eyeliner, or whatever beauty product you use.

It requires little maintenance

Permanent makeup typically has no maintenance required. It will last two to five years, which means you’ll have two to five years stress-free!

It “lifts” your face

Microbladed eyebrows can frame your face. Contoured lips improve your pout. Eyelash enhancement will make you look more alive and awake. There are lots of permanent makeup benefits, but this one is what really puts a smile on our clients’ faces.

It’s smudge-fee

How many times have you wanted to go swimming, but decided not to because your brows could be gone by the time you resurface? Or, maybe, you stopped playing sports because of the fear of accidentally smudging your brows while you wipe your sweat away. With permanent makeup, you won’t have to worry about that! It stays on so you can enjoy an active lifestyle!

It doesn’t look fake

Typical eyebrow tattooing gives you boxy and unnatural brows. Organic microblading gives you natural brows. OPM’s organic permanent makeup mimics real strands of hair, so that you’ll look like you have naturally thick brows. Our lip contouring treatment lines the lip with a natural rosy pink to give you that natural plump illusion.

NYFW beauty trends

This year’s New York Fashion Week showed makeup looks that were reflective of natural beauty. And while slicked back hair and dewy “glass” skin are all well and good, they aren’t as exciting as the more outrageous looks spotted on the runway. As lovers of all things beauty, we’re always looking for the next big NYFW beauty trends to try.

NYFW featured many bright colors, not just in fashion, but also in beauty. Painted over eyelids and drawn across lips, many celebrities decided to go for the “bright and bold” look despite the humidity of New York City. Scroll through some of the top beauty looks from NYFW, fresh from the front rows and runways. Celebrities may have hired professional makeup artists to paint their faces for them, but that doesn’t mean you can’t try these NYFW beauty trends at home.

NYFW Beauty Trends: Hot pink eyes

NYFW beauty trends

Fierce and feminine, hot pink eyeshadow is a great way to draw attention to the eyes. Celebrities like Aimee Song paired their fashionable pieces with stunning hot pink eyeshadow. With this look, you don’t have to blend several colors. One hot pink shade is stunning enough to make people stop and stare.

NYFW Beauty Trends: Bottom Liner

NYFW beauty trends

The traditional eyeliner looks great, but it isn’t as creative. Forget the usual cat eye or colored liner, one of the greatest NYFW beauty trends is bottom liner. All you have to do is line the bottom of the eye with bold, black eyeliner or shadow. It instantly transforms your look into something sleek, high-fashion and runway-ready.

NYFW Beauty Trends: Colored Liner

NYFW beauty trends

If bright eyeshadow isn’t your thing, then you may want to try colored liner. With this look, you won’t have to worry about picking the right shades that blend together, because you only need to use one eyeliner. You can line both the top and bottom of the eye to make it more dramatic. Depending on how intense you want the look to be, vary the strength of the liner as well as its tail. A cat eye-like colored eyeliner is great for vibrant looks.

NYFW Beauty Trends: Angelic Look

NYFW beauty trends

Angelic doesn’t necessarily mean you have to wear a halo and rock feathered wings. One of the NYFW Beauty Trends was all about rosy cheeks and nude lips. This simple look is absolutely angelic and luminous. To get the look, find shimmery makeup like rose or gold highlighter and shimmer powders. Eyeshadow should be kept to a minimal as you keep a “natural” look. Focus on the glow of your skin and the pale pinkness of your pout.

Highlighters are a tricky thing. Find the best highlighter for your skin type here.

NYFW Beauty Trends: Black Lipstick

NYFW beauty trends

Black lipstick isn’t just reserved for Halloween or gothic themed parties. The New York Fashion Week showed that black lipstick can be worn all year round. When you’re putting on black lipstick, be sure that you draw right on the lips. Stay within the lines! If you struggle with finding where your lips end, you might want to check out lip contouring.

Lip contouring uses permanent ink to define your natural lip line. This gives the illusion of a bigger, bolder lip, and definitely helps if you want to fill in your lip without going overboard!

To perfect one of the boldest NYFW beauty trends, schedule a lip contouring appointment with OPM today.

