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Is Microblading Safe?

Do you have doubts and you keep on asking yourself “is microblading safe?”? The straight forward answer is YES. However it all depends on factors which you also have to consider when choosing a microblading service provider.

Why is Microblading Safe?

Microblading is safe when it follows the guidelines for sterilization and disinfection. You might have worries about infection since needles will penetrate your dermis. But this is something you need to understand be careful about.

The microblades are single use and should not be used again even in any circumstances. Meaning, once the artist prepares for the procedure, a new microblade is taken from the pack.

The pen tool on the other hand is wash thoroughly with soap, water and brush. There is an appropriate cleaning solution for this. The same solution will also soak the part of the microblading tool leaving it there for an hour. Then, this is rinsed and dried and UV sterilization follows. This is done after every use.

Unhygienic Practices Cause Infection

If the artist who performs microblading is not practicing proper hygiene, then you are at risk of infection. This is something you need to be really careful.

Observe the practices of the microblading place and for sure you will be able to assess if you are in the safe place or not.

How to Reduce Your Risk

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Avoid Bad Experience

It is always your own lookout to avoid bad experience. Look forward for a positive outcome. Avoid getting the microblading services anywhere without asking yourself, is microblading is safe with them. You can visit the place and make sure to be always cautious. Do not be tempted with assurances and even cheaper cost.

Do your Research

Online, there are reviews to read. You can get ideas from these reviews about previous clients’ experiences. If possible, you can contact the client and ask some stories about how microblading has been performed.

You may also call the service provider to ask details about how the procedure is done and how they assure you of safety practices.

Only Trust Reputable Provider

Check if the artist is certified and experienced. Certifications they have will make you feel at ease that microblading is safe. If they are certified, this only means they are trained of the appropriate protocols in permanent make-up; otherwise, their license and certification will be revoked.

Your Share of Ensuring Safety

Take good care of your eyebrows after the microblading procedure. Follow the after-care instructions such as:

Keeping Dry

The brow’s skin is pierced and so it should be always dry. Avoid sweating or making the area wet during shower and saunas. Refrain of course from swimming. Avoid these for two weeks or more.

Avoiding Make-up

Do not put on make-up. Avoid the facials creams and toners which you used to apply. There may be harmful ingredients which could penetrate the open pores in the eyebrow portion.

Avoiding Touch to the Area

Do not scratch, pick or peel the eyebrows. Even touching it is also a big no. Do not do these while you are steal healing. Be careful of your bangs too. The hair might touch the area.

Using the Prescribed Treatment

There is a prescribed ointment or cream for the microbladed area. Use it as directed. Do not use those that are not recommended.

Being Mindful

There are signs of infection. For instance, you might notice redness and swelling in the area. If this last for several days, seek for medical attention or inform the artist about it. Sometimes you may notice a discharge with a foul odor. These are infection signs.

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