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Are cosmetic tattoos for you? Yes, yes they are.

Just what are cosmetic tattoos? In this article, we define, discuss, and break down all the important information about this “new” trend.

When people hear the word “tattoo” in relation to makeup or beauty, they have one of these three reactions: confusion, mild disgust, or fascination.

Tattoos have long been associated with looking “dirty” or “unprofessional.” Some work environments even disapprove of visible tattoos in the workplace.

However, tattoos have come a long, long way. And one proof of that? Cosmetic tattoos.

What are cosmetic tattoos?

Cosmetic tattoos are also known as “permanent makeup” or “semi-permanent makeup.” These are, yes, tattoos. And they function as long-lasting makeup, so you don’t have to retouch every few hours.

Some examples of cosmetic tattoos include permanent eyebrows, lips, eyeliner, and even scalps and areola.

Cosmetic tattoos might sound risky or unsafe, but in fact, they’ve been around for decades. The permanent makeup industry made large strides in improving upon permanent makeup in the last decades—and we can prove it, too.

These days, cosmetic tattoos:

  • Are compatible with most skin types. Organic cosmetic tattoos, particularly, work well with any type of skin, since they’re made from all-natural ingredients.
  • Are quick to heal. Unlike other cosmetic procedures, permanent makeup only needs a month to heal completely. Plus…
  • Require no downtime. Unlike other cosmetic procedures, you don’t need to take a day off from work to get permanent makeup. Most services last only an hour. Some of our clients even come in during their lunch breaks!
  • Have a wide range of colors. Whether you want a bold red lip or blond eyebrows, permanent makeup can do it for you. Permanent makeup pigments cater to a variety of skin tones and tastes.

Why are cosmetic tattoos suddenly becoming a trend?

Cosmetic tattoos have been around for a long time, but they aren’t as popular as traditional makeup. Why? For one thing, there weren’t many permanent makeup artists in the past. It was a real challenge for beauty professionals to find proper training.

Permanent makeup also seems more expensive than traditional makeup. Most services are $500 a pop, while an eyebrow pencil can be bought for as low as $12.

Of course, most people don’t realize that cosmetic tattoos are cheaper in the long run. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars a year on different eyebrow products, they can get permanent makeup for just a little over what they spend annually.

Now, cosmetic tattoos are finally getting the recognition they deserve. Here are three more reasons why people are suddenly in-love with permanent makeup:

1. They make life easier.

Think of it this way: it’s a busy, busy world that’s only ever going to get busier. If there’s an opportunity to reclaim some of your time, then who can say no?

Women can spend up to several hours a day just putting on makeup. Others want to put on makeup, but they either don’t have the time to do so or to learn how to.

Cosmetic tattoos solve all these problems. Professional permanent makeup artists apply your makeup for you. Plus, you only need to come in once a year for a touch-up. That’s trading around 10 hours a week for one hour a year.

2. They look awesome.

In addition to convenience, permanent makeup also looks good. Ever seen Mila Kunis’ eyebrows? How about Adele’s? Both these powerful women have tattooed-on eyebrows.

Even male celebrities like Dustin Hoffman, Johnny Depp, and Nicolas Cage have permanent brows.

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3. They can help you combat several signs of aging.

Permanent makeup can resurrect our youthful glow by improving the appearance of eyebrows, lips, and lash lines. As we grow older, our skin begins to sag, and our eyebrows become less pronounced.

Cosmetic tattoos enhance the appearance of eyebrows in a way that’s natural and often undetectable from “natural” brows.

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For more information about permanent makeup, check out our article guide, What microblading is for: Permanent makeup, explained.

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