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The Lupita Nyong’o Bleached Brows Look Will Either Be A Nightmare Or A New Trend

Leave it to director Jordan Peele to figure out how to build a terrifying movie and a potentially terrifying new trend. His new flick Us parades a set of eyebrows that will either prove to be a hit on Instagram or haunt us in our sleep. And the muse? You guessed it. Check out the Lupita Nyong’o bleached brows look that’s somehow both creepy and chic.

Who doesn’t love Lupita? The award-winning actress is a vision to behold both on-screen and on the red carpet.

Now that she’s conquered Hollywood drama (12 Years a Slave, 2013) and sci-fi (Black Panther, 2018; Star Wars: The Force Awakens, 2017), Lupita is set to win us all over again with a horror movie.

And in the hands of certified spook master, Jordan Peele, too.

Of course, one role isn’t enough for this talent. Lupita plays both the Adelaide Wilson and her doppelganger, Red.

And, ironically, Red won’t be sporting anything distinctively red. Instead, she’s sporting these soon-to-be-iconic blonde, bleached brows.

Game changers: Jordan Peele and this Lupita Nyong’o bleached brows look

Us features a family going on a beach holiday—standard horror film fare. However, there are no creepy murderers or hungry aliens here. Instead, we have the family’s violent doppelgangers, called ‘The Tethered’.

The movie’s makeup department head, Scott Wheeler, shared that the doppelgangers needed to look like the Wilson family—with a sligthly deranged and deprived flavor.

Lupita Nyong’o’s makeup artist Tym Buacharern revealed to Refinery29 how they achieved the star’s look.

“It was a task. We exaggerated her lines and veining a little more than usual and added some sallow texture to her skin, but something just wasn’t working for her as Red,” he said.

Tym explained that the crew wanted a signature look for Red, like how the Tethered son Pluto had burn scars on the lower half of his face, a nod to the character’s love of playing with fire.

“We thought maybe she could have a burn, too, but the prosthetic changes that would’ve been necessary to create that look would take too long.”

It was Lupita herself who suggested the bleached brows, so her arches would appear singed. In fact, the actress was willing to actually bleach her brows, but director Jordan Peele didn’t want to ask too much of the star.

The makeup department then resorted to using special effects mascara, giving Lupita’s brows a burnt blonde color. Tym also backcombed Lupita’s brows to make them truly seem like they went through a baptism by fire.

To add to that stroke of brilliance, the fading brows became a signature for the rest of the Tethered. And so we have Jordan and Lupita to thank for our new obsession-slash-nightmare.

Want to steal the look?

Peel a page out of Jordan Peele’s book and rock bleached brows. Perfect for a chic, new look or an advanced Halloween costume.

While we echo Jordan’s recommendations against bleaching your brows, there are ways to achieve the look still. Here’s how to fake bleached brows:

  • Conceal. Using a mascara brush or a clean toothbrush, brush concealer through your eyebrows. Start at the base and work towards the outer corner of the eye.
  • Just peachy. After putting on concealer, brush on another layer, but this time using a peachier color.
  • Ready…set. Use a setting brush to finish your look with translucent setting powder.

We’ve had so many brow trends in the past years that it’s hard to predict what will be a hit or a miss.

But regardless of which brow trend you jump on (from microblading to Christmas brows), remember to take good care of your arches.

Because once your brows take a hit and stop growing…well, then that’s the real horror movie.