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Top Concealer Tricks For Brows And Lips

Concealer is the answer so many of our problems. Late night out? Concealer. Pimple? Concealer. Eyebags that aren’t designer? Concealer. This makeup bag staple can erase the effects of long nights of binge watching, partying, and studying. But, aside from covering up the not so good parts of our face, concealer can amplify our makeup looks. It can be used to make our brows look more precise, our lipstick look more defined, and our cheekbones more pronounced. Read on to find out some of the concealer tricks you can practice to amp up your look.

Concealer tricks you need to know

It can act as a base for your lips

You typically use primer before you put on foundation because this helps make your makeup stay on for the rest of the day, so why don’t you use something for the lips? Concealer acts as a fantastic lip base, and it neutralizes your lip’s natural color, giving you a smooth, flawless base. While applying concealer to the rest of your face, stop by the lips and spread it evenly across. Your lipstick will stay on for a seriously long time!

It creates a sharper lip look

One of the best concealer tricks we’ve learned is to use it after putting on lipstick. While applying lipstick may seem easy, many of us do struggle to color “within the lines”. Thankfully, concealer can clean up any mistake that we make. Using a thin, flat brush, clean up the corners of your mouth with concealer. Use a tiny makeup sponge to blend it out afterwards.

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Use concealer for contouring

Who says you have to buy expensive contour palettes just to get Kim Kardashian level contouring or supermodel-level cheekbones? You can simply use concealer that’s two shades darker than your natural skin color! Apply it onto the hollows of your cheekbones, blend it with a brush or beauty blender, and then add highlight! This concealer trick will save you lots of money, honey!

Use concealer as eyelid primer

Eyeshadow will crack and crease within hours if you don’t use primer. Use concealer to prep your eyelids first so that your beautiful smoky eye will stay gorgeous for the entire night. It’s a lot cheaper than ordering all kinds of eyelid primers from Sephora!

Fix mistakes

We mean makeup mistakes, of course. If you accidentally smudge your eyeliner, which many of us tend to do, you can simply use concealer to clean it up. No need to start all over again! Just use a clean flat brush, dip it into your concealer, and clean up anything that looks messy.

Make your brows last longer

Apply concealer ON your eyebrows. Yes, we’re dead serious. By using concealer on your brows, your brow powder will have something to hold on to. This means it’s going to stay on for a pretty long time. Using a thin, flat edged brush, dip it into your concealer and apply the product onto the scarce parts of the brow. Then, using eyebrow powder, fill in your brow as you normally would. This is one of the concealer tricks we can swear by!

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