Customers Saying About OPM Microblading

Review Roundup: What Are Our Customers Saying About OPM Microblading?

Organic Permanent Makeup (OPM) has been providing excellent permanent makeup services for years—and we’ve got the customer reviews to prove it. From eyebrow enhancement to lip contouring, these reviews prove that OPM microblading is definitely here to stay.

Jennifer T.

Jennifer T.
Hollywood Hills, LA

“I highly recommend Lorine at OPM for all your beauty needs! I have been going to Lorine for years, and I wouldn’t trust anyone else doing my fillers. Her technique is amazing, and she really knows how to customize treatments to your face. I’ve done everything from lips, under eye and fine lines, and I couldn’t be happier with the results. I have sunken eye sockets and have been dealing with under eye circles all my life. She made them disappear 🙂

Also if you are looking for permanent make-up, she’s done my eye brows and lip tint and I’ve gotten so many compliments!”


Nico A.

Nico A.
Culver City, CA

“[Joy V.] is super professional, and she takes you through the process step-by-step and informs [you] what she’s doing, so you’re at ease through the whole procedure! She has done my brows and lips, and [I] absolutely love them. [They] just give my face so much more life and cuts my beauty routine time in half! In the picture I’ve posted, the only makeup I have on is the permanent makeup on my brows and lips. I’m so happy, I’m definitely going back to see Joy again soon, and you should too!”



Lorena T.Lorena T.
Los Angeles, CA

“My mother went in with skinny, non- existent eyebrows and left as a new woman with beautifully contoured and shaped microbladed eyebrows by the talented owner Lorine. Mind you, this procedure took less than an hour, and the results are flawless. Highly recommend! Mom’s going to visit her in a couple days for her permanent upper eye liner, can’t wait for that reveal!”




Solla P.Solla P.
Los Angeles, CA

“I’m all about natural beauty, so I came in with initial trepidations about my virgin face being somehow altered with the permanence of tattoo on my eyebrows…

The owner, Lorine reassured me of the results and, sure enough, after the complete healing process was done…what [was] revealed was a beautiful set of eyebrows that has enhanced my features.

I [wholeheartedly] recommend this unique innovations in artistry and organic safety of product.”


Other reviewers have called their time at OPM a “fantastic experience” and praised OPM for its “knowledgeable, professional and excellent costumer service“.

We’ve had clients who regained the eyebrows they lost after their menopause; customers who can assure you that our pigments never change color; and clients who overcame their fear of allergic reactions from permanent beauty procedures!

No doubt about it:

  1. OPM is the leading clinic when it comes to permanent makeup; and
  2. OPM microblading is the best in the market.

Our organic pigments are 100% natural and safe. They have zero side effects and are compatible with all kinds of skin types.

We offer all kinds of services: 3D organic OPM microblading, lip contouring, eyelash enhancement, scar removals and more. Book an appointment today, and be part of our growing OPM family—oh, and don’t forget to leave a review after.