correction and removal

Correction and Removal: What You Need To Know

correction and removalWhat’s correction and removal?

People who had permanent makeup, may want to have it corrected or removed. Fortunately, several companies offer cosmetic services that do that. Many have developed an effective and safe technique to correct  past procedures that have been done incorrectly or using traditional methods.

Permanent Makeup Correction

Permanent make up correction could involve the color or the shape or sometimes even both. In case you like the shape but the color has turned green or blue, then you might want to have it corrected. A specialized technique will be used to mask the old color. The past, faded tattoo will be neutralized by adding the corrective color on top of it. Other corrections may be applied as needed. The improvement is going to be instant! But be sure to choose the right clinic, salon, or artist who can help you with this.

correction and removalMeanwhile, you may also have some problem with the shape of your permanent makeup. An incorrectly shaped eyebrow, for instance, after a microblading session could happen when it’s been performed by a poorly trained artist. There are cases when the shape isn’t that bad but it could look a lot better with correction and removal. Perhaps improvements can be made by enhancing the shape, symmetry, or perhaps the balance of the eyeliner, lips, or eyebrows.

Permanent Makeup Removal

Permanent makeup, also known as permanent cosmetics, dermal pigmentation, or micropigmentation, has become extremely popular over the years. An increasing number of men and women have gone through various kinds of permanent makeup procedures. Permanent makeup correction and removal are meant for people who don’t like the results of their tattoo or just want it gone for good.

There are three methods to lightening or reducing pigment from the skin. These include laser, non laser methods using a tattoo gun, and topical. Determining what correction and removal method to use depends on some factors.

Specialized topical creams can remove permanent makeup. Some claim that this method is ineffective while others say that they are.

Non-Laser Correction and Removal

A skilled and well trained artist will perform non-laser correction and removal. These procedures have different variations. Under this method, the permanent makeup could be removed by opening the skin, just like how it was done during the original procedure, which is by using a tattoo machine or a permanent makeup equipment.

A bonding agent is applied to the open skin. The bonding agent, which can be glycolic acid or salt, will draw the pigment to the surface. This method is a great option for those who don’t have access the third type of makeup removal option.

correction and removalLaser Correction and Removal

Laser is the last method for permanent makeup removal. It is the most common type of treatment to getting rid of pigment from your skin. A tattoo that is less than six months old have higher ink concentration. Therefore, a patient would need several laser sessions compared to one who’s tattoo is already at least a year old. The laser would act violently even if its settings have been set at the lowest. This will result to an aggressive treatment that could potentially lead to scarring.

Correction and Removal Complications

As mentioned earlier, one complication of permanent makeup correction and removal is scarring. Allergy could be an issue. Test patching is important before undergoing the procedure.


Permanent makeup correction and removal is a rewarding treatment when done correctly. Work only with a reputable artist who has been in the business for years to reduce the risk of complication.

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