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5 Ways Men Need Can Take Care of Their Brows

Listen up, gents. Ever since eyebrows took over the beauty world, women have been paying attention to your brows, too. If your grooming routine doesn’t include eyebrows yet, it’s time to change it up. Shaping and maintaining your brows should be an important part of your routine.  Shaping and maintaining men’s eyebrows is an important step in the grooming routine. Many men don’t know where to even begin, but don’t worry — eyebrow grooming for men has been made easy with our quick guide!

“Should I even groom my brows?”

Yes! Especially if you have unruly eyebrows. Eyebrow grooming for men doesn’t necessarily have to mean plucking, waxing and threading — you just have to tidy up a little bit so that the next time someone looks at your brows, they’ll know your grooming routine is on #fleek.

Groomed brows make you look younger

As you age, your eyebrows will naturally become untidy. At around age thirty, your eyebrows won’t need much taking care of. But, after you hit the big three-zero, your brows will start looking more thicker, dropping toward your eyes. You’ll need to start cleaning up underneath your brows to keep them looking clean.

Eyebrow grooming for men: your complete guide

Ready to start grooming your brows? Here’s what you’ll need for battle:

  • Tweezers
  • Scissors
  • Eyebrow shaping comb
  • Transparent brow gel

Eyebrow Grooming Step 1: Find where your brow should end and begin

Eyebrows that are too close together or too far apart will look ridiculous. Get a pencil or your eyebrow shaping comb. Then, align your pencil from the corner of your nose to the inner corner of your brow. This is where your eyebrows should start.  Next, align your pencil on the corner of your nose again, but this time turn it toward the outer corner of your eye. Extend the imaginary line toward your brows. That’s where your brows should end.

Still with us? That’s just the first step of the eyebrow grooming routine!

Eyebrow Grooming Step 2: Say goodbye to that monobrow/unibrow

No one should rock a monobrow, no matter how trendy it might have been at some point in the strange past. Most men will have a bit of hair in between their two slugs, er, brows. Get your tweezers and pluck all of the unsightly hair. Be sure you aren’t over-plucking, though, or you’ll ruin the whole eyebrow grooming routine!

Eyebrow Grooming Step 3: Tidy up your brows

Eyebrow grooming for men can go two ways: super sharp brows, or naturally clean brows. If you want the latter, you’ll simply have to pluck underneath your brows. Look for any hairs that may be out of place. Constantly look at yourself in the mirror to make sure you aren’t going overboard. But, if you want the former, you’ll need to clean up underneath and over the brow. You could use eyebrow razors to clean up above the brow, but be careful!

Eyebrow Grooming Step 4: Brush your brows

Using your eyebrow shaping comb, brush your brows gently in an upward direction. One mistake people often make with eyebrow grooming is not knowing the natural shape of their brows. Combing through them is one way to be sure.

Eyebrow Grooming Step 5: Trim away

For the final step (because Step 6 is optional) of our Eyebrow Grooming for Men guide, get your scissors. You’ll need to be extra careful in this step because you don’t want to end up with patchy brows. After brushing your brows, you’ll notice the ends of your hair slightly “poking” upward. Just as you would with a normal haircut, cut the ends of your brow hairs to create a seamless, clean edge.

Eyebrow Grooming Step 6 (optional): Set it in place

Now that your brows are on fleek, you’ll want them to stay that way for the whole day, right? Get your brow gel and use the applicator to comb outward, making sure you get all hairs. Be sure that all of the eyebrow hairs stay in place, and that stray hairs are nowhere to be found.

See! Eyebrow grooming for men isn’t that hard! (Just wait ’til you see how women groom their brows…)

Eyebrow grooming for men who want really #onfleek brows

More and more men are actually getting their brows microbladed! For men who have thin (or thinning) eyebrows, they might want to consider microblading. It’s one way to achieve fuller, more defined brows. Plus, it takes away the trouble of having to pluck, tweeze and shape every couple of days, or weeks, if you’re lucky. Eyebrow grooming should be part of your routine, but with microbladed eyebrows, you won’t have to worry about your brows too much.

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