Lion Mane Eyebrows

Lion Mane Eyebrows: Check Out The Newest Eyebrow Trend And How To Get It

The beauty industry is at a crossroads; are we going for thin eyebrows a la Rihanna or the all-natural lion mane eyebrows?

While both trends are reminiscent of what beauty looked like from decades ago, we know which one we’re rooting for: the beautiful and natural-looking lion mane eyebrows!

What are ‘lion mane eyebrows’?

Lion mane eyebrows are exactly how you imagine a lion’s mane to be: big, bushy, and absolutely magnificent.

This new trend needs no plucking, waxing, or threading. In fact, the first thing you need to do to achieve lion mane eyebrows is to let your hair grow naturally.

That’s right: with this trend, you can successfuly say goodbye to the painful hours spent having your eyebrow hair stripped from your face.

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To achieve this bushy look, you need to brush your eyebrows up with a spoolie brush and then fill in the sparse spaces with your preferred eyebrow makeup.

Make sure to use thin and precise strokes to mimic your eyebrow hair! The brushing-up of your brow hair is what creates a fuller-looking eyebrow.

There’s one main difference between lion mane eyebrows and the perfectly manicured eyebrows we’ve been used to in the past few years: with this new trend, you don’t get rid of the “stray hairs” underneath your arch!

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Help! My eyebrows are too sparse for lion mane eyebrows!

Is brushing up your eyebrow hair or filling your arch in with eyebrow makeup now enough? Is your eyebrow hair taking too long to grow? Or worse—are they refusing to grow back?

No need to worry! Organic Permanent Makeup has the perfect solution for you: eyebrow microblading.

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Ever wanted to leave behind your daily eyebrow makeup routine? Ever wished you didn’t have to spend hundreds of dollars just to get the perfect makeup shade for your eyebrows? If your answer to both questions is yes, then microblading is definitely for you.

Microblading is the process of inserting pigments into your skin. With eyebrow microblading, the pigments are used to draw fine lines that perfectly mimic your eyebrow hair, making your microbladed brows look completely natural.

What’s more is that OPM’s microblading is a hundred percent in-line with your goal of going natural! Our microblading pigments are 100% organic, which means they’re:

  • food dye-based, not metal-based;
  • compatible with all skin types;
  • longer lasting than inorganic microblading; and
  • free from any side effects or infections!

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Microblading goes perfectly with lion mane eyebrows. You no longer need to spend hours in front of the mirror, perfecting your arches.

Just schedule an appointment, consult with our microblading artists, and get fuller-looking eyebrows in thirty minutes. Imagine trading your daily thirty-minute eyebrow makeup routing for a once-a-year thirty-minute procedure!

Microblading is completely painless and safe—but, just to be completely sure, get your eyebrows done the organic way. It’s healthier, it’s safe, and it’s gorgeous!

Interested yet? Check out this quick and fun quiz to find out which of our organic pigments is the best color for you. You can also read more about microblading and find out how OPM maintains its safety standards.

Or, better yet, schedule an appointment today!