history of microblading

History Of Microblading: How The Best In Beauty Came To Be

Microblading is an alternative to conventional makeup. It’s also a rising trend in the US. The practice, however, traces its roots back to ancient Japanese culture. Here’s a quick rundown of the history of microblading.

It began as an alternative trade for woodcarvers

Tattoos were prohibited and considered as taboo in Japan for several centuries. Despite this, Horimono—the traditional Japanese art of tattooing—was popular in the late Edo period, especially among common folk.

But who were the tattoo artists?

At the time, Ukiyo-e or Japanese woodblocking was flourishing. The woodcarvers, however, did not earn enough for a living. Many shifted to tattooing instead, where the demand constantly rose and where they received guaranteed weekly wages.

Horimono artists used natural inks made from charcoal and cadmium to produce rich, elegant colors and shades. Arists dipped bamboo rod with fixed needles into ink and etched designs on human skin.

This technique was known as tebori, which literally means “to carve by hand”. Tebori is commonly cited as a direct inspiration for the tools and the process used in microblading.

A modern update

As economy began to rise and technology advanced, it was inevitable that the beauty industry would boom. Permanent makeup slowly gained popularity in Asia and, later, Europe and the US.

Permanent makeup accommodates a market that demanded for an alternative to conventional, time-consuming makeup.

Due to its global popularity, microblading is known by many names, including but not limited to: eyebrow embroidery, micro-stroking, and 3D eyebrows. Microblading ink, tools, techniques, and practices vary from artist to artist and continue to change over time.

However, failed microblading attempts due to improper training and poor technique also rose. Metal-based inks were popular. However, these caused pigments to fade into unnatural colors and posed potential health risks.

Lorine Mikhaiel, a BS Nursing graduate with a passion for permanent makeup, sought to fix that and tried to find solutions that would make permanent makeup and microblading safer, less painful, and longer-lasting.

From her discoveries and innovations, Organic Permanent Makeup and organic microblading was born.

A new chapter in the history of microblading

Today, OPM is the #1 US brand for permanent makeup and is the best microblading procedure provider the market has to offer.

By looking back and using history as inspiration, we have created a new industry for people who wish to look natural and boost their confidence.

We also offer exclusive classes through our OPM Academy, where we teach aspiring organic permanent makeup artists and technicians the proper way of helping clients look their best. Through intensive training from our team of world-class professionals, any beauty enthusiast can learn the art and skill of microblading.

With the history of microblading to guide us, the future of beauty begins now.