Permanent Makeup Mishap

Correcting A Permanent Makeup Mishap

We don’t always get what we want, but when it comes to permanent makeup, we hope it comes out the way we want it to, right? Since it is permanent makeup, we hope for the best, or at least decent, results. But what if you still don’t always get what you want? Wouldn’t that be a disaster? Don’t back out on that permanent makeup dream just yet. There is still a solution to this permanent makeup mishap – the Color Correction and Tattoo Removal Procedure.

When a client receives a service they are unhappy with, a permanent makeup artist will see this before the client tells them anything. The permanent makeup artist understands the concerns of the client and will explain to her the Color Correction Procedure. This procedure is meant to correct pigments which are uneven, too dark, too light, too thick, and unwanted. With the Color Correction Procedure, there is a lesser chance of scarring.

What makes this procedure better is the fact that OPM only uses organic pigments. If you don’t know this yet, OPM has invented the next generation of pigments derived from organic sources. You might be wondering why OPM  chooses to only use organic pigments. Well, after a lot of frustration with iron oxide pigments, the OPM pigments were born. OPM pigments are formulate for each skin type, are water-based, alcohol-free, and will not result to discoloration. Thus, with the OPM pigments, you can be certain that your permanent makeup will come out looking natural.

If you’re not convinced yet, Organic Permanent Makeup last an average of 2-5 years! You don’t need to worry about any discoloration and walking around with blue, red, or purple permanent makeup. If you prefer not to maintain your Organic Permanent Makeup, your body will start to break down the applied pigments, and the permanent makeup will eventually fade. However, to retain the look, a regular touch-up is recommended. Most clients get retouched every one to two years to maintain their desired look, or even change the color and shape.

So, what are you waiting for? Take advantage of the OPM Experience and offers today!