Microblading After Care 

Microblading after care is very important to the longevity and the appearance of your new glamorous eyebrows. When not taken care of properly and carefully, there may be several potential complications. This includes, irritations and mild allergic reactions.  Below are five different ways of microblading post-care.


  1. Do NOT scratch, pick, or rub your eyebrows. Doing so might disturb the treated area from its natural healing process.  Also keep hair away from your eyebrows, toavoid any irritations. If you have bangs, try to clip them away from your face.
  2. Do NOT get your eyebrow area wet for up to 10 days after the procedure. When taking a shower, keep your face away from the shower head. When washing your face, be careful to not get water on the treated area. Avoid working out or engaging in physical activities that would make you sweat. Do not go on a swim, Jacuzzi, or hot sauna, as these may also wet your eyebrow area.
  3. Do NOT apply make-up, lotion, or any ointments on your eyebrow area, for at least a week. Pigments are still starting to settle into the skin caused by the microblading procedure. Applying anything on the treated area may cause irritation brought about by particles penetrating into the skin.
  4. In relation #3, avoid doing heavy household cleaning chores where there may be a lot of dust or any airborne debris. These particles might get into the skin through the shallow cuts brought about by the microblading procedure.
  5. Avoid drinking excessive alcohol. Researches have shown that alcohol has led to slow healing of wounds.

OPM Organic Microblading After Care Result


Once the treated area has completely healed, there are also several ways that you can do to maintain your gorgeous eyebrow. Microblading after care – taking steps to take care of your eyebrow – will save you from quick pigment fading. Microblading is semi-permanent so it will fade after some time. Because of this, you will most likely have to undergo another microblading procedure in its entirety after several years after your initial procedure. However, the good news is, you can take several steps to lengthen the longevity of your microbladed eyebrows.

Always apply sunscreen on your eyebrows. Too much sun exposure might cause the pigment of your eyebrow to fade away more quickly. Most microblading technicians recommend getting a retouch of the eyebrows at least once a year, while some recommed six (6) months after the initial procedure. The retouch involves adding pigment to the eyebrow outline, to make the eyebrow look cleaner and more defined.

OPM’s 3D Organic Microblading Makes After Care Easier

OPM takes pride in its 3D organic microblading, such that you will be assured of the quality and safety of the organic microblading procedure. “Prevention is better than cure,” as they say. With this, OPM makes sure that prior to microblading after care, everything is already taken care of. Results are soft and natural, and unlike other microblading procedures, OPM’s organic permanent make up has a healing time that takes only around 3 days. No bleeding, minimal or no swelling, and only slight redness. This makes microblading after care fairly easier with OPM.