The real deal about lip microblading

Makeup On Everyone’s Lips

Microblading learning is being talked about by a lot of people, especially those who are too busy to apply makeup on her day to day life. Clearly, if there is a thing which gives women an enhanced fresh and natural appearance and at the same time, have the freedom from daily makeup routine, the news will be uttered by everyone’s lips in no time.

Getting more literal this time, OPM makeup procedure for lips enhancements have all the right ways for everyone’s varying demands on lips. We can change the size, shape, and color of your lips into whatever that pleases you. You can have a flush, full looking envious lips blending with your natural color. Or if you want to look younger, you might want to have soft pink lips similar to those of a newborn baby.

Microblading lips require a prior consultation first. We help you decide on what you should want for your lips to be. We carefully consider the frame of your face and the tone of your skin for that matter. And then we educate you to have a substantial microblading learning which is essential for your lips’ maintenance.

We know exactly how you feel when you are not sure if the changes in your lips are still normal or not, and to make you aware that we are experts in what we are doing, here are some microblading learning reminders after you undergo the process of microblading lips.


Microblading Lips: After Post-Procedure

There will be swelling from moderate to slight on the first three days. On the first two days, your lips will feel nothing that significant except of the slight swelling. But on the third day, it’ll be thicker and it feels hot or sore, so don’t forget to apply Vaseline on this 3rd night. Exfoliation begins on the 4th day and you’ll have very chapped lips. It continues until the 5th day. And finally, on the 6th day, a soft and rich color begins to appear.


Microblading Lips: Shedding off Some Tissue

Your lips will appear pale after the first week. Lip color slowly disappears and the frosty stage begins as a grayish haze is dominant on the lips. Don’t be scared because it’s normal. The good news is that it is a sign that the healing on your skin is starting. Here, the extra pigment trapped in the epidermis will shed as dead skin cells will slough off. Then as the new skin will naturally take over at the top, the nice pigmented area can now be viewed under the skin. Color blooms from within more and more each day.


Microblading Lips: After 21 Days

Healing is normally complete on this day. So the color that you’ll be seeing is the final one. Lips will remain dry for a month or two so wear some type of lip gloss or lip balm so it won’t feel dry and the implanted pigment will be enhanced. It is to be expected that the color will also slightly vary on a daily basis. The changing temperature of your environment is one of the reasons. Another is due to the condition of your body, like if you are hydrated or dehydrated.

One exception of the healing time is when the client is older, say over 50 years of age. Responsible microblading lips procedure suggest on waiting for another one week for the total restoration of the natural collagen of the lip tissue to occur.  

Altogether, On Microblading Learning for Microblading Lip

We will be very honest. A true lipstick-look should not be expected here. Microblading lips procedure do not replace makeup. However, by already being naturally beautiful through this, it will save you time and energy. Basically, you’ll only need simple and fast makeup to do the trick of enriching your beauty.

Always bear in mind your microblading learning regarding the post-care instructions of your lips! The tasks are not too daunting and it helps to know that the effect of microblading lips procedure lasts almost forever.

Let Organic Permanent Makeup OPM be your partner in this quest for being forever beautiful.