Kim Kardashian's Microblading Secret

Eyebrows can spice up your look instantly. But, when done wrong, eyebrows can make you look like a disaster. That’s why it’s important to look at the right people for eyebrow inspiration. From filling in your eyebrows to investing in organic microblading, here’s how you can rock the most famous eyebrows (as well as the Kardashian brows!) from some of the most famous people. 

Cara Delevingne

How to achieve the look: Look, but don’t touch!

How to Get Kardashian Brows (OPM) - Cara

It isn’t a “Best Brows” list without Cara Delevingne.

This actress and supermodel has one of the most iconic set of eyebrows. In fact, many television hosts have interviewed her only about her brows.

The secret to maintaining eyebrows as stunning as hers? In an interview with InStyle magazine, she shared, “I pluck a few, but I don’t shape them.” She also doesn’t let anyone touch her world-famous eyebrows!

The Kardashians

How to achieve the Kardashian brows: Microblading for ease!

How to Get Kardashian Brows (OPM)

For a reality show, the Kardashians seem to have great eyebrows 24/7. You’d expect one of the sisters to have unglamorous brows at some point. So, how are they keeping up with their brow game?

Turns out, Kim Kardashian’s eyebrow routine is pretty complicated. She starts by waxing and trimming excess hair before shaping the brow with some foundation. Then, she fills in the brow with pencil and some gel. Finally, she highlights under the brow. And who does her brows? No other than Anastasia Soare of Anastasia Beverly Hills.

If the Kardashian brows routine is too complicated for you, you can always look for a microblading artist who specializes in organic microbladed eyebrows. Microblading eyebrows uses permanent makeup that gives you full brows that last for 2 – 5 years. The microblading session lasts around 20 – 50 minutes and costs $500 — a small price to pay for not having to deal with your brows every week!

Schedule a microblading procedure with OPM today.

Lily Collins

How to achieve the look: Embrace your uniqueness 

How to Get Kardashian Brows (OPM) - Lily Collins

If your eyebrows are as epic as Lily Collins’, they deserve their own Twitter account. That’s right, Lily has confirmed that the account @iamthebrows belongs to her brows.

YouTubers like Tanya Burr have made tutorials on getting “Lily Collins Brows” but the best way to do it is by letting your brows grow for 2 – 3 weeks. When they’ve gotten thicker, use an eyebrow pencil or powder to fill in the top part of the brow.

But, would you believe that she used to hate her dark, bold brows? In an interview with InStyle, she said she used to pluck them away because she felt insecure. Thankfully, she realized that her brows were what made her unique!

“It’s the things that make you stand out that make you unique.” You go, girl!

Emilia Clarke

How to achieve the look: Focus on volume

How to Get Kardashian Brows (OPM) - Emilia Clarke

 The Mother of Dragons can now add another equally enviable title to her long list of names. The Mother of Eyebrows has been a subject of curiosity many times for her expressive, thick, full eyebrows. In an interview with Stephen Colbert, she even showed off her impressive eyebrow wiggling skills.

To achieve her look, focus on volume instead of shape. This means allowing your eyebrows to grow naturally. For emphasis, you can use eyebrow makeup like powders and pencils, but work toward achieving the look of ombre brows so that they look natural.


Maintaining your brows takes a lot of effort, but having good brows instantly elevates  your look. The trick is to let your brows grow naturally and work with what you have. Using eyebrow powders and pencils, you can achieve fuller brows that belong in this list.

But, if you want brows on fleek 24/7 just like Kardashian brows, microblading is the way to go. It saves you time and energy, and gives you perfectly shaped and perfectly arched brows that last years.

There are 2 types of pigment colour ingredients used for permanent cosmetic makeup.

  1. Iron Oxides (Inorganic)
  2. Lakes (Organics)

Over 95% of the major permanent cosmetic makeup pigment manufacturers use both Organic and Inorganic cosmetic colorants in their pigment.

Permanent cosmetic application involves piercing the skin with single or multiple sterile needles utilizing various insoluble opaque oxides, lakes and iron oxide pigments to create a semi- permanent or permanent design or decoration.

So what is the talk about organic pigments cause allergic reaction then iron oxide pigments ??

