How the best microblading service in the US was founded

How OPM Was Born: A History Of The Best Microblading Service In The U.S.

Like all the best inventions in the world, OPM began with an existing problem and a great idea.

Our story begins with Lorine Mikheail—the creator and owner of the best microblading service in the U.S.–and her passion for permanent makeup.

Changing times

It was the middle of the nineties. The new millennium was fast approaching. Technology was advancing like never before.

The beauty industry was not exempt.

Permanent makeup saw increasing popularity in Europe and the U.S. This was when Mikheail started to notice something alarming.

The Problem

This was what she discovered: several cases of permanent makeup and microblading led to skin damage and pigment discoloration. What’s worse was that the number of cases kept climbing.

Something had to be done.

Thus began her quest to find the solution to conventional and safe permanent makeup.

Drawing inspiration from history

Historically, microblading traces its roots to Asia, specifically ancient Japanese culture. The tattooing technique Tebori–literally meaning “to carve by hand”—used inks made from cadmium and charcoals.

Most inks used in conventional permanent makeup were metal-based. Inks with iron oxide were not only harmful but also prone to fading and discoloration.

Mikheail, a BS Nursing graduate and general practitioner, believed there had to be another way to look natural without compromising health.

The natural solution

So Mikheail formulated non-toxic, organic inks as an alternative to metal-based inks. These pigments were rich in color and did not fade. The best part was that they allowed for natural healing.

Today, OPM offers an inclusive line of pigments for easy selection and use for all skin types.

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Modern innovation

Aside from organic inks, Mikheail also discovered a way to prevent scarring and lessen pain. Most microblading tools and equipment pierce through the dermal layer. This caused secondary healing.

Mikheail’s extensive medical experience played a major role in the invention of the OPM machine. With the OPM machine, organic microblading and organic permanent makeup produce natural, longer-lasting results.

Permanent results for the future

Today, OPM is the #1 U.S. brand for permanent makeup and the best microblading service the market has to offer.

We have expanded our services and products to cater to a wider audience. Seeing the lack of knowledge and training on permanent makeup in the U.S., Mikheail initiated the OPM Academy.

Under the OPM Academy, anyone who wishes to learn more about permanent makeup as a career is welcome to join and learn from the best microblading service providers.

Mikheail believes perfect practice makes perfect work. We continue to share her vision in boosting confidence and improving lives—one face at a time.

After all, every great idea leads to permanent results.

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