kim kardashian's eyebrow throwbacks

Kim Kardashian’s eyebrow throwbacks: Kim K isn’t embarrased by her thin arches

Not even beauty icon Kim K was immune to the 90s’ bad brows movement. Kim Kardashian’s eyebrow throwbacks harken back to a time of sitting in front of a mirror, plucking away until our brows looked…well, thin. Shockingly thin.

Kim is now one of the top 15 most Googled eyebrows, but her senior year brows looked about as good as ours did. Translation: they didn’t look that good at all.

Kim’s snap is a video that features her senior year photo. She also exclaims, “That was me in 8th grade. Look at my eyebrows—Anastasia would be mortified!” Anastasia Soare is the founder of Anastasia Beverly Hills and the Kardashian-Jenners’ eyebrow consultant.

The video then pans to another shot of Kim with her 90’s brows.

“Look, I was obsessed…I think this was 9th grade, yeah,” Kim says. “I was obsessed with Drew Barrymore!”

To which we respond with the question: who wasn’t?

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thin brows never looked so good

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This isn’t the first of Kim Kardashian’s eyebrow throwbacks

This one, however, was posted by momager and mogul Kris Jenner.

“#us 1997 throwback….the best memories #proudmama,” wrote Kris on her Instagram account. The photo is of Kris with a 17-year-old Kim, a toddler Kendall, and an infant Kylie.

Not even award-winning singer Katy Perry could resist poking fun at Kim K’s brows. She left a comment, saying, “Tell Kim to show us that look on makeup tutorial pls”.

Kim replied with a, “I look horrendous! I was obsessed with Drew Barrymore and her thin eyebrows! And I discovered glitter bronze shadow”.

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'97 was one for the books. #CommentsByCelebs

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Overplucked brows? It’s not the end of the world…

Or, at least, it doesn’t have to be! Some overplucked brows stay overplucked—the hair follicles being damaged so badly that the hair doesn’t grow back.

If, unlike the KarJenners, getting the Anastasia Saore treatment isn’t in the picture, don’t worry! There are other ways to get Instagram-worthy brows.

Brow expert Giselle Soto told StyleCaster that committing to a brow serum can help in growing back your overplucked brows. Make your own serum by mixing equal parts castor, vitamin E, and argan oils and putting them on your brows overnight.

“Massage the oil into your eyebrows for two to three minutes before bed, leave it on overnight, and wash it off the next morning,” Soto instructed.

You can also opt for layering castor, rosemary, or lavender essential oil on your brows or finding a store-bought serum that has the ingredients peptides, keratin, and biotin.

It’s also important to give your brows some well-deserved time off. Put the tweezers away and let your eyebrows try to grow on their own.

“Unfortunately, you can’t stimulate hair to grow any faster than your body naturally would,” Soto explained. “Eating a clean diet does increase your chances—however, eyebrow hair growth takes time.”

The good news is there’s a quicker solution

If you’re plagued by an eyebrow that just won’t seem to grow back, Organic Permanent Makeup has the answer for you: organic microblading.

Microblading is using ink pigments to create hair-like lines, resulting in fuller-looking brows. It’s a quick and convenient way to solve overplucked brows. With a single one-hour session, you can say goodbye to hours and hundreds of dollars spent on eyebrow makeup!

Here’s how that looks like:

The best part? We use only all-organic ink pigments. That means zero side effects and 100% compatibility with all skin types!

Curious to know more? We’ve got a guide to eyebrow microblading ready for you. Or, better yet, book an appointment and consult with our experts!

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