Meghan Markle Royal Eyebrows

Here’s How To Achieve Meghan Markle’s Royal Eyebrows

In lieu of the much talked about Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Suits actress Meghan Markle, we have decided to write about one of the most honored attendees of the wedding of the year: Meghan Markle’s eyebrows. Yes you have read that right; Meghan Markle’s eyebrows. Well, they are not actual people. But imagine watching your TV seeing all the beautiful people on screen with their newsworthy brows, and then with a little zooming in, as Prince Harry lifts her bride’s veil, you notice the beautiful radiant bride without her eyebrows. What a distracting site right? But kidding aside, here we teach you how to get royal envy worthy eyebrows just like our beloved new Duchess of Sussex. Plus, read on further to get to see how you can get those eyebrows to stay with you forever, as in happily ever after.

Metro UK recently got in touch with Meghan Markle’s brow stylist: Sherille Riley. According to her, Meghan opts for an Audrey Hepburn-esque brows, something that Shrerille created herself. What this is, is to shape the brows as straight as possible with a gradual lift at the tail end. Brows are kept in-line with the natural brow and completely arch less. Then to finish off the brow, a brow filler, highlighter, and setter are used to keep the brows in place for all those Royal Parties.

Meghan Markle Royal Eyebrows

Well now that we know what Meghan does to her eyebrows, can we just copy it like that? For some, absolutely! Those blessed with full thick eyebrows naturally can. But unfortunately, only a small part of the population can do that. And for the rest of us, we have OPM’s microblading! Yup, that’s Organic Makeup’s famous 3D Organic Microblading (in case you missed it, microblading is a form of semi permanent cosmetic tattoo that mimics actual eyebrow hair). OPM is the best brand in the country known for its innovative US patent organic ink. Its microblading service uses the first and only magnetic PMU device, the least invasive device in the industry, that makes clients feel the least amount of pain. There is absolutely no bleeding, bruising, or any other trauma. In addition, OPM is best known for creating microbladed eyebrows that looks so real and natural that observers are having a hard time to identify which are the real ones and the microbladed ones. They have truly mastered the art and science of microblading. I mean, just look at the photos below.

Meghan Markle Royal Eyebrows

OPM’s topnotch estheticians are some of the best in the industry. Their expertise in the field of permanent makeup, or in this case microblading, has led them to start an academy where they can teach young and aspiring estheticians to master the art of putting organic makeup. But why am I telling you this, and what’s the connection with our new Princess Meghan? Actually, this is relevant for me to tell you because it proves how effortless OPM’s staff can cop that Meghan Markle’s eyebrows everyone is totally wanting right now. Feeling like the Hepburn style is not for you?

Easy! OPM’s well trained staff can shape your brows that will compliment and structure your face, giving you that clean and sparkly royalty aura.

So come on and be quick to book OPM! Be one of the first few to flaunt a Meghan Markle-esque brows among your friends.