mandy moore's microbladed eyebrows

Mandy Moore’s Microbladed Eyebrows Look Natural AF

Mandy Moore has been around for a while. Some of us may know her from A Walk to Remember, while younger fans follow her on This Is Us. And who can forget her pop star days?

Regardless of where you’ve seen her, she’s been making headlines these days for a new reason: Mandy Moore’s microbladed eyebrows are to die for. And they look super natural, too.

mandy moore's microbladed eyebrows

Mandy recently posted a selfie on Instagram stories with the caption, “New brows, new lease on life.”

It’s a reference to her newly microbladed brows. With her eyebrow makeup out of the way, Mandy has Moore time to devote to life. And isn’t that what we’ve been saying for a while now? Glad to know Mandy has our back!

If you’re struggling to believe that Mandy had any work done on her brows, we’ve got the receipts. In a photo posted by her microblading technician, Mandy’s brows are brushed down by a mascara spoolie, revealing a number of microblading strokes.

many moore eyebrows

Mandy’s been getting her brows done since 2017, as evidenced by an Instagram post. So not only do we know that she has good taste, but that she’s pretty good at keeping up with her microblading appointments!

Microblading requires you to stop by every year for a touch-up. This keeps your brows looking fresh AF. After all, isn’t an annual session better than a daily makeup routine?

Moore of Mandy’s brows

This isn’t the first time Mandy’s thrown us some #browspiration. She recently shared a throwback photo of her 2000’s days with the hashtag #dontdyeyoureyebrows.

Straight, blonde hair and thin, blonde brows to match? The photo is peak turn of the millenium.

For the young and uninitiated, Mandy was part of a wave of blonde popstars, including Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears.

Mandy began making waves with her singles “In My Pocket” and “Crush” from her third, self-titled album. From there, she debuted her voice on the big screen with Dr. Dolittle 2 (2001). That same year, she starred opposite Anne Hathaway in the movie Princess Diaries.

Mandy then starred in the classic romance movie A Walk to Remember (2002), playing the Jamie Sullivan to Shane West’s Landon Carter. She covered the Switchfoot song “Only Hope” for the film and sang “Someday We’ll Know” with Switchfoot frontman Jon Foreman. She also released another hit single, “Cry,” to help promote the film.

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Get brows like Mandy’s

If you want to snag Mandy’s natural-looking arches, then microblading is your best bet, as well. As Mandy’s already pointed out, it’s a fantastic alternative to having to do your brows every single day.

Eyebrow microblading has come a long way since it first became popular. So, don’t get discouraged by the horde of microblading gone wrong horror stories! These days, permanent makeup is safe, convenient, and painless. It’s even organic now!

Organic microblading is better than traditional microblading in that:

  • Organic ink pigments are made from all-natural ingredients and zero harmful chemicals, keeping your skin safe from irritations, allergies, and side effects.
  • Natural-based pigments get easily absorbed by the skin, so healing time is significantly faster.
  • Organic microblading pigmetns come in a wide range of colors that suit different skin tones.

Plus, getting your eyebrows done at Organic Permanent Makeup means you’re under the masterful hands of Lorine Mikhaeil, a certified pioneer in the microblading industry. Lorine designed and produced the first organic microblading ink pigments in the US and currently has her own studio and academy for microblading enthusiasts all over LA!

The best part is it doesn’t take most of your day and much of your money. For only an hour-long session plus 500 USD, you can get the eyebrows of your dreams today!

Get expert advice about your eyebrow shape and color from one of our microblading artists. You decide what you want, so you get what you want.

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Speak with a microblading artist today! We offer online appointments and commitment-free consultations for curious clients.

If Mandy Moore counts as one of your eyebrow goals, then check out eyebrow microblading today! We guarantee you: the hype is real.