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Lipstick Tips to Make Your Pout Perfect

Lipstick is GORGEOUS, but applying lipstick can be hard. You’d think it would be easy, but it actually isn’t. Sometimes, our lipstick ends up looking clumpy, dry, uneven and well… not what we had hoped for. We’ve rounded up the best lipstick tips from the world wide web so that you never mess up your lipstick.

Lipstick tips #1: Start Fresh

Just like your skin, your lips also need moisture and exfoliation. You should exfoliate your lips at least once a week, especially if you frequently wear matte liquid lipstick. Use a wet toothbrush to gently brush through your lips, or go for a lip scrub with moisturizing ingredients like honey.

Use protection. Your lips are susceptible to sun damage, so look for lip balms that have at least SPF 30. Using lip glosses increases the chances of your lips getting burned, so be sure to stay away from glosses when you know you’ll be out in the sun.

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Your lipstick shade should be chosen based on your natural lip color, NOT your skin tone, because lipstick shades look different on each lip color. Those with pale lips can go for cherry shades or pale coral lipsticks. Naturally plump and red lips would look great in hot pink and bright orange. Darker lips would look amazing in deep, sensual wine shades.

One of the most flattering, and most popular, lip colors of today is the nude. The rule is to go darker if you have light skin, and to go lighter if you have darker skin. Thankfully, we’ve written a post on how to slay the nude look.

Whoever said that lip liner is for the nineties is messing with you, honey. Lip liner is one of the easiest ways to define your lips and instantly give you a fuller pout. Even Kylie Jenner swears by it. When lining your lips, use a liner that matches your lipstick.

And, have you heard of lip contouring? It uses semi-permanent makeup to line your lips, giving it a natural yet clean shape, so that applying lipstick is easier.

Okay, we know how SUPER precise and clean lipstick looks are so popular on Instagram and YouTube, but these kind of lips actually make your lips look smaller. If you want your lips to look slightly fuller, try smudging the edges of your lips to soften the edges.

Unlike fine dining, applying your lipstick requires you to work your way outward. Start at the center of your lips, slowly blending out the color toward the borders of your mouth. This way, you avoid over applying your lipstick.

Want to make your lipstick last longer? Apply a layer onto your lips, blot the layer with tissue, then apply another layer of lipstick. The first application will act as a base, while the second and final one adds full coverage.

Who says you have to wear minimal makeup if you’re rocking bold lipstick? Don’t restrict yourself! Get creative however you would like. You can have wild eyeshadow and bold lipstick without looking weird… It’s 2018, you can do and be whatever you want, sweetie!

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