Microblading a Trendy Technique in Shaping the Eyebrow

Why not change your morning routine of having to use a pencil to shape your brow? Most probably, you have been taking so much time in shaping your eyebrows. If you have kids to take good care of and to assist early in the morning before you go to work, then shaping your brow may no longer be your priority. But since your brow mean so much about your personality, you cannot just leave it as it is. It should be well-shaped and should have fuller look. Microblading can help you on this and wear the brow you love for a couple of months without redoing it every now and then.

What is Microblading?

You might still be confused of what is microblading. Microblading is a technique of shaping the brow with the use of fine-point needles or microblade which is used to deposit a pigment in your skin. The artist will draw lines in your brows and start to use the pigments which will produce a hair-like structure in the brow making it produce a natural look.

As a cosmetic produce, this is considered as permanent make-up which can last for several months before it fades.

The picture below shows the results of microblading that is done appropriately.

best microblading

Microblading Versus Tattooing

You might also be asking how microblading differs from tattooing. The two are different in some aspects but both are considered painful process. The materials used in microblading is different from tattoos. During the procedure,  numbing topical cream is applied. The longevity of microblading is different from tattooing too. The microbladed one will fade sooner but still, it will retain its natural look since the ink is deposited in the dermis.

How Long Does it Last?

It will last for several months and even for years depending on how the procedure was done. For instance, the best  service may tell you that it will last for 2 or more years. However, you need to come back after a number of weeks in order to touch-up. Then you may also have the touch up after a year.

How Much Does it Cost?

Prepare at least $2000 or even more for the microblading session. But you can also find some cheaper services. Just be careful about the results.

To ensure you get the right price for microblading, try to compare one service provider to another and the kind of services they can offer you.

One thing for sure, every locality has their own prices of microblading services. This varies from one place to another.

Once thing for sure, microblading is more expensive than tattooing. Then you do the retouching regularly in a particular span of time.

After Care

Since needles are used in the microblading procedure, you have to make sure you will properly take care of the wounds. Talk to the microblading artist about it. To immediately heal, coconut oil or other recommendations should be applied until your brows are healed.

Do not clean your brow for a week and do not also use skin care products that are harsh on skin. As much as possible, avoid activities that will make you sweat. To easily heal, avoid sweating like going to the gym or having a sauna.

You have to also listen to the artist for instructions on how to have immediate healing of the wounds.

To get the best microblading services and to know more about microblading, visit this website. Brows to find the before and after photos so you will be able to assess the quality of the microblading services that you can avail.