microblading numbing system

Get To Know The Microblading Numbing System!

“Is microblading painful?”

It’s natural to ask this question, considering that microblading involves needles penetrating the skin.

But microblading shouldn’t be painful. And with OPM, it isn’t.

Microblading numbing system has come to the rescue in making microblading a comfortable and breezy procedure. Beauty does not have to come at the expense of pain.

Microblading does not have to be painful!
“Beauty does not have to come at the expense of pain.”

We all have different threshold and tolerance for pain.

Feeling pain comes in two steps: biology and perception.

The first step is physical, like when your skin gets pricked. The sensations felt sends a signal to the brain that the body may be in trouble. The second step is how your brain perceives the signal sent.

In simpler words, the brain may be asking the question, do you shrug off the sensation and continue what you are doing or do you stop and focus on what is hurting?

However, sometimes, it may not be as easy to just shrug the sensational pain felt by the body. This is because we all have a different tolerance and threshold for pain. Pain threshold and tolerance, as well as the perception of pain, are influenced by many different factors, such as genetics, emotions, and lifestyle.

Thus, what may not be painful for you might be painful for other people.

Is microblading painful?

Microblading Procedure
All smiles even during the microblading procedure.

Generally, microblading may be a little painful. But it doesn’t have to be. At OPM, our clients attest that they feel little to no pain during the microblading procedure. Some of our clients did not even notice that the procedure was already done, while some slept during the entire procedure.

With these testimonials from clients who have experienced the procedure themselves, we can confidently say: OPM microblading is not painful.

OPM Microblading Numbing System: Gel and Cream

Better safe than sorry, as they say. Because of our different threshold and tolerance for pain, you cannot always safely assume that all your clients will not experience pain during the procedure.

This is why many microblading artists use numbing gels and creams to make the entire microblading procedure as comfortable as possible.

There is a wide variety of numbing gels and numbing creams available on the market today. It’s essential that you keep in mind several considerations before buying, especially the composition of the numbing gel or cream.

The composition of a numbing gel or cream affects its quality and effectivity. With that in mind, we ask: what is the ideal ingredients and their corresponding composition?

Dermatologists and physicians generally suggest a numbing gel or cream that has around 5% of Lidocaine.

Numbing Gel

The OPM Anesthetics Numbing System is composed of two steps. The Numb Freeze Step 1 or the anesthetic cream is applied 15-30 minutes before the procedure with a Q-tip. This cream will numb the skin, to make sure that the procedure will go as comfortably as possible for your client.

The Numb Freeze Step 2 or the anesthetic gel is used during the procedure, after each pass. This ensures that there is no pain throughout the procedure.

The OPM Anesthetics contains 5% Lidocaine. Each bottle has 30mL and has a shelf life of 1 year.

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At OPM, we believe that beauty shouldn’t be painful. If you believe the same thing, then maybe it’s time to book an appointment with us now!

Better yet: join us, and be a microblading artist today!