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Eyelash Enhancement: What You Need To Know Before Getting One

Eyelash trends you gotta seeWhat is eyelash enhancement? Before we dive into that, let’s first discuss a few things. The beauty is in the eye of the beholder. That’s what many people say. Although there’s more to this old adage, it is undeniable that the eyes take on a focal role on the face. Many are drawn to those who have large eyes and long eyelashes because they exude signs of beauty and youth. Longer and fuller eyelashes frame and emphasize the eyes, which gives the person a more feminine, attractive, and refreshed look without the need to put on eyelash extensions, false eyelashes, or mascara.

eyelash enhancementWhen To Consider Eyelash Enhancement?

Eyelash enhancement may be a good option for you if you have thin, sparse or even non-existent eyelashes. You may also consider getting this procedure if you constantly experience eye irritation or discomfort from small particles in the air. If you are always using eyelash extensions or false eye lashes, you should also think about getting this procedure. Another great candidate for eyelash enhancement are those who would like to have long and full lashes without using mascara.

eyelash enhancementAre You A Good Candidate For Eyelash Extensions?

You are a good candidate for this procedure if you are in good health and currently among those who are considering eyelash extension. This cosmetic treatment may work well for you if you have realistic expectations and if you have a positive attitude.

How Is The Procedure Performed?

If you want to use a serum, your artist will tell you about the appropriate method for using eyelash enhancer serum at home. Generally speaking, the eyelash enhancer is applied during the evening so that the product could be absorbed fully and reduce the risk of irritation. You have several options like nonsurgical eyelash enhancers as well as surgical eyelash grafting of individual hair follicles.

Another type of eyelash enhancement treatment is by tattooing a light black line of pigment across your lashline. It is like a permanent eyeliner but it comes with a more natural finish.

The area will be numbed first and then the artist will use a light needle to tattoo a thin line right in your lash line. The artist will fill in between the lashes so that your lashes will look darker, thicker, and full lashes without making it look like you wore some obvious makeup.

Just like eyebrow microblading, this cosmetic treatment take between four to six week touch up period after the first two step procedure. But, once your touch-ups are finished, the results can last for as long as three to five years.

eyelash enhancementHow Much Does It Cost?

Just like any other semi-permanent procedures, eyelash enhancements come at a hefty price. The cost may range between $400 and $800. However, it is definitely a worthwhile investment especially for women who doesn’t like putting on makeup every day.

Things To Remember Before Booking An Eyelash Enhancement

You need to remove your fake lashes at least two weeks before the appointment. Also, you cannot put it back on until two weeks after your touchup session. You should not use eyelash serums for at least 1 month before the procedure. There should be no lash tints or lifts at least ten days before the treatment and you have to wait two weeks after your touch up appointment.

You must not have blepharitis, which is an eyelid infection that are commonly caused by falsies or poor makeup removal routines. If you have had a surgery performed on your eye before, you have to consult your doctor first.

Eyelash Enhancement After Care Plan

The dry healing method is recommended after having the procedure. During the first few days you will notice swelling. You can apply ice over a clean cloth. Don’t apply the ice directly on the skin. Your skin might feel dry but it is normal. Always keep the area dry and avoid using any makeup product until the scabs are totally gone. You are not allowed to go to saunas, pools, or sunbathing.

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