Eyelash Enhancement

Eyelash Enhancement 101

Beautiful eyelashes are undeniably a statement. Long and full lashes are ideal in today’s standard. I mean, who does not want their eyes underneath a flirty full lash? All over the world, eyelash extension parlors are rampant promising to deliver longer, fuller lashes. And yes, they do deliver those extra nice extensions giving you a flirtier and prettier set of eyes. However, extensions can get annoying and hard to maintain. Not to mention the cost of the service that only last a few good weeks, a month if you are lucky. Plus they can get a bit heavy on the eyes, and awkwardly fall off giving you that stage wherein your eye area is diving into one part have some full long lashes and other areas that does not. To top it all off, it can disrupt your usual morning makeup routine preventing you from putting that nice cat-eye liner. But of course, this article is not a pity article regarding eyelash extensions. Here we offer you an alternative to eyelash extensions minus the hassle of all that extra fake eyelash. Introducing Eyelash Enhancement!

eyelash enhancement

What is eyelash enhancement you ask? Eyelash enhancement is a fantastic self-explanatory treatment designed to add extra definition to your eyes. Of course it’s not adding extra eyelashes to your eyes, but it gives the same effect as it darkens or gives color to the roots of your eyelash area that can flatter you and mimic the effects of having full lashes. And when you have this done to you, you’ll have a more defined eye area that looks a 100% natural. Of course, this is a permanent makeup solution unlike eye extensions. However, it gives you the all natural result that really lasts. And unlike most cosmetic tattoo salons that just put an eyeliner around your eye to get an unnatural “eyeliner look,” a special permanent makeup designer creates fine dots of pigment between the eyelashes. These fine dots strategically placed the root of the lashes give the illusion of lashes that are thicker and darker resulting in a natural look. One of the best salons in Los Angeles offers this service: Organic Permanent Makeup (OPM) Salon.

Eyelash Enhancement

OPM Salon is currently one of the most trustworthy and leading salons in the US. One of their most unique services is Eyelash Enhancement. This permanent makeup specialist salon offers top quality premium pigments that uses all natural and organic ingredients that stays in its true original color for a very long time unlike the typical generic ink of other salons that uses the iron oxide that changes color over time. In fact, OPM’s ink is the only US patent organic pigment in the market today. So rest assured that even in the sensitivity of your eye area, you will be placing ink that is plant derived, vegan, and 100% all natural. But don’t be scared with the color options available for this all natural pigment as OPM offers a wide variety of colors for your eyelash enhancement treatment suited for every kind of skin tone.