microblading aftercare

Microblading Aftercare: What To Do Now That You Have Great Brows

Now that you have the beautiful brows you’ve always deserved, it’s time to turn your attention to microblading aftercare. What you do after a successful microblading operation is vital to speeding up healing.

By now, you know that OPM only cares about making you feel beautiful and confident. We pay careful attention to detail, especially when putting OPM pigments in the right spot. It has to be not too shallow that the pigment won’t retain, and not too deep that your skin will develop scars.

This time, taking care of your beautiful skin is up to you. Here’s what you need to know about microblading aftercare.

Avoid any additional applications

We are not fond of applying any ointments, creams, skin oils, lotions or moisturizers on the microbladed area as part of post-care procedure.

These substances could get into the wells created during the procedure and might push back OPM pigment to the surface in the long run.

Try not to wet the microbladed area

When bathing, ensure that the area is well-protected from water. Always avoid it from getting wet or damp, even from excessive sweating, because it could lead to an infection.

No touching

The trick is to just leave it be.

Don’t touch it with your fingers. We understand that you’re itching to admire your new look, but rest assured that it looks great and is safe. We use the least invasive procedure in the market!

Just wait for the area to be completely healed before making direct skin contact.

Protect yourself from the weather

Skip the sunbathing for now. It’s best to avoid direct exposure from the sun, especially in hot environments.

Likewise, refrain from going to windy and dusty places, as these could cause unnecessary complications on your microbladed skin.

There’s no need to worry

OPM’s number one goal is client satisfaction. We always love to see you happy and satisfied.

This is why our microblading artists will call seven days after the microblading procedure to check you if you have any concerns or questions and that everything is okay.

We also consistently remind our clients to come back after six to eight weeks after their first appointment for a retouch. It’s a labor of love, seeing you maintain that everlasting beauty.

If you follow, OPM’s guide to microblading aftercare, then there’s no reason to your healing time will extend beyond 3 to 5 days.

On our part, we can assure you that it is our mission that there will be little to no scabbing. And, of course, that you look your absolute best!

For questions and concerns, don’t hesitate to contact Organic Permanent Makeup through this form or via our number: 310-207-7797.