Iron oxides contain nickel and a large percentage of the population tested is allergic to nickel (17.9%). Tattoo needles,including surgical grade stainless steel needles, contain nickel (8.2%). So sensitivity to pigments can and does occur, even to iron oxides. The fact that organic colorants do not contain nickel is good. However, the inert iron oxides are very safe despite the presence of nickel. Organic pigments can cause severe allergic reactions and granulomas that are difficult to treat. Fortunately, this is rare. Most adverse effects come from sensitivity to antibiotic ointments applied after the permanent cosmetic procedure.

This new natural organic permanent make up pigments is the next generation of cosmetic tattooing. I have been doing perment make up since 1994, and most company use iron oxid pigments because it is a base matrials that was approved by the FDA as a safe food coloring material, however FDA never approved the iron oxid as an injectable materials. What is this nonseice that organic or mineral vegetable base pigments can cause an allergic reaction????

First lets see what is the meaning of a food allergic reaction, most fruit and vigetables that cause allergic reaction are raw, once they are cooked what ever causes the allergic reaction is no longer causes allergies, please see study facter about that. That being said that all orginc pigments before they becume pigments they go under extream heat so they can be form as a poweder and then there is a base to mix it with it so it can be liquid.

Further more any body can become allergic to anything, and your body will start to build hestimen to protect its self. so why so many people say the organic pigment are bad for you when they are vegitable base, since we eat vegtables since the day we were born, before eating meats we were born to eat fruts and vegetables. Also they say that iron oxide pigments are safer and there was never reports of an allergic reaction even though 90% of permanent make up companys contain iron oxide and organic pigments in there products. Also there was No unknown allergies reaction that was ever reported related to organicAllergies are an overreaction of the body’s natural defense system that helps fight infections

In an allergic reaction, the immune system starts fighting substances that are usually harmless. This overreaction can cause a rash, itchy eyes, a runny nose, trouble breathing, nausea, and diarrhea.

There are many types of allergies:

  • Food allergies,
  • Medicine allergies.
  • Allergies to insect venom. .
  • Allergies to animals,
  • Allergies to natural rubber
  • Allergies to inhaled substance
  • Allergies to cosmetics

In conclusion

Allergic reactions are sensitivities to substances that come into contact with the skin, nose, eyes, respiratory tract, and gastrointestinal tract. That being said anyone can become allergic to anything. If we know where is allergies come from we would have eliminated, but because we don’t know where it comes from we can’t really say that allergies come only from any pigments.

What is material safety data sheet (MSDS)

Formal document containing important informationabout the characteristics and actual or potential hazards of a substance. It identifies the manufacturerof the material (with name, address, phone, and fax number) and usually includes (1) chemical identity, (2) hazardous ingredients, (3) physical and chemical properties, (4) fire and explosion data, (5) reactivitydata, (6) health hazards data, (7) exposure limits data, (8) precautions for safe storage and handling, (9) needfor protective gear, and (10) spill control, cleanup, and disposal procedures. Mandated by the US Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), it is used also in many other countries in one form or the other.

As I browsing through Instagram I stumbled upon Kylie Jenner’s profile. With the birth of her daughter Stormi, the young mom has a noticeable glow and an even flattering figure. But what I can’t fail to notice is her signature big pout. Of course with the mere mention of big lips, we also remember that of Angelina Jolie’s, one of the most beautiful women in show business today. But does bigger lips really equate beautiful? Well according to today’s beauty standards it is a sure yes. However many of us are really just afraid to have our lips filled with those extra fats and acids that might bring permanent damage to our lips. So what’s the alternative other than to religiously overline our lips every single morning? Lip contouring, of course!  

Brought to you by one of the world’s leading innovators of Permanent Makeup, Loraine Mikhail, has created a stunning alternative to lip fillers. Lip contouring brings in the same effect of lip fillers but without the harmful silicon injection. Balance uneven lips, correct lip color, and create a stunning lip ombré lip with Lip Contouring in the OPM clinic in Los Angeles. Mikhail has invented the first of its kind; organic plant-derived pigment for cosmetic tattoos. She has developed a wide range of colors to suit different skin types to be able to create the most personalized and natural look for lip contouring. The pigment used in this lip technique is one of the best in the market today as it has a much higher pigment load than any other ink available. As the pigment is applied to the skin, never worry about the color changing as it naturally heals inside of the skin resulting in a beautiful and refined look. Say hello to those natural and gorgeous well-contoured lips!

