Microblading Service

Is Microblading Safe: Risks You Need To Know

A lot of people are wanting to know more about eyebrow microblading. It is a semi-permanent cosmetic treatment for women with barely-there brows without the hassle of putting on makeup daily. Gone are the days when thin brows are in vogue because thick brows are popular today. Plus, social media’s been flooded with tales of how great this cosmetic procedure is. No wonder women across the globe are becoming increasingly interested in eyebrow microblading. However, there’s also many of them who continue to as the question, is microblading safe?

Is microblading painful? Not at OPMHow Is Eyebrow Microblading Different From Traditional Cosmetic Tattoos

Many people fail to realize that eyebrow microblading is actually cosmetic tattooing. The primary difference lies on the tool used to perform the procedure. Microblading can deliver amazing results if the one who performs it is a well-trained and experienced technician. However, the fact that this trend also came with bad reviews mainly because of poorly trained artists.

Microblading ServiceIs Microblading Safe? : Possible Complications

Allergic reactions and infections are the primary risks of microblading and other forms of tattooing. Any of these two can result in permanent scarring or inflammation that could lead to hair loss in the eyebrow area. The incorrect shaping or application of the color means removal of all or part of the pigment, which is a hard thing to do.

Is microblading safe? Yes, it is as long as it is performed by a reputable microblading artist. However, at the hands of someone who has no skill or an artist who was poorly trained, microblading, in worst cases, could disfigure a person.

Microblading Pigments

Is Microblading Safe: Will The Pigments Cause Reactions?

Low quality pigments or sanitary issues may cause infection. Dye particles are difficult to remove, which makes it a struggle to manage allergic reactions to the pigment used. Allergies could potentially lead to lumpiness and scarring.

Is Microblading Safe: New Pigments?

The release of new pigments in the market should not excite you that much. Let others try it first. As expected, brands will claim that it’s the best whenever they release a new item. However, not all of them can deliver. It is better to use a pigment brand that’s been available for a long time and have no history of clients reporting allergic reactions. Staying with this option means you’re most likely going to be fine.

Microblading ProcedureSigns You Need To Find A New Eyebrow Microblading Artist

Hygiene remains one of the top considerations when finding an eyebrow microblading artist and when answering the question, is microblading safe. Find another one if you think your health is at risk with your current artist. Try not to go with the cheapest artist in your area. There may be a reason why they offer the cheapest service and you shouldn’t take the risk.

You must not assume that everything is clean even if the microblade is unopened before the procedure. The eyebrow microblading artist must not touch any of the reusable product after they started the tattooing procedure using the same gloves. You better get out of there if ever you saw the technician do this.

Eyebrow MicrobladingWhat To Do Before Having The Procedure?

Avoid taking blood thinners, sun-tanning, and botox. You should not apply acne breams or retinol on your forehead and around your brows.

The Best and Worst Candidates

The best candidates for eyebrow microblading are those suffering from alopecia. Meanwhile, very young girls aren’t suitable for this kind of cosmetic procedure. It is also not ideal for people who spend a lot of time under the sun.  Once again, for the question, is microblading safe, the answer is yes. If you believe that you have a sensitive skin, then don’t do it. It doesn’t matter if your artist is the best in the field. Your microblading artist is not a magician. The success of the procedure has a lot to do with the kind of skin you have. If your skin isn’t ideal for this type of procedure then you cannot expect to get excellent results.