how long does microblading heal

How Long Does Microblading Heal?

How long does microblading heal? That is one of the most common questions asked by people who are thinking of getting this procedure. Microblading is a popular beauty treatment. If you check online, you will be flooded with countless results showing the amazing before and after photos of those who had their eyebrows microbladed.

What Is Microblading?

What is microblading? You can think of it as an eyebrow tattoo that fades after a year or so. It’s good that the results are only temporary since as a person ages, the eyebrows start to become lower. If microblading is permanent, their eyebrows will eventually look misplaced. It is a great option for those who have thin and sparse brows and want to make them look naturally fuller. If you are among those who are considering this procedure, then there are things you need to know first.

How Much Does It Cost?

When it comes to the cost, you can expect to pay a few hundred dollars at least. Of course, the fee is higher if you decide to have a master microblading artist to do the procedure. Don’t compromise the quality just so you can save a few bucks. You wouldn’t want to be the next person to post a scary after photo because of a botched microblading procedure, right?

Always go with a trusted expert. Someone who is known in the industry for providing excellent microblading services. Working with a master microblading artist who can show you proven results can help ease your worries.

There are common things that may happen after you’ve gone through microblading like patching, scabbing, and pigment loss. Before you undergo this procedure, it is best to manage your expectations. This includes knowing what will happen in the following weeks after you have your eyebrows microbladed.

Some patients find their brows look normal after the procedure but there are a few who notice something weird. How diligently you adhere to the aftercare instructions given to you can affect greatly affect the results of microblading. Do what needs to be done and avoid what needs to be avoided.

Day 1-30 After Your Microblading Treatment

Your eyebrows will look fresh and perfect during the first day following the treatment. Over the next three days, you will notice your brows growing thicker and darker. It looks like that because the pigment that rubbed into the new hairs stays on the skin and on the tiny scabs that form during the healing process. The surface pigment will eventually disappear. Between day 5 and day 8, you will notice some scabbing and flaking. It is not recommended to remove the scabs because it may result in pigment loss.

On the 10th day, you will see your brows fall completely but don’t worry! Visit your microblading artist and get a touch-up. Between the second and fourth week after the procedure, you will notice your brows gradually come back. However, they will look patchy and incomplete. These patches will fill slowly. On the 30th day and after the touch-up, you’ll see your brows’ appearance has improved. You will see your eyebrows look much better, fuller, and more gorgeous every day.

Is Scabbing Normal?

Yes, scabbing is a normal part of the healing process after undergoing microblading. It often starts on the fifth day until the 10th day. You will also notice patching on your brow as the scabs fall naturally. This is only temporary so it’s not something you should worry about.

If you notice pigment loss as the eyebrow area heals, you should visit your microblading artist for a retouch. Remember that at least 10% of the pigment will fade away as you heal. The pigment that was lost can be reapplied when you go in for a touch-up.

What Happens After the Healing Period?

If you want your eyebrows to look great in the following months after the procedure then you need to take care of it diligently. Your microbladed eyebrows can last between nine and fifteen months.

However, you need to make sure that you follow the aftercare instructions given to you by your microblading artist and get a retouch every six weeks. Your brow will last provided that you follow these two tips. However, other factors can negatively affect your brow’s longevity. These include your genetics, hormones, and oily skin.

Emotional Struggles During The Healing Process

All patients, regardless of the kind of procedure they’ve gone through, have had to go through some emotional struggles. You need to set your expectations to avoid feelings of frustration and depression as your eyebrows heal.

As mentioned earlier, your brows will look thicker and darker during the first five days. They will look unnatural and a bit harsh. If you are feeling uneasy about the appearance, you may ask your closest friend or loved one about how they feel about it.

Don’t panic if you notice scabbing and flaking in your eyebrow area. These are normal. Don’t worry if you find no pigment on the area, it will gradually reappear as long as you follow the aftercare guidelines and you go for a retouch.

After four weeks, you will notice see some strokes and patches that didn’t retain. That’s fine. It just goes to show that your first visit won’t immediately give you the perfect brow. You need to visit your microblading artist for a touch-up.

What To Avoid During The First Two Weeks After Microblading?

  • Don’t touch your eyebrow area unless if you are rinsing it or applying ointment. It.
  • Don’t drive open-air cars, boats, motorcycles, or bicycles.
  • Don’t drink too much alcohol because it may slow down the healing process.
  • Avoid strenuous household cleaning tasks.
  • Don’t scratch, peel or pick your eyebrow area.
  • Avoid tanning, or any laser and chemical treatments and peelings.
  • Avoid swimming or any activity that increases sweating.

Be sure to wash your face carefully especially the area around your eyebrow but avoid getting water on the area that’s been microbladed. Don’t wet your face when you are in the shower. Call your doctor right away if you notice signs of infection. These include fever, swelling, redness, tenderness, discharge, and foul odor. Hopefully, the details provided here have answered your question as to how long microblading heal.

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