Korean Makeup Trends

Korean Makeup Trends That Will Dominate 2019

You have probably already noticed korean makeup trends dominating the beauty industry. From gradient lips, straight eyebrows, to glowing skin, these have slowly made their way from Asia into the most viewed YouTube makeup tutorials.

The Korean makeup trends of 2018 look pretty impressive, and we’re sure that some of them will be carried over to the next year. Read on to find out which trends we predict will stay for a long time with this Korean makeup trends guide.

Korean Makeup Trend 1: BLUSH AROUND THE EYES

Known as the “hangover” look, this Korean makeup trend appiles blush around the eyes, in a sort of inverted triangle shape. Go for this look with glowing skin and viola! You’ll look like you just had a shot, or two, of alcohol. Use peach-toned blush around the eyes and on your cheeks to make you look like you have a blooming complexion. Other shades that work include rose, red and magenta.

Korean Makeup Trend 2: HIGH SHINE PINK LIPS

Korean makeup trends are all about the natural look. This natural “rule” applies to the entire face, including your skin, eyebrows and even your eyebrows. The makeup trend that’ll make its way to 2019 is the high-shine pink lip. After applying a light, girly pink lipstick, swipe a generous amount of gloss over your lips. This will make your lips look bigger and fuller. If you want, you could also scrap lipstick and immediately go for lip gloss. If you have naturally pink lips, the gloss can enhance your lips’ natural color.

Korean Makeup Trend 3: STRAIGHT BROWS

Following the natural feel of all Korean makeup trends, straight brows are typically easy to achieve. All you have to do is brush through your brows, fill them in with powder, and you’re done! With this look, you won’t have to clean your brows up using concealer or foundation. The goal is to make your brows look soft and natural. If you’re having a hard time mastering this Korean makeup trend, you could go for eyebrow microblading so that microblading artists can shape your brows for you!


Korean Makeup Trend 4: PUPPY EYE LINER

Cat eye? Korean makeup trends say no to that. Instead, they have puppy eye liner. This eyeliner trick makes your eyes look gentle and doll-like. To achieve this makeup trend, simply draw your eyeliner as you normally would, but as you reach the outer corner of the eye, make the slope go downward instead of flicking it upward as you would with a cat-eye.

Korean Makeup Trend 5: GRADIENT LIPS

If you watch K-Dramas, you’ll notice one thing that’s always consistent: their characters always have gradient lips. Achieving this look is pretty easy — all you got to do is apply lipstick onto the center of your lips, then with a brush or your fingertips, blend it outward. Most people prefer to use lip tints or lip stains for gradient lips, but we wouldn’t recommend using tints if your lips are chapped because (trust us) it’s just going to look like you’re sick.