Waterproof Makeup Tips and Tricks

How many times have you searched for “how to make your makeup waterproof” on Google? If you’ve searched the Internet for so long, and still haven’t found an answer, don’t lose hope just yet. We’ve come up with our list of tips and tricks to help keep your makeup waterproof and intact despite the weather. Now, hot weather and sweat won’t be your enemies when it comes to makeup. By following these tips, you can keep your makeup on for as long as you’d like.

Without further ado, here are some  tips for making your makeup waterproof.

How to make your makeup waterproof in any season

Use light makeup

Trust us, your worst enemy in the heat is heavy makeup. If you’ve been using heavy foundations and concealers all throughout the year, you might want to consider going for the barely-there makeup look. Try using less makeup, as the buildup of product can contribute to the buildup of oil, making your face look less fresh throughout the day. Look for light, breathable products that still offer the right amount of coverage.

Use stains or tints instead of powders

If you’ve been using makeup for a long time, you’ll know how easily powder makeup can look cakey. To make your makeup waterproof, try switching your powder blushes for tints or stains. It will stay on longer because it’ll actually stick to your skin.

Obviously, go for waterproof products.

Okay, if your product claims to be waterproof, there’s a high chance that it really DOES work against water, which is the greatest enemy of makeup. When shopping for waterproof makeup, swatch the products on the back of your hand. Wash your hands, try to remove it by rubbing on it with your thumb, and see if it comes off. If it doesn’t, then you’ve just taken a step toward making your makeup waterproof.

Use primer

To help keep your makeup waterproof, use primer. It helps hold your makeup in place.

Use oil-free products

Naturally, oil does not work well with other substances. Things slide off of oil. If you use oil-based products such as certain moisturizers and skin care products, you’re already setting things up for disaster. To make your makeup waterproof, look for oil-free formulas that will keep your skin hydrated, but will not make your makeup slide off an hour after doing your makeup.

Use blotting paper

Ugh, don’t you hate it when your skin becomes oily because of the weather? The most common way to handle this situation is by using blotting paper to eliminate some of the shine. It manages the shine, but also helps make your next coat of makeup waterproof. Just imagine putting another layer of makeup on an oily face. Do you really think the products are going to stick? Nope.

Avoid shiny, glittery stuff

So, you think putting on highlighter will make you achieve that glass skin look? Well, maybe in favorable weather, but in weather that will make you sweat, the shine will just make you look like a disco ball. Avoid using makeup products that have too much shine, because the shine and shimmer will make you look even shiner, on top of your natural oily shine. Avoid shimmery and shiny products to make the rest of your makeup waterproof.

Permanent makeup

The surefire way to make your makeup waterproof? Permanent makeup. Go swimming, go running, sweat all you want — your makeup won’t betray you whatever activity you plan to do! From eyebrow microblading to eyelash enhancement, permanent makeup makes sure your makeup is on fleek 24/7.