Microbladed brows are the secret to celeb-worthy brows

Microblading: The Celebrity Secret to Perfect Brows

If you’ve been keeping yourself updated with the beauty scene for the past couple of years, you would know that eyebrows are everything. Beauty bloggers and gurus have flooded the Internet with their versions of the best and easiest eyebrow tutorials and have invested in microbladed brows. Gone are the days of going out with a bare face; now, staying “on fleek” is a necessity. And, if you’ve been following eyebrow trends over the years, you’ll know one thing for sure: the art of eyebrow drawing is very difficult to master.

 They say eyebrows are sisters, not twins, yet so many celebrities and influencers seem to wake up with perfectly shaped brows with no effort at all.


 If only you could ask the Kardashians about their beauty secrets, right? With full, natural-looking brows, celebrities and Instagram influencers make everyone envy their perfectly shaped arches. Could they be using a magical eyebrow pen that only famous people know about?

 We’ll let you in on a little secret: they aren’t. These celebrities know that spending precious minutes (or even hours) each day just to do their brows is a waste of time. Why would anyone want to do your brows every day when you could have them done once, for good?


 “Wait, what? Did you just say you could do your eyebrows once, and have them stay forever?” That’s exactly what we meant. The real secret to getting perfect eyebrows isn’t in the product you use. It doesn’t matter if you’re using a drugstore eyebrow powder or a $500 eyebrow pen.

 Their secret is microblading.

 This type of permanent makeup gives you fuller brows that don’t look cartoonish. It’s what makes selfies look a thousand times better. With microblading, you can swim and still resurface with your eyebrows in tact. It’s not surprising that so many people are looking up ‘Microblading near me’. Microblading is changing the eyebrow game.


 Before you freak out, just because it has the word blade, doesn’t mean it’s going to hurt. While common microblading procedures are painful (even Bella Thorne cried a bit), OPM isn’t. Our organic microblading procedure uses a high-speed needle that minimizes trauma and bleeding. This way, you’ll heal faster and feel comfortable throughout the procedure.  

You can learn more about the microblading process here


 Say goodbye to chunky caterpillar eyebrows! Using vegan-safe inks, organic microblading mimics real strands to give you that natural look. And if you’re worried about your brows turning an ugly blue pigment, fret not! OPM uses vegetable-based pigments that blend with the skin, without using harmful metals usually mixed with the ink. Your eyebrows will end up looking soft and refined.

 By going for organic microblading procedure, you’ll have brows that are as beautiful as Lily Collins’!


 The procedure lasts 20 – 50 minutes, and lasts up to five years. For $500, you can finally say goodbye to the everyday struggle of doing your brows. If you think that’s expensive, come on! You probably spend more than that on coffee in less than five years!

 The great thing about permanent makeup is that it saves time. And it gives you that boost of confidence. Having gorgeous, microbladed brows can be enough to make anyone feel unstoppable. With more time and more confidence, just think about the incredible things you could accomplish.

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