Is microblading painful? Not at OPM

Is Microblading Painful? Not At OPM

It’s natural to wonder: “Is microblading painful?” Beauty does sometimes comes with pain—we’ve all accepted this. But should it really?

Well, our clients at Organic Permanent Makeup (OPM) have answers to that question. Some felt little to no pain. Others didn’t even notice that their microblading procedure was already done. There are even cases where a customer slept during the entire procedure.

To put it simply, even with these varying answers, it’s evident that OPM microblading is not painful.

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Is microblading painful when it uses only organic pigments?

No. Organic microblading is safer and lesser painful because there are no side effects.

Our organic pigment comes from natural sources and has many color variations. They are vegetable-, mineral-, and water-based pigments. And, as we all know, our body is made up of 60% water, meaning it absorbs the pigment more easily.

Also, compared to solidly-filled eyebrow tattoos, OPM microblading only needs small pigments to do the job. That means less time for the client to be subjected to the procedure.

In other words, organic microblading is very compatible with our body. Not only does it accept organic pigments faster and more effectively, it’s also a shorter procedure. Less time equals less pain.

That is, if there is any pain at all.

Is microblading painful during healing?

Healing depends on the degree of tissue loss. OPM makes sure our incisions in your skin will yield only to primary healing. We only need to go as deep as the upper epidermis, before the hair follicle and the blood vessels.

That means our healing time is only three to five days.

Primary healing happens when there is little tissue loss. Secondary healing, on the other hand, happens when there is extensive tissue loss.

Basically: the smaller the tissue loss, the faster the healing process. In OPM, we don’t need to go that deep to get the pigment in.

And since the cut is not that deep, clients are assured that very little tissue loss was made and that the whole process truly doesn’t hurt, especially if compared to traditional tattooing that penetrates very deeply in the skin.

Does science help microblading become less painful?

OPM only uses very fine nanoneedles to create hair strokes. These strokes are laid in a specific 3D pattern that can hardly be distinguished from real hair.

So it’s important that the cuts are fine, and with our equipment, we make it look easy. Our 17 nanoneedles, perfectly configured as a single power pen, makes the job of creating perfect, natural-looking and symmetrical eyebrows painless.

We don’t need to go seven layers deep into the skin, like traditional tattooing. With our microblading tools, we can do with only a few layers. We definitely have the least invasive procedure in the market.

The conclusion: Microblading is not painful

Thanks to our rigid team training, microblading is always done properly. We never skip important sterilization steps, and we always observe absolute patience regarding the proper depth of the incision.

With OPM, you can cut five to ten minutes of your makeup routine every single day. After all, we believe that beauty should not come with pain.

If you believe the same thing, then perhaps it’s time to book an appointment.