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The essential guide to organic permanent eyeliner

Beauty innovations arrive faster than we realize. Just a decade or two ago, people found waterproof eyeliner groundbreaking. And now? Now, we’re in the age of permanent eyeliner—and not the kind that fades horribly, but the kind that never looks ugly.

Get ready, because, in this article, we break down the facts about permanent eyeliner. Keep reading to learn more.

All about organic permanent eyeliner

Permanent eyeliner is exactly what it sounds like. Once you get eyeliner on, you never have to worry about this step in your makeup routine ever again.

The method that bests achieve beautiful permanent eyeliner is organic microblading. Microblading is a tattooing technique. It uses small, fine strokes that mimic the appearance of hair. For that reason, microblading works best for permanent eyebrow makeup. However, microblading’s small strokes are also great for small areas, like the lips and lash line.

Organic microblading is an innovation in traditional microblading. It’s safer, better-looking, and longer-lasting. Here’s why.

What makes organic permanent eyeliner better

Organic microblading boasts the following features:

  • Zero harmful chemicals
  • All-natural ingredients
  • Faster healing time
  • No downtime
  • Never fades to blue or green
  • A wide variety of shades

Organic permanent makeup allows you to get microblading with fewer risks and more benefits.

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The benefits of permanent eyeliner

Permanent eyeliner is perfect for anyone who uses eyeliner on a daily basis. High-end eyeliner brands will ask you for anywhere from $30 to $90 per purchase, and their products only last three or four months of regular use. You could be spending upwards of $300 a year on just eyeliner alone!

Permanent eyeliner only costs a little over $300, and it eliminates the need for applying eyeliner. In the long run, it saves you money and time.

Other benefits include:

  • Natural-looking makeup. Compared to traditional permanent eyeliner, organic permanent eyeliner looks natural. Our expert microblading artists ensure that your natural beauty is enhanced, not covered up.
  • No downtime after the procedure. Unlike other cosmetic procedures, microblading allows you to return to your daily activities without having to take some time off.
  • Expert application. Unsteady hands? No worries. Permanent eyeliner means you don’t have to put on makeup yourself. Our microblading artists will take care of everything for you.

Cost of organic eyeliner microblading

Organic permanent eyeliner costs $350 for either upper or lower eyeliner. For both upper and lower eyeliner, you only have to pay $500.

For disclosure, the fee you pay covers the skill and time of your microblading artist; the ink pigments used in the procedure; the topical numbing gel; and the microblading tools and equipment.

The lifespan of organic eyeliner microblading

With proper aftercare and maintenance, your permanent eyeliner will last up to two years at a time. Afterward, you’ll need annual touchups to keep your liner looking fresh.

Prepping for getting your permanent eyeliner

Getting permanent eyeliner is easier than you might imagine. All you need is to make an appointment and show up on the date of your appointment!

If you’re wondering what to expect regarding the procedure, here’s an overview.

Eligibility for permanent eyeliner

There are some exceptions for microblading eligibility. If you are currently living with the following conditions, then you are unfortunately disqualified from getting organic eyeliner microblading:

  • Keloids
  • Transmittable blood diseases (e.g. HIV, hepatitis)
  • Skin complications and diseases
  • With fillers, Juvederm, or Botox in the desired treatment area
  • Undergoing chemotherapy
  • Extremely oily skin
  • Allergic to numbing agents
  • Pregnant or breastfeeding

If you are underage, you will also have to wait until you are 18 to get organic eyeliner microblading.

Procedure length

The procedure only takes an hour. Some of our clients even come in during their lunch breaks!

Is microblading painful?

We use topical numbing gels before and during the procedure. At most, you will feel mildly comfortable. Rest assured, the procedure does not involve pain at all.

Taking care of the treated area

Your microblading artist will orient you about microblading aftercare, but if you want to get a head start, here’s what you need to know: don’t touch your eyeliner. Not with your fingers, not with anything else. Avoid contact with:

  • Human skin
  • Any liquid, e.g. water, sweat, blood, tears
  • Harsh weather conditions, like strong wind
  • Extreme sunlight
  • Any chemicals, like makeup or skin care products
  • Animal fur

For a full guide to microblading aftercare, check out this list of guidelines.

Scheduling touch-ups

Touch-ups are essential in keeping your eyeliner looking fresh. Scheduling annual touchups also allow you to update your look. If you want thicker or longer eyeliner, then these touchups have you covered.

Get organic eyeliner microblading today

Permanent eyeliner can make your life easier. But more than that, it can give you a boost of confidence you never knew you needed! Don’t hesitate to treat yourself. At Organic Permanent Makeup, we believe that you deserve to feel beautiful and be beautiful—no matter what your definition of “beautiful” may be.

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