Lorine Mikhaeil is the founder of the best microblading academy in the U.S.

How To Choose The Right Microblading Academy

Are you confused about picking the right microblading academy for you? Well, look no further. Organic Permanent Makeup OPM Academy is the choice for budding microblading experts.

Why, you ask?

Short answer: We’re the best.

Long answer: Organic Permanent Makeup OPM Academy is the longest-running program in the U.S. We offer organic microblading products, highly rated services, and effective professional training. And not only do we teach you, we also offer a job afterwards.

Yes, you read that right. Finish our training, join our team, and earn $10,000 per month, guaranteed.

No shortcuts: Microblading training takes time

Fact is, we don’t short-sell our students: the truth is that there’s no alternate route but sheer determination.

Microblading training takes two to three months. Study a few weeks short of that, and you risk not learning the delicate art and science of microblading.

One microblading academy or two might try to convince you that training lasts only two days. Be careful: these schools only want your money.

They’re not really concerned about whether or not you get a proper career. All they do is show you how their staff does it; they don’t let you handle the needle and face the clients.

In the end, you’ll learn nothing.

Learn from the best in the industry

Lorine Mikheail is the inventor of the Organic Permanent Makeup OPM system. She commits strongly to her passion for permanent makeup—the organic way. Being a pioneer in the industry, she attests that 2 days, 10 days, or even 15 days are really not enough to train students.

She also tells her students to practice every day. Microblading is an art, and Lorine makes sure students learn the importance of perfecting that art. As a microblading artist herself, she puts emphasis on the principles of stability, leverage, and—most of all—symmetry.

Hard work is also important. A client has only one face, so it’s best not to mess up anything, even the tiniest bit of detail, Lorine says.

Microblading academy programs should be systematic

Microblading is not only an art; it’s also a science. That means, you can expect a well-organized and well-planned learning program.

The OPM Microblading Academy follows a three-step process:

  1. Hands-on Demonstration – You get to see with your own eyes the step-by-step procedures involving microblading and other permanent makeup processes.
  2. Mandatory Practice – We require compulsory 150 hours of practice to finish this stage. Your aim is to develop muscle memory, making microblading second nature to you. During this stage, we give you weekly homework and plenty of educational videos to watch in your own home, at your own time.
  3. On Live Models – No other microblading academy will train you this extensively. We want to make sure you get everything right, so we use the ultimate test: real human beings, real clients. Don’t be intimidated; at this point, our students are too good to mess up. Besides, our experts are there to supervise you—and congratulate you on being a microblading artist afterwards.

Not just a microblading academy, but a family

We make sure you achieve your ambition in becoming a professional OPM artist. Once you’re done with training, we help you become a member of our team.

Have your photo up on our website, get marketed to our clients, and watch your portfolio grow for the world to see.

At OPM Academy, your success is our achievement. Join now!