Meghan Markle’s Eyebrows

Welcome 2019 With Meghan Markle’s Eyebrows

The Duchess of Sussex is seemingly living a fairy tale come true. And who doesn’t want to be the princess—well, duchess—of a fairy tale? So, while we’re still working on meeting Prince Charming, we can focus on being royal in one particularly easy way: eyebrows. Specifically, Meghan Markle’s eyebrows.

Meghan Markle always had beautiful brows. And, now that she’s royalty, it’s no wonder people are lining up to steal her look.

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Wondering how you can get Duchess-level arches? The good news is you don’t need to fly to Europe. Here’s how.

The Markle Brow

Meghan Markle’s eyebrows are the masterpiece of Sherrille Riley, the founder of Nails & Brows Mayfair.

Riley described Meghan’s brows to the Evening Standard as such:

“The style is designed to keep the brows full and straight, with the tail end gradually tapering off almost horizontally with a neat little upwards end,” Riley said. “The shape really lifts the eyes open, creating a natural, modern look.”

“The brows are less exaggerated in shape, which brings balance and harmony to the facial features, while instantly lifting the face to create an effortless look,” she added.

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The Duchess has been frequenting Nails & Brows since 2016 when she relocated to London. That’s three years now that Meghan has been sporting Nails & Brows’ Audrey Hepburn-inspired arches.

Of course, unsurprisingly, the look is now also associated with Meghan herself.

In fact, if you check the website, here’s what N&B has to say:

Inspired by Audrey Hepburn, this-must have modern style is worn by Meghan Markle. A creation by celebrity brow stylist Sherrille Riley, this style instantly lifts the face creating an effortless, natural look.

How to steal Meghan Markle’s eyebrows

1. Grow them out. To achieve the look, you’ll need a set of healthy, grown-out brows ready to be shaped. Natural-looking brows are best achieved when the look truly is natural. Give your brows a few weeks’ rest so they can become as unruly as they want. After all, the next step is…

2. Have them shaped. Professionally, please. No DIY plucking. Show your groomer your inspiration and emphasize the Riley’s description:

  • Full and straight
  • Tail end gradually tapering off
  • Tail end ending “almost horizontally, with a neat little upwards end”

3. Keep them polished. When you’re heading out or just wanting to feel duchess-y, define your brows with a pencil that matches your brow color. Afterward, brush on some clear gel to keep that shape in perfect shape. Finally, put a little highlighter directly under your brows and blend with a highlight brush. You’ll get an instant eye-lift and arches fit for royalty.

Uh oh, I don’t have enough brows!

As mentioned, the look requires a full brow to start with, as the eyebrow shape goes straight across your brow bone.

If waiting for your arches to grow back isn’t an option, or if you’re a victim of the 90s’ overplucking craze, don’t worry.

Here’s another celebrity (not-so-) secret: microblading.

Stars like Lorde, Mandy Moore, and Adele have gone under the (microblading) needle. Why? Because not only does microblading look completely natural, but it also lasts up to two years with proper maintenance.

Don’t believe us? Check out the brows on one of our clients:

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Microblading Eyebrows🤗🤩

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Best of all, our organic microblading is as natural as it gets. We only use food- and mineral-based ink pigments that are 100% safe and compatible with all skin types.

Expert microblading artists can shape your eyebrow to fit your desired look, and they’ll recommend the best color that matches your skin tone.

Sound like a dream come true? Microblading may not come straight from a fairy tale, but it sure is fit for a princess.

Get the royalty treatment you deserve and the full brows to start your Meghan-inspired look today! Check out our offers on organic microblading right here.

Questions? Concerns? Drop us a line or call us at 310-207-7797.