Not every all of us women wants to undergo a treatment or procedure for full pouty and natural lips. That is why we present you with lip contouring, a great and natural solution for the restoration of natural and beautiful lips. Here at OPM, we design and contour your lips to fake the look of a fuller pout. Our artists are trained to master the art of applying permanent makeup as well as to know the science behind the craft. Lip contouring is definitely a thing, as OPM lip artists not only draws the typical lip liner like most cosmetic tattoo parlors, but they strategically line your lips to make it have a more natural yet very full look. The treatment is highly customizable of course thus you have the freedom to actually create and design your lips.

lip contouring

They say that fashion fades and style is eternal, but guess what… so are full kissable lips! So stop envying Kylie Jenner, cease dreaming for that big Angelina Jolie pout and stop waking up earlier than you should to line your lips. Have your lips contoured at the OPM clinic. You are assured of only the best service and the most natural and organic inks to be applied to your beautiful face. New natural and full lips are just a call away at the OPM clinic!

Ever woke up feeling too tired to put on makeup but would not dare to go outside knowing that your eyebrows are MIA? Or that you snoozed your alarm way too many times and saw that you just have enough time to brush your teeth and dress up to catch your 9:00 meeting? Frankly, this has happened, happening, or will happen (and I promise you it will) to all of us. These times we just wish that we could have our eyebrows on fleek 24/7, our lips plump and ready the minute we wake up. But knowing that we live in 2018, we know this is possible through permanent makeup, right? Well yeah of course. And then you suddenly remember an image of a beloved elderly, probably in her late 60s, with a stamped standard eyebrow that does not exactly fit her face shape.

A memory such as this may be a show stopper for some of us interested in permanent makeup. I mean nobody wants to have a stamped blue eyebrow in the world of Instagram #browgoals right? Well actually, it’s already 2018 and not 1980s which means that we have pretty much advanced our knowledge on the science and the art of permanent makeup. Of course when you Google “permanent makeup,” you’ll find a myriad of choices available to get your everlasting eyebrows, liners, and lips. But why search for it when we can already give you the answer right here and right now?

permanent makeup

Introducing OPM, which stands for organic permanent makeup. Yup, you’ve read that right ladies! Organic permanent makeup is the next generation of cosmetic tattooing. What is it you may ask? To start off, Organic Permanent makeup is a revolutionary system of special mineral and water based pigments formulated to fit all skin types. Its application includes a high tech machine that uses magnetic forces to gently penetrate the skin without bringing any damage, bleeding, or trauma.

Unlike the common inks offered by most clinics and salons today, OPM’s pigment does not contain any alcohol and iron oxide. Their pigment is the first of its kind in the market today as it is the only skin ink that is organic, water based, and vegan.This assures any of its customers a 100% safe and natural permanent makeup. But it does not end there. The quality of their makeup is also one of the best, if not THE best, in the beauty industry today because not only is it organic, but it is also smudge-free, does not change color through time, and lasts up to 5 long years all because OPM ink has a much higher pigment load than any other ink. As the pigment of OPM is water based, our skin easily absorbs  ink thus its application is very smooth and non-irritating. Damaging the skin tissue Inserting the pigment deep into the skin isn’t necessary as it goes in the epidermis layer so fast without damaging.

In a world where our choices matter, our decisions affect our everyday lives, and the outcomes to shape our happiness, we have to go to the clear choice. And when it comes to permanent makeup, your beauty, your health, and your personal confidence, we have to go for OPM products. It’s a no-brainer to achieve that effortless natural look.

So okay, just sleep for five more minutes. Rest in your bed for a good few minutes. You know that you’re ready to go out that door confidently with your natural permanent makeup!

Is microblading painful? Not at OPM

If you have convinced yourself already that you are getting permanent makeup, then this is for you. It can get overwhelming when you Google permanent makeup and see hundreds and hundreds of services promising full lips, natural eyebrows, permanent eyeliner, and all. But if you are dreaming of just getting that natural full face makeup, that can get pretty much confusing. You start to think where to start and then decide that you will just do your cosmetic tattoo research next week, then reschedule again to the next only to find yourself constantly delaying your appointment. Well I am here to tell you to fret not. This is your ultimate guide if you want that natural full made face you can wear to work without actually doing anything on a regular basis.

