Eyebrow Microblading

Give Me Back My Eyebrows

People every day suffer from alopecia wheather it’s due to cancer or a desces, a story that touched my heart of a 35 year old mother that was diagnosed with alipichia alerata it happens that it is an amunie disis and millions around the world are suffering from this deseas everyday. After a long battle in fighting going to so many doctors, she finally gave up and accepted her looks without hair as she looked every day in the mirror only asking if I could only have my eyebrows back. She said I look every day in the mirror seeing my face as a whit paper no color, no hair no eyelashes , no eyebrows.

Finally, she decided to find a solution and called Organic Permanent Makeup, more natural look and best of all organic base pigments. The procedure took 30 min no swelling , no bleeding , minimal pain. She said I now look amazing I wake up in the morning and I feel normal again. Got my eyebrows they looked like real hair, I got lash enhancement eyeliner so I look like I have lashes now. Thank God for such procedure I finally got my eyebrows back !!!