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5 Mistakes You’re Making With Your Lipstick

Any lady will agree that any outfit is incomplete without lipstick. A good lipstick just completes the outfit and makes you look put together. You could even hop out of bed and go into town in your pajamas, and still look amazing just as long as you have lipstick on. Lipstick is the magic spell that fools people into thinking that you actually put some effort into your appearance. But, as easy as lipstick application sounds – it’s just pucker up and swipe across the lips, right? – lipstick application can actually go wrong. It’s more complicated than it seems. Sometimes, lipstick can get on your front teeth (very embarrassing if you’re going on a date) or you can end up looking like Miranda Sings. Fortunately, we’ve rounded up some common lipstick mistakes you’re making with your lipstick, and how you can avoid them.

5 lipstick mistakes you’re doing now

Putting lipstick over chapped lips – You could have the most expensive lipstick in the world, yet it would still look bad on cracked lips. One of the worst looks you could ever have is cracked lipstick. It makes you look, well, pretty badly groomed. You can avoid cracked lipstick by hydrating — drink enough water each day, which is around six to eight glasses. If hydration isn’t enough, use lip balms like Vaseline before applying your lipstick.

Not using lip liner – If you think lip liner is reserved for the nineties, you need an update on your beauty routine! Kylie Jenner has made lining your lips popular again, so lip liner is definitely NOT a lipstick mistake. It’s a lipstick MUST-DO! When you correctly line your lips, you’re actually making your lips look fuller and bigger. Plus, lip liner makes it easier for you to apply lipstick without it bleeding or feathering out. Of course, lip contouring is still the better, more convenient option.

Using lip liner that’s too dark – Unless you want to go for a nineties look, you should always find lip liner that complements your lipstick shade. To avoid making this lipstick mistake, you should color the entire lip with lip liner first, before blending in your lipstick toward the edge of the liner. Always, always look for lip liner that matches your chosen lipstick shade.

Your lipstick is the wrong shade РOne of the most common lipstick mistakes is choosing the wrong shade  for your skin tone. When picking out your new lipstick, you should always consider your skin tone. People with fair skin should avoid shades that are too light or have too much yellow undertone. People with darker skin should avoid nude or pale colors.

Over-applying your lipstick – Too little lipstick is bad. Too much lipstick is worse. Sometimes, if you add too much lipstick, your lips will look cakey and clumpy. Your lipstick might even transfer to your teeth. To make sure you’re applying enough lipstick and that it won’t transfer to your teeth, try sticking your finger in your mouth. Then, close your mouth and then slide out your finger. You could also invest in long-lasting lipsticks that are known for their pigmentation.



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