Okay first things first. Decide where you want to have your face made up. This is very important as this can determine how your permanent makeup will turn out to be. For me, organic makeup ink is the way to go. And there is actually a salon that offers this as an alternative to that iron oxide rich permanent ink that most other salons in Los Angeles offers. To review a bit, iron oxide is the ingredient in most permanent inks that makes the color change into that greenish or bluish color that we commonly see in old tattoos. Because of this, I am convinced that natural ink made from plant derived ingredients is that safest and best bet in choosing the ink that I will have on my face for a very long time.  Organic Permanent Makeup Salon offers top quality premium pigments that uses all natural and organic ingredients that stays in its true original color. OPM’s ink offers a wide variety of colors that will suit every skin tone without the worry of having it fade or change shade over time. In fact, OPM’s ink is the only US patent organic pigment in the market today. To top it all off, they have even designed the first and only magnetic PMU device that penetrates in the superficial layer of the skin causing minimal to no pain; no bleeding, bruising, or any other trauma.

Now that we know the full clear choice where to get our permanent makeup done, we now go as to what we should do to our face first. Consider your face a blank canvass. I know faces are  all unique and beautiful but for this one, let’s imagine our face to be blank. And what else to put first than frames? They are eyebrows of course! Eyebrows with a full natural looking shape is the way to go. The permanent makeup service for eyebrows is called microblading. OPM salon offers a service the call 3D microblading wherein a well trained eyebrow designer draws in individual natural looking hairs in the eyebrow area. This technique of carefully drawing the hairs one by one assures you that you have a natural looking set of fake eyebrows.

Now that we have covered that, we go a little bit down. Our eyes are the windows to our souls they say, and what better way to look through those peepers than have a dashing window pane? Permanent eyeliners are pretty self-explanatory. This kind of cosmetic tattoo are highly customizable depending on how you want your eyes to look, i.e., bring out your natural eye color, have a deeper set of eyes, etc. However, some opt for a more natural defined look. This is where OPM’s eyelash enhancement service comes in. Eyelash enhancement is a fantastic treatment by OPM that naturally enhances the eye area without that eyeliner look. This service gives your eyes that extra definition by having an artist draw fine dots of pigment to your lash area to give the illusion of lashes that are thicker and darker. You won’t find any other salon today that makes your eyes look naturally defined and uses a pigment that is a 100% safe for you.

As we finish the eye area, we now go to the lips. Lip liner tattoos are increasing in popularity nowadays as it gives the illusion of a fuller lip. However, many salons typically just line the lips with the traditional zinc oxide ink that changes color over time. That is why OPM started offering the lip contouring service. It’s a great alternative to the traditional lip tattoo as the artist assigned to you contours your lip to create a natural and poutier look. OPM’s lip contouring service balances uneven lip and corrects uneven lip color too. So if you’re not the gal who wants that full pout, then you could just have your lips look the best they can be, minus the lipstick!

Having permanent makeup shouldn’t be hard and confusing. Just always be knowledgeable about the service you are getting and ensure that you are getting the best. Always know your options, and opt for the safest and most natural solution you can get. We hope we have been helpful in your search for the perfect permanent makeup service and wish you nothing but the best of outcome.

Microblading Service

Organic Permanent Makeup Academy

“Microblading Service” Do you want to master a craft which allows you to render an income generating service? Are short-term classes and online trainings not working for you?Are you looking for a good school that can train and guide you to make this career choice a reality?

Did you know that the Permanent Makeup service is one of the most lucrative sources of income?


OPM by Lorine Mikheail, RN, BSN, FNP
The art of Permanent Makeup is a skill that requires much practice. It is difficult to perfect the art of Permanent Makeup through short-term classes. To address the need to learn this craft, OPM offers over 100 hours of online courses and hands-on trainings, which allow students to work at their own level and pace in order to perfect and master their skills.

Organic Permanent Makeup is a revolutionary method of applying microscopic insertions of organic, vegetable and mineral based pigment molecules into the epidermis of the skin. This state-of- the-art technique is medically approved and specifically designed to be completely safe.

The OPM Experience:
OPM Machine + OPM Pigments + OPM Techniques = Perfect Results

Now you can feel good about positively changing people’s lives. Make people look and feel beautiful all while having fun and expressing your inner artist. A career that you can fall in love with and never feels like work.

In line with this, OPM offers two programs as follows:

PROGRAM 1: Eyebrow Microblading and Ombre Training

Beginner (Level 1)
A two-day basic eyebrow microblading & ombre training

We will show you what you need to know to master microblading and shading. Learn the OPM technique, no bleeding, no bruising, and 100% natural looking.

Kit Contents:

  • 1 U Blade
  • 1 Classic Blade
  • 1 21Round Blade
  • 1 OPM ink
  • 5 Ink Rings
  • 6 Practice Skins
  • 1 Practice Workbook
  • 1 Folder containing information on the business


Intermediate (Level 2)
An 8-week program with weekly coaching and access to online training videos to perfect your skills and art We will teach you the art and perfect your skills on paper. Next, we will guide you to master your skills and art on skin.

Kit Contents:

  • 24 Skins
  • 3 sets of 6 Practice Skins
  • 5 U Blades
  • 5 Classic Blades
  • 5 21Round Blades
  • 1 Box of 50 Ink Rings
  • 1 OPM Workbook

Advanced (Level 3)
A 2-day class leading to a practice on a live model. We will ensure that you have the skills and confidence to take on a real live model. OPM makes sure you receive all the right training you need to succeed in the permanent makeup field. Also, we will guarantee that you will be able to apply all the knowledge and techniques that we have taught you. Finally, you will be certified to work as an OPM Artist.

Kit Contents:

  • 1 Microblading Light Tool
  • 1 Box of 5 Cartridge Blades
  • 1 Box of 20 Ink Rings

PROGRAM 2: Eyebrow Microblading, Shading, Eyeliner & Lips

Beginner (Level 1)
A three-day basic eyebrow microblading & ombre training plus a basic class for eyeliner and lips. Learn the OPM technique, no bleeding, no bruising, and 100% natural looking. We will show you what you need to know to master microblading, shading, eyeliner, and lips.

Kit Contents:

  • OPM Starter Machine
  • Eyebrow Shaping Kit
  • 1 U-Blade
  • 1 Classic Blade
  • 1 21 Round Blade
  • 6 Practice Skins
  • 2 OPM Pigments
  • 3 Microblading Tools

Intermediate (Level 2)
A 12-week program to perfect your skills and art in microblading, shading, eyeliner and lips. We will teach you the art and perfect your skills on paper. Next, we will guide you to master your skills and art on skin.

Kit Contents:

  • 1 24 Skins
  • 3 sets of 6 Practice Skins
  • 5 U Blades
  • 5 Classic Blades
  • 5 21Round Blades
  • 1 Box of 50 Ink Rings
  • 6 Eyeliner Skins
  • 6 Full Lips Skins
  • 1 OPM Workbook

Advanced (Level 3)
A 3-day class for advanced training on microblading, shading, full lips, and full eyeliner, leading to a practice on a live model. We will ensure that you have the skills and confidence to take on a real live model. OPM makes sure you receive all the right training you need to succeed in the permanent makeup field. Also, we will guarantee that you will be able to apply all the knowledge and techniques that we have taught you. Finally, you will be certified to work as an OPM Artist.

Kit Contents:

  • 1 Microblading Light Tool
  • 1 Box of 5 Cartridge Blades
  • 1 Box of 20 Ink Rings
  • 1 White Pen
  • Measuring Tool
  • 10 Pigments
  • 2 Numbing OPM 1&2
  • 25 1R
  • 25 3R
  • 25 4F


Why consider Organic Permanent Makeup?

  • Organic driven pigments formulated for each skin type.
  • Certified OPM organic certification training new revolutionary system
  • 100% smudge free with no bleeding or trauma to the skin due to mineral and water based pigments.
  • No alcohol, no iron oxide
  • Easy pigment selection with naturally healed looking results
  • Lasts 2-5 years without color changing
  • OPM Eraser System for correction and removal of unwanted color


For more information about our service please back to our homepage again