Get bigger lips with lip contouring

8 Ways You Can Get Bigger, Kissable Lips

A long time ago, Kylie Jenner changed the beauty world forever by deciding that full, bigger lips were in. Suddenly, lots of people, including celebrities and influencers, wanted to have bigger lips. Though Kylie got her luscious lips by using lip fillers, luckily the beauty industry has several products that can help you achieve the perfect pout without that expensive procedure.

Whether you want bigger lips like Kylie (she still has a great pout even after ditching her lip fillers) or if you just want more volume to your thin lips, these tips will do the trick. And, if you want to go even further, check out OPM’s lip contouring procedure below.

Get rid of flaky lips

One way to get bigger lips is to create an illusion. Flaky lips reflect less light, which makes your lips look thinner. Get rid of flakes by brushing your lips with a toothbrush, or by using a lip scrub that moisturizes your pout. Scrubbing or brushing your lips increases the circulation in them.

Cover your lips to get bigger lips

Using concealer or foundation, cover your lips starting from the lip line. This creates a canvas that can better show the pigment of your lipstick, as well as make it seem like you have bigger lips.

Use lip gloss

Choose a lip gloss (non-sparkly, please!) that’s close to the color of your lipstick. Dab it in the middle of both of your lips. As we mentioned before, lips that pick up light make your pout look bigger. Get ready to start blowing air kisses!

Overdraw the lipline

Even though Kylie’s lips are already plump, she still uses lip liners to make them look even fuller. Find a lip liner that’s the same shade as your lipstick. Draw slightly outside your natural lip line to make it look like you have bigger lips.  Then, fill in the rest of your lips with the matching lipstick. Clean up the edges using concealer for a defined look.

Use light lipsticks

There’s a reason why nude lipsticks are so popular. Unlike dark lipsticks, which actually make your pout look smaller, a nude or pale pink lip can make your lips look naturally bigger.

Find the best nude lipstick for you with this list of 10 Best Nude Lipsticks of 2018.

Highlight your cupid’s bow

The trick really lies in the lighting. Using a concealer that’s lighter than your shade, or using highlighter, take a small amount and dab it on your cupid’s bow. This creates the illusion of having a more pronounced pout.

Use lip plumpers

Some lip glosses contain lip-plumping ingredients like spearmint and cinnamon. They only give you a temporary plumping effect, but if you just want bigger lips so you can take selfies for a few hours, then lip plumpers are for you.

Lip contouring

Why settle for temporary big lips when you can have bigger lips all the time? While lip fillers often look overdone and unnatural, lip contouring gives you bigger lips without looking clownlike. The edges of the lips are traced using permanent lip liner, and lasts up to five years. Having contoured lips defines your natural lip shape, making them look bigger and fuller, since it’s like you already have lip liner